A Daisy For The Promised Land


Bonnie M. Wells

This poem is part of the Panned-Out Dreams Series and can be found in Pure Coincidence book #1 - The Early Years

As I awakened from my dream,

I recalled the vision I had seen.

Outstretched arms through layers of clouds,

To wrap our Daisy in her Heavenly shroud.

The hands were gentle and so serene,

Coming from them was a golden sheen.

Draped in white and trimmed in gold...

Ageless ... and yet ... old.

The hands of our Savior, this I know,

To tell our Daisy it was time to go.

Her suffering was over for evermore,

She was now standing at the golden door.

I did not worry, or fret,

For I knew Daisy had no regrets.

She was a Christian through and through,

And she was safe....this I knew.

The arms were waiting.....patiently,

Waiting for our Daisy.

Her life on earth was at its end,

But her new Life was about to begin.

A life so new and grand,

For our Savior had picked -

A Daisy, for the Promised Land.

Note: A Daisy For The Promised Land is based on a dream that I had. When I awoke from the dream, I looked at the clock to see what time it was. I learned the next day that Daisy passed away at the time I awoke from the dream.

A Daisy For The Promised Land was written in loving memory of Daisy Mae Sees and is hereby dedicated to all the members of her family, but especially to her grandson Ira Walker, Chief Of Police, Belpre, Ohio.

Bonnie M. Wells

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