The Boys Of Company C


Bonnie M. Wells

In 1973 I had two brothers serving in the U.S. armed forces. Mike was in the Marine's and on the battleship USS Roosevelt, which was somewhere in Spain at that time, and Bob was in the Army and stationed in Texas.

I wrote the following poem for Bob on January 3rd, 1973.

The Boys Of Company C

I salute the boys of Company C...

Part of the United States Army.

Stationed in Texas ... homeland ... but still far away,

We miss them .... more every day.

We thank them for protecting our homeland,

And for helping to make each day's dawning grand...

For without them, the world might not be...

The safest place ... for you and me.

And they should always know ... if they go off to war alone,

In distant lands ... they have the support of those back home.

Yes, we support and love the whole U.S. Army...

But the one most dear to me .... is Bobby .... of Company C.

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