A Badge Of Betrayal


Bonnie M. Wells

The Conviction

Former Trooper Of The Year, Jackie D. McCrady was convicted of murdering his wife Jenifer, in August of 1997.

I sat through the trial, took notes, and have read all the court room transcripts and the interviews of all who testified.

Through the pages of Pure Coincidence, especially the pages of unit 18, I attempt to tell those portions of the McCrady story that I am aware of, and which officials in this area were aware of, but which were concealed not only from Jackie McCrady, but also from his family and even Jenifer's family. There were many bits and pieces of information that really should have been considered in the case. Those things must be told, because I continue to believe they are important.

Until October 13th of 2001, I was content to remain in the background. Now, things are different.

When Beyond Chance aired...The Trooper's Wife...on Saturday, October 13th, 2001, I watched the program with considerable interest.

This is America. We have the right to tell the truth here. We have a moral obligation and duty to tell the truth. In a court room we have the "legal" obligation to tell the truth .... the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If police officers, lawyers and judges become conspirators against the people and the truth, then the people must speak out. Today .... and for every day hereafter .... I protest what is happening in Washington County, Ohio. For I am reminded of an old saying that I vowed many years ago never to forget....."All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for the good to do nothing."

Bonnie M. Wells


National TV Vs. The Courtroom

I suppose it's common knowledge that a cop can lie to a person in order to obtain a confession. Doesn't make it right, but it does appear to be "legal," ..... whatever that means now days.

Even though a cop is "allowed" to lie in some cases, unless the rules have been dramatically changed, I don't believe he's allowed to lie in a court room and under oath. And only a damned moron would get on national TV and concoct a lie .... especially if he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that a dozen people or more would be recording the program!

In my opinion, the TV appearance and the court room testimony should be the same, and if there is very much discrepancy, it merits an investigation to determine 'if and when' the truth was actually told.

Belpre Police Officer, Dave Garvey told Beyond Chance that he interviewed Jackie McCrady within 48 hours of his wife's disappearance, at which time McCrady asked him....

"How am I going to tell my boys that she is never coming back?"

But the fact is -- Jenifer disappeared on the 19th. The Belpre police refused to allow anyone to file a missing person's report for 24 hours, and the public wasn't notified of her disappearance until 11:00 pm on September 21st.

Beyond Chance said...."The Belpre police immediately launched an investigation. After two days the police hit a dead end. They found no trace of Jenifer."

This is inaccurate too. Jenifer's vehicle was found in the early morning hours of September 20th, and unless I'm seriously mistaken...That's a "trace" of the woman! The vehicle was located "before" Belpre police launched their "investigation," not afterward, so I guess you could say Garvey's investigation "hit a dead end" before it ever began because he didn't become involved in the case until the 22nd!

Garvey interviewed State Trooper McCrady on September 23rd, 1996, which was {96} hours after his wife's disappearance, and not within 48 hours as he stated on the Beyond Chance program. {{** 2008 note: If you really want the truth - want to see for yourself who said what, go to my newly posted Garvey & McCrady Interview page, and read it for yourself!}}

Something that should have been of interest and concern to every person that served on the McCrady jury; the sheriff's department and especially the prosecuting attorney's office is the fact that Officer Garvey failed to mention the statement that he claimed Jackie McCrady made concerning telling his children that their mother was never coming back! This was NEVER mentioned by Dave Garvey in that court room! The very first time that this accusation was ever heard was on Beyond Chance! It does (not) appear in the trial transcripts, nor does it appear in the taped interview between Garvey and McCrady! {See for yourself Interview}

In the 1997 trial, Mary Dye was the "state champion" and testified to a dream she'd had that involved the missing Jenifer McCrady. She also testified that she did (not) find any portion of that dream when she went to Township Road 298 in Little Hocking. Nor was it ever explained as to why she returned to that same road again. She testified that she saw a police cruiser with a trooper inside it, and gave a positive id on Jackie McCrady. This cruiser was supposedly coming down out of the oil well access road on which Mrs. McCrady's body was eventually discovered by Officer Garvey.

