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Tyranny Knocking At The Door

Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue


U.S. Marine's

U.S. Air Force

U.S. Army

Lebanon, Oh Lebanon - What Hast Thou Done?

A Soldier's Christmas

Christmas At Arlington Cemetery

The Death Of Common Sense

Garfield & Holiday Depression


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The Man In The Gray Suit

Harkback & The Man In The Gray Suit Interpretation

The Harkback Drama Continues

Life Under The Bush!

Stranger Than Fiction

We The People

Make Us Happy

Andy Rooney - American

Charlie Daniels Speaks Out About Illegal Immigrantion

Retired Army Officer Speaks Out - Cochise County, Arizona

Veteran's Walk Of Honor- Marietta, Ohio 2008

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USS 21

Ollie North & Mohammad Atta

Ode To America

Pfc. Jessica Lynch

Surviving From 1930 To 1979

Words Of A Soldier

U.S. Symbol Changed!


***************** OFF SITE VIDEO LINKS ***************

We Stand With Arizona Petition

Stand With Arizona by Ron and Kay Rivoli

Love Radar by Ron and Kay Rivoli

Prof. Terry J. Lovell / Patriot Network TV / Obama Sides With Mexican Drug Cartels

Ray Stevens - Come To The USA

Ray Stevens - Throw The Bums Out

Ray Stevens - Tea Party Song - 'We The People'

Obama - 7 Lies In 2 Minutes

Ron Paul - A Tale Of Two Speeches

JohnnyBravo234 - Barack Obama's Idiots

Obama, A Complete Idiot

Obama, The Bumbling Idiot

Obama, Mocking The Bible

Obama Mocks America's Christian Heritage

The Worship Of Barack Obama

The Worship Of Barack Obama Above God

Revolution? Obama And Bible Prophecy, Luciferian Conspiracy, FEMA Camps...


Arizona - Trashed

U.S. Giving Part Of Arizona To Mexico?

The Patriotic Retirement Plan

Wake Up America

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Sued By Obama & DOJ

Border Security For Afghanistan??

Report from Cochise County , Arizona By T.J. Woodard [retired Army officer]

The Rock Artist

The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere

Samuel Adams

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What Would Jesus Drive?

Warren Warriors Take A Stand On Allegiance To Flag! Way To Go Warriors!!!

The Indian & His Buffalo

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The Patriotic Retirement Plan

We The People Of The United States

Change: Chicage Style / Obama

Obama & The 57 States

Obama & Harvard Law School

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words / 2007

Obama & The U.S. Flag

A Muslim Male - Obama

Hal Lindsey - What's Obama Hiding?

Obama Against Making English Our Offical Language

Obama - Born In The U.S.A.?

Obama - Socialist 'New Party' Member?

Obama & Lt. Columbo

Hal Lindsey - Gitmo and the 'Black Death'

{Jan. 2010} A Message From The National Association For Gun Rights

{Jan. 2010} Obama's Citizenship Case Reaches U.S. Supreme Court

Obama & The Ayers Connection

Obama-One Simple Question

Stupid Cambridge Police

Tracking Obama's Wealth

Obama-In The Name Of Equality

Joe Biden / by: Bruce D. Riddle

Obama - Random Thoughts

Spreading Obama's Wealth!

'You Scare Me' - An Open Letter To President Obama by Lou Pritchett

Obama's History With Drug Dealer

Obama - U.S. Citizen?

Obama 'The Messiah' Speaks

Rush Limbaugh's Response To Obama Being Called The 'Messiah'

Obama's New Postage Stamp

A Divorce Agreement

Obama - The One

Glenn Beck: 'Obama's Hit List'

Oops! Obama Mama Passport 'Destroyed'

A Scandal Of Epic Proportions / Chrysler's Railroad

Obama's Impeachable Crimes

New Ice Cream Flavor: Barocky Road

Obama: Death Panels

Obama Grants Immunity To Young Illegals

Obama Seals Up "FAST & FURIOUS" Docs

America's Marxist Picnic

Marxists Infecting The U.S.

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Madoff Whistleblower Went Unheeded For Years

{Whistleblower} Richard A. Clark

{Whistleblower} Sibel Dinez Edmonds

{Whistleblower} Donald Sweeney

{Whistleblower} Thomas M. Tamm

{Whistleblower} George Sarris

A Plan by Robin Williams


Where Is Osama bin Laden?

Experiment In Socialism

Oklahoma Passes Sovereignty Bill

Oklahoma Passes Gun Bill

Oklahoma To Display Ten Commandments At Court House

Oklahoma Passes Tough Illegal Immigrant Bill

Border Fence

Hay For Sale

Senators Vote Against English As Official U.S. Language

Declaration Of Independence

Mean Green vs. Mr. Clean / Gore & Bush Homes

Roosevelt On Immigrants 1907

Leave The U.S.A.

Sgt. John Beale

The Euphrates

So, Let Me Get This Straight

Ann Coulter

Ted Nugent

1986 & 1987 - Ollie North & Terrorists

The New School Prayer

Pledge Of Allegiance

Rules Of Engagement - Afghanistan

Glenn Beck - "Pure Coincidence x 4"

Glenn Beck Fights Back

Glenn Beck 'The New Republic'

Glenn Beck 'Obama's Civilian Army'

Glenn Beck: New York Times Admits Obamacare = Socialism {off site video}

Glenn Beck: The Soviet Story

Glenn Beck: Exposing The Real Che Guevara

Glenn Beck Interviews Congressman Ron Paul


Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA)-

"Guam may tip over and capsize." {off site video link}


Iowa Floods - Why No Concern?

New Sheriff in Town Ann Barnhardt

Osama bin Laden Killed by US Forces

Spc. David Hess Funeral Procession / Parkersburg West Virginia / October 23, 2010 / under threat of Westboro Babtist Church protest / Patriot escort

Spc. David Hess Funeral Procession / Parkersburg West Virginia / October 23, 2010 / under threat of Westboro Babtist Church protest / Patriot escort

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Midi = The Green Berets

7-04-2003 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 /2010 // BMW

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