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Beyond Chance

Apparently the October 2001, Beyond Chance profiling of the McCrady murder case was an even bigger success than I realized, because by February of 2002, the Discovery channel was showing local prosecuting attorney's and the Sheree Petry murder case.

I watched the program with as much interest as the McCrady story.

Being a "local" resident, and one who has been interested in our murder cases, especially the unsolved murder cases that we have, I felt I knew a few more details than people who were not from here and knew nothing about the case.

I'm glad I watched it. I'm glad several people I know taped it.

After the program, a few people asked me if I planned on changing anything either on the web site or in the Pure Coincidence books, to which I replied...

"The truth doesn't change."

Everything I've written is the truth. Always has been, always will be.

The only "changes" that I could make would be to update, or to add details and information as I receive it, and that's something I've always tried to do anyhow.

Although I planned on adding my old 1991 stories to this web site at some point and time, I just never seemed to get around to it. Actually