In court, Garvey testified that he ignored Mary Dye's efforts to contact him. However, I couldn't help but notice that Mary Dye began trying to get in touch with Garvey four days "before" she supposedly saw the cruiser! And then, when she did see it, she waited two days before reporting it to Officer Garvey!

I noticed that Mary Dye's name was never mentioned on Beyond Chance.

And something else I noticed was the fact that even though Mary Dye testified in the trial, the woman that was with her and was supposedly a witness to seeing the cruiser was never called by either the defense or the prosecution!

Garvey told Beyond Chance that McCrady claimed Jenifer ran off to California.

Truth is ... According to the taped interview between Garvey and McCrady, it was Dave Garvey who "wanted to believe she had ran off with another man," not McCrady.

Garvey must have phrased the same question half a dozen ways ..... "Did Jenifer ever mention a boyfriend?" Do you think Jenifer had a boyfriend?" "Could Jenifer have been seeing someone?"

Over and over McCrady answered that he didn't think so. He said they'd had some marital problems in the past but that things had been going pretty good in recent times.

They'd just taken a nice vacation together and was shopping for a new house.

No, it wasn't Jackie McCrady who was interested in the name of Jenifer's "boyfriend." That was me and Dave Garvey!!

On Beyond Chance, Garvey claims to have called all Jenifer's friends and family to make sure none of them had seen or heard from her.

But in actuality, it was Jackie McCrady who phoned everyone and ran around the area talking to everyone, not Garvey at all. In fact, Jenifer's father and officer Garvey nearly came to blows at the police station because of Garvey's indifference to Jenifer's disappearance.

Jenifer's family had to pay to have flyer's printed up and had to distribute them themselves because the local TV station failed to announce the woman's disappearance until the eleven pm news on the night of September 21st!

On Beyond Chance, Garvey said that "Jenifer didn't appear to be the type of person who would just pack up and leave, leaving her boy's behind."

And yet, it was Garvey who first questioned McCrady repeatedly about a "boyfriend," and planted the idea that Jenifer had indeed "ran away with another man!" McCrady repeatedly said he didn't think his wife was seeing anyone and asked Garvey if he was sure there had been no foul play in her disappearance!

And it was some of Jackie's "cop buddies" who convinced him that he needed to see an attorney about custody of the children so he could prevent Jenifer and "her boyfriend" from coming back and taking the children while he was at work. In fact, the assistant prosecuting attorney [Kevin Rings] who was so intent on getting a conviction on Jackie McCrady is the very person who advised the man to file for a divorce!

On Beyond Chance, Garvey claims to have been skeptical of psychic Georgia Rudolph, but agreed to call her.

In the court room, on the witness stand, under oath, Officer Garvey denied calling Rudolph, and said he "thought one of the women who worked at the police department called her"!

However, a news paper article (after the trail) quoted Rudolph

"When Dave called, I knew I could help."

In court, Garvey testified that he didn't know Rudolph, had never talked to her or met her.....then he contradicted himself.....(is it still called contradiction when a person is under oath in a court room?....duh)...and admitted he'd actually met Rudolph and Dye about 2 and 1/2 years earlier in Detective John Winstanley's office.

In the court room, Mary Dye testified that she called Georgia Rudolph because of the dream that she was trying to identify. She claimed to have seen the number 89 or 98, but couldn't remember which!

On Beyond Chance, Rudolph claims "the number that *** came to her ***" was 289, so she told Garvey to go south, out of Belpre, toward Little Hocking, but not as far as Torch... and look for the number 89 ... but, if he couldn't find it, scramble the number and look for it in some other order! This was a scam from the word go because according to court room testimony from Mary Dye, Rudolph had already been contacted by Dye and "told" in plain English about Township Road 298 in Little Hocking. So by the time Garvey got around to calling her and asking for her psychic assistance, there wasn't much "psychic" work to it. It was all hand-me-down information from Mary Dye. Of course no one ever put this together either ..... well, almost no one.

