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Bonnie M. Wells -

About My Zodiac Dream Catchers

The idea of combining astrology and dream catchers came to me in a dream several years ago.

The dream catcher itself is a very old custom of the Native American people, and has, in recent years seen a resurgence in popularity. However, using the characteristics of a person's birth chart to design a dream catcher is a completely new idea, that does not take away from the Native heritage, but actually compliments it.

My work in other fields of interest has often involved dreams .... and the ability to remember those dreams. The Zodiac Dream Catcher seems to have a dual purpose in this world. It appears to protect from nightmares that actually have no meaning other than to frighten the recipient and to disturb their sleep; and it seems to help the prophetic and revelationary dreamers to remember greater detail from the dreams they have.

Below are a few examples of Zodiac Dream Catchers. More will be added to this page as time permits: A chart is presented with each one so the viewer may see and understand the colors, beads, etc. that went into the production of the dream catcher.


3 inch size:


Eleventh house of the zodiac:

Symbol = the water bearer:

Planetary rulers are Uranus and Saturn:

Element = Air:

Nature = Fixed:

Aquarius' lucky number is 4: Lucky day is Saturday:

Gemstones are - Amethyst and Sapphire:

Materials are - Zinc, Plaster, Plastic:

Colors are - Aquamarine, Electric Blue, Indigo and Violet:

Forms = Erratic curves and broken lines:

Parts of the body ruled by Aquarius are

Shins, Ankles, Joints and the Circulatory System:


3 inch size:


Seventh house of the zodiac:

Symbol = Scales {of Justice}:

Planetary ruler = Venus:

Element = Air:

Nature = Cardinal:

Lucky number is 6: Lucky day is Friday:

Gemstones are - Diamond, Jade & Opal:

Materials are - Brass, Fur, Suede

Colors are - White, Yellow, Pink, Rose:

Forms = Light lines and rhythmic scrolls:

Parts of the body ruled by Libra are

Kidneys, Veins, Lower Back, Reproductive System:


3 inch size:


First house of the zodiac:

Symbol = Ram:

Planetary ruler = Mars:

Element = Fire:

Nature = Cardinal:

Lucky number is 9: Lucky day is Tuesday:

Gemstones are - Bloodstone, Diamond & Garnet:

Materials are - Iron, Stone & Cotton

Colors are - Red, Carmine, Flame, Scarlet:

Forms = Sharp angles & fine lines:

Parts of the body ruled by Aries are

Heart, Arteries, Spine, Back & Circulatory System:


3 inch size:


Fifth house of the zodiac:

Symbol = Lion:

Planetary ruler = The Sun:

Element = Fire:

Nature = Fixed:

Lucky number is 1: Lucky day is Sunday:

Gemstones are - Diamond & Ruby:

Materials are - Gold, Porcelain & Chamois

Colors are - Yellow, Orange, Gold & Russet:

Forms = Perfect circles, ellipses, spirals:

Parts of the body ruled by Leo are

Head, Face, Upper Jaw & Muscular System:

Price List:

2"=$7.50 / 3"=$10.00 / 4"=$12.50 / 5"=$15.00 / 6"=$20.00 (larger sizes available by request. Prices increase with size. Add $7.00 for shipping on all orders )

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