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Bonnie M. Wells

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The following story is for the numerous people who have asked when my "psychic" abilities began.

Although I do not "remember" this experience myself, it was something my mother never forgot, and she made certain that I was made aware of it as I grew old enough to understand. I'm sure this was difficult for my mother......all things considered. I appreciate her putting her own feelings aside in favor of my spiritual development.

Dad passed away in January of 1994 and my mother in January of 1997. It is time to tell the story.

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My father apparently had a "drinking problem," as mom referred to it .... and although he'd give up the booze for awhile, he would invariably go back to it, so, when my mother discovered she was pregnant for me, she made the painful decision to leave my father and to move back into my grandmother's (her mother's) home.

My father re-enlisted in the military and was gone from our area by the time I was born.

Mom's people were a of Scotch, Irish, Dutch and Native American heritage. Her father was a steeple jack by trade, as well as a fisherman, trapper and boat builder.

Two of her brothers owned boat clubs and the family all lived along the waters of the mighty Ohio in the Parkersburg, West Virginia and Belpre, Ohio area.

To this day Belpre has two streets - John Street and Parkersburg Avenue that were named by my grandmother (Matilda Valentine Frazer). While the West Virginia side of the river still has the entire bottom area known as Frazer's Bottom, where my uncle John raised his family of twelve children.

They were a proud people, and they didn't like the idea of me not having a daddy, so, they devised a plan!

The family pow-wow consisted of grandma, (grandpa was deceased ...12 years before I was born) aunts and uncles, and the agreement was ....."No one was to say the word "daddy" to me until mom decided I was old enough to understand why I had no daddy."

It all sounded good, and worked pretty well until I was about a year and a half old. Then their plans came crashing down around their ears!

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It was five o'clock in the morning when I woke my mother and grandmother!

Mom said, I was jumping up and down in my bed and loudly proclaiming to the world ..."I seen my daddy!" "I seen my daddy!"

Mom finally managed to get me to lay down and go back to sleep but she couldn't return to her own bed. She was upset ... a little angry .... and scared.

What had I meant ...."I seen my daddy, I seen my daddy!" The words just kept running through her mind. Obviously I'd had a dream .... but why? Had someone said the word "daddy" to me? She hadn't. Who had?

As soon as she knew everyone was awake she began questioning the family and was told by each that no one had breathed a word about "my daddy" to me. This concerned her even more. The whole family had dreams ..... warnings of things to come..... things that had happened to other people. Is this what I'd had? Had "something" happened to my father?

There was only one way to find out.

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Mom dressed me up real cute and told me we were going for a walk and might stop in to see some of her elderly friends. I was eager to go ..... always was!

Of course the "elderly friends" were the parents of my father ..... my paternal grandparents .... but I didn't know that.... I didn't know them although they only lived a block or so up the street from me.

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When we entered the house, mom noticed a duffel bag and suit case lying beside the couch. The suit case was open slightly and she could see portions of a uniform.

"Oh, is Bill home?" she asked my grandfather.

"Well, he's not here right now because he went to see one of his friends, but yes, he's home on leave. He got off the Greyhound bus in Parkersburg at five o'clock this morning," he replied.

Mom explained about my dream at five o'clock in the morning, and the old man told her that I was "gifted, and that she should take care to never discourage the ability and to never make light of it or act like she didn't believe."

And she didn't ..... never in her life did my mother disbelieve.

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We returned home that day without seeing my father, and within a couple of hours he came walking down the street to visit.

Mom saw him coming and went out to meet him and speak to him before he saw me.

Guess she hadn't learned her lesson yet, because she instructed my father not to tell me who he was .... but to simply say he was a friend of my uncle Bill's or uncle Charlie's, and he'd stopped by to visit them. He agreed.

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I was playing in another room of the house when the stranger came in and asked if Bill or Charlie was around.

Mom was sitting in the rocking chair talking to the stranger who still stood just inside the door, when I came trotting into the room.

She said I took half a dozen steps into the room and then froze in my tracks. My eyes widened when I looked up at the stranger, and without a single word I ran across the room and jumped right into his arms!

Shocked .... my mother started to scold me for such "unlady-like" behavior, but my words stopped her cold.

I simply turned in his arms to face her, pointed to myself and said .....

"My daddy!"

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So much for the well laid plans of mice and men! And thus began a life long ability that has thrilled some and damned near destroyed others! My father's name was William "Bill" .... as his was before him.

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This story really doesn't stop here. It gets even stranger as the years go by.

I never saw my father again. He returned to the service and a year or so later my mother married my step father and for all intents and purposes I accepted him as my father and was raised under his name ..... Martin. His first name was Richard...and everyone called him "Dick." I called him Dad.

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Long after I was an adult with a child of my own, Dad told me how funny he thought life sometimes was. And how peculiar things happened to people but sometimes weren't noticed.

It seems that he and my biological father were in the same Army unit and fought side by side in World War II ..... even in the same fox holes at times .....side by side across Europe and into Germany ....

The two men that I would call "daddy" .....side by side .... fighting to stop a German madman that had already destroyed 6 million people that the world called Jews. The Bible said they were God's chosen .... sometimes I thought his "chosen" suffered the most in this old world.

My real father's initials were WEJ ... and long ago I discovered that God hid messages within names reversed ..... and I accepted all that he sent me .... always.

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After reading some of my books, or some of the story clips on this web site, many people have asked me why I became friends with my Wild Bill character. He obviously is of very unsavory character, and that in itself is enough to have turned me away immediately. But the Lord said he would not give us more burden than we could bear ..... and I believe him. I also believe "God draws paths through names and regions," and so, when I met Wild Bill .... whose name is "William Richard" _________, whose ancestors were from Germany, I said.....

"He's all I've never known" ......

"He's all I've ever known,".....

and somehow I knew that within the equation was ...

the answer to many questions .....

and the question to many answers!

Bonnie Martin-Wells

24 January 2003

Modified: December 26, 2012

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Bonnie M. Wells



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