The "search for 89" is supposedly what led Officer Garvey to Township Road 298. But lets take a closer look at this picture. I've lived in this area all my life. If one heads south "out of Belpre" they are on Route 618. Turn right onto State Route 339 at Porterfield and you can very quickly arrive at Township Road 289! So why didn't Garvey check this road out since it was the "precise" number that the so-called psychic had given him ..... not to mention it may have been within "his" jurisdiction, whereas Township Road 298 certainly was not in his jurisdiction. {The sheriff quickly solved the problem though by making him a "special deputy," with the county. Damned nice of him, all things considered.}

On Beyond Chance, Garvey claims he drove to Little Hocking by himself, found the grave and immediately called in the Washington County Sheriff's Department (since the grave site was out of his jurisdiction and out of the city limits.)

But, in the court room, Garvey admitted that he and Belpre Police Chief Ira Walker drove to Township Road 298 on September 30th, removed a shovel from the cruiser and began to dig around enough to determine that what they were looking at was indeed a grave.

Now let's take a closer look at this portion of the events. First we have Garvey stating that Jackie McCrady has been a "prime suspect" for 9 days at this point. So, instead of these two trained police officers automatically suspecting that what they are looking at, might be the grave of the missing Jenifer McCrady .... these two cops decided that perhaps some farmer had buried a dead cow there! Therefore, they decided to wait "until the next day" before reporting the grave to the sheriff's department!

Whoa ....stop right there. Why would they report a dead cow to the sheriff's department? Think about this folks.

According to Garvey's testimony, the plan was to inform the sheriff's department of the discovery of the grave when a deputy came down the next morning, to take Jenifer's vehicle back to Marietta so that it could be processed.

Now here we have a vehicle that belongs to a woman who has been missing for eleven days at this point .... and we have her cop husband, whom Garvey has decided within 48 hours of the woman's disappearance was a murderer (hey, it's his words, not mine!), and yet, this woman's vehicle has sat in the city of Belpre for at least ten of those eleven days and Garvey has made no effort to get the vehicle processed!

Would you believe ..... can anyone believe that when a Washington County deputy came to Belpre and took the vehicle back to Marietta, Garvey and Walker still maintained their silence about the grave they had discovered the day before!

Testimony revealed that the vehicle had been in Marietta and was being processed for several hours before "someone" (and no one ever found out who!) actually reported the grave site. Better yet, when the sheriff's department was finally informed and dispatched an officer to the scene, that deputy found officer Garvey at the grave site again .... alone .... and this time without a shovel!! The two cops returned to Belpre to obtain a shovel so that they might dig into the burial site and determine if it was in fact a dead cow as Garvey suspected!

I can't help but ask the same question that I asked at the time of the trial .... Why would an intelligent man .....especially a man who is a police officer who is supposedly very suspicious of someone for murdering his wife .... why does that man go out with a shovel the first trip, and locate a grave, fail to report the grave to the proper authorities {the Washington County Sheriff's Department} only to turn around the very next day and go back to that grave site alone, and without a shovel?

Does any of this make any sense to anyone out there? Sounds like one hell of a way to conduct police business to me.

But, it apparently met with Sheriff Robert Schlicher's approval, because instead of putting one of his own detectives in charge of the investigation, after Jenifer was found outside the city limits and within "county" jurisdiction, Schlicher decided to allow Garvey to "head the investigation even though he knew Garvey was (not) a detective. However, by trial time all that had been remedied. Garvey was consistently referred to during the trial as a "detective," and his name appeared in local papers with the title "Special Deputy!"

Prior to the discovery of Jenifer's body, John Winstanley was the only detective who enjoyed the title of "Special Deputy." However, Winstanley was a "deputy" .... meaning he was employed by the "county" and not by the "city."

It wasn't long after Garvey became a "special deputy" .... which I understand gives him "authority throughout the county" instead of just within the city limits of the town he is employed by!!! .... regardless, within a short time, Detective Winstanley was no longer a detective, no longer a special deputy (except to me! He'd always been "special" to me) and was teaching Criminal law at the Washington County Career Center. He continues to teach there and remains a regular deputy with the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

2006 UPDATE: Robert Schlicher is no longer the sheriff of Washington County. I hear he's with "Homeland Security" now days. That's comforting: John Winstanley is back with the sheriff's department, but not as a detective. He's now a major, and third in command. He's still 'special' to me, and has always been a 'major' part of all this, but no one seems to know it.

As far as Garvey's assumptions that he'd discovered the grave of a dead cow is concerned ..... I know we Little Hocking people can be somewhat sentimental about our animals, ...not to mention a little eccentric at times ... but, I have never heard of one of us wrapping a dead cow in a sleeping bag and burying it!!! Wonder where we'd get a sleeping bag that big? Anybody know? And another thing the "city slicker" might want to keep in mind when dealing with us back-woods hicks .... we got a terrible habit of having fences on property where cattle is kept .... and there is almost always more than one cow on our farms!

And I'll tell the world something else about the people of Little Hocking .... well, most of us anyhow .... we have another habit ... using our own brains, doing our own thinking and asking questions when things don't look and smell just right.

On Beyond Chance all of Rudolph's "information" was supposedly of a psychic nature.

She claims to have seen "pink all around" Jenifer McCrady, and Garvey verifies that Jenifer was wearing pink pajama's when she was found.

According to testimony, Jenifer McCrady was wearing a Christmas, Mickey Mouse night shirt over top of a pair of pink, silk pajama bottoms.

This "mis-matching" of the woman's sleep wear was one of the first things that attracted my attention. The McCrady's made close to one hundred thousand dollars per year in combined salaries. It would be highly irregular for a woman who had this amount of money to go to bed clad in a winter top and a summer bottom.

Garvey admitted in the court room that the "matching top" to the pink silk pajama bottoms was never found.

In the taped interview with Officer Garvey, McCrady reported that Jenifer's "blue and gray" Gucci purse was missing, and he assumed she was carrying it. He also reported that the new luggage they had purchased for a trip to California only a month or so earlier was also missing.

The purse that was presented in the court room was a maroon colored one. No mention was ever made as to whether the blue and gray one had ever been found.

The luggage was never found, and neither was her missing gold nugget necklace that Jackie had bought for her!

On Beyond Chance, Rudolph is portrayed as a "Pittsburgh psychic" who is unfamiliar with this area.

However ... just before the Beyond Chance episode aired, a local news paper did an article on Georgia Rudolph and she was reported to be a "local" psychic!" {And in case anyone's wondering .... Yes, I still have the article, and it will soon be posted on this web site! See Gloria #5}

Georgia Rudolph has a Parkersburg, West Virginia phone number, and lives only a short distance from the parents of Jackie McCrady, as does Mary Dye.

It appears this game has been going on for years.


On Unsolved Mysteries in 1990, Rudolph claimed to be a stranger to this area, and not know anyone who lived here. But during the McCrady trial, Dye testified that Rudolph used to live here, and that they have been friends since 1978!

In another source Rudolph claims to have come to Marietta in 1983!

In yet another source of information, Rudolph claims to come from Georgia .... and in another one she claims to be an Ohio native ..... and in yet another one she claims to hail from Texas!

In the beginning, the woman is introduced to the people of this area as Georgia Rudolph .... but, during the trial she told me that she didn't know me, had never met me, and that her name is Gloria .... then the news paper does an article on her and she claims she goes by Georgia Lee!

On Beyond Chance, Rudolph states that she told Garvey that "Jenifer was dead .... she was in spirit form." There is no further psychic information concerning Jenifer that comes from her at this point. However, a short time later, she is pictured in another local paper where she proudly proclaims that she told Officer Garvey that......"Jenifer was dead. She had been shot in the head by a man named Jack who was a cop!"

Seems the woman's "memory" improves with time. Which, come to think of it, seems to be a common characteristic in this area since we saw a lot of that in the McCrady trial.

However, I want to remind everyone .....

Jackie McCrady's name is Jackie, not Jack.

"Jack" McCrady is Jackie's father:

Jack McCrady "was" a cop in Wood County, West Virginia until he retired from the force.

At the time of Rudolph and Garvey's conversation, Jackie McCrady was an active duty state trooper .... therefore, the woman's language should have been ...."She was shot by a man named Jackie who (is) a cop."

Perhaps Garvey and Rudolph.....or Georgia Lee......or Gloria....or whatever alias she goes by now, thinks enough time has elapsed and people won't remember. Perhaps most don't ....

But one does!


I first met with Georgia Rudolph and Mary Dye in February of 1992. Dye claimed to have had a dream at that time also, and again was trying to "identify" that dream.

The reason I agreed to meet with Rudolph and Dye back in 1992 was to do a dream interpretation for them because neither of them could do dream interpretations!

Nor could they predict murders back then, as it was only a short time until Patsy Sparks and Ronda Manley were murdered!

Apparently Rudolph's "cadaver" work has improved over the years too because while she was living right here, or at least visiting the area on a real frequent basis, it took 30 months for hunters to stumble over Patsy's remains. Which her killer had not even bothered to hide, much less bury!

Everyone who knows me knows that I worked the Sparks case from day one {not as a member of the sheriff's department, as accused, but as a "local psychic," who was desperately trying to get ahead of a damned killer.} And each and every one of those people can tell anyone who wants to know that I said Patsy was dead and she was north of Marietta." And so she was. She was found in Noble County, just north of Marietta, and there was not a word from the great Rudolph or any of the so called news media, or anyone else for that matter, when she was found.

And then of course there is the Lisa Burkhammer case, and the twelve and a half years she lay murdered, unburied, in plain sight, right here in Washington County!

Dave Garvey's forced confession as to when he actually met Georgia Rudolph and Mary Dye was very revealing. That must be why he never took his eyes off me during his testimony! Everyone else had to face the jury, but not Garvey. No, Garvey turned side ways and looked at me during his entire testimony!! My, my, what webs we weave. I came home and checked my files. Yep, sure enough. I sent the information on the Burkhammer case at the precise time that Dave Garvey and John Winstanley were "pow-wowing" with Mary Dye and Georgia Rudolph. How interesting.


Experience Of A Lifetime

The trial of Jackie D. McCrady was the "experience of a lifetime" for me. I learned a lot. For example, I'd always thought "here-say evidence" was "inadmissible in a court of law" because it was something told by one person but actually coming from another person .... such as we saw with Mary Dye's testimony...."Georgia said this, and Georgia said that, etc." But apparently I was mistaken because Mary Dye's testimony went a long ways in convicting Jackie McCrady, while Georgia Rudolph never had to take the stand and tell anything, and neither did Chief of Police Ira Walker. One would have thought he would have had to testify, especially since he was with Garvey when Jenifer's grave was actually discovered.

Another thing that I witnessed in the McCrady trial was certain people barred from the court room until after their own testimony was given. This even extended to the Washington County cops who testified, but did not apply to Dave Garvey. He sat at the prosecution table and heard every word of testimony from all important witnesses (before) he took the stand and gave his own!

And even then, he couldn't keep it all straightened out. He contradicted himself. He contradicted witnesses, including Mary Dye .... who used to be married to a cop ... and may still be married to him for all I know.

Yes sir, the McCrady trial was an experience of a lifetime ..... a real eye-opener ..... an experience in integrity, character and justice that I will never forget.

And Garvey's pathetic comment, on Beyond Chance ... "We had no one was helping," is just another distortion and cover-up of the truth ..... something he and several others in this area seem to be quite good at.


WTAP News / Parkersburg, West Virginia

Jan 11, 2008

A Belpre Police officer is on administrative leave for suspected criminal activity.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation says it's looking into allegations brought against Sergeant Dave Garvey.

BI&I says Garvey has not been charged with anything at this point and it would not release any information regarding the allegations.

The Belpre Police Chief and the Washington County Prosecutor would not comment on the investigation.


WTAP News / Parkersburg, West Virginia

Jan 11, 2008

A Belpre Police officer is on administrative leave for suspected criminal activity.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation says it's looking into allegations brought against Sergeant Dave Garvey.

BI&I says Garvey has not been charged with anything at this point and it would not release any information regarding the allegations.

The Belpre Police Chief and the Washington County Prosecutor would not comment on the investigation.

{ BMW Comment: Garvey's trial is scheduled for August 27th and 28th in Marietta, Ohio. And yes, I intend to be sitting right there - just like I was for the McCrady trial, eleven long years ago.}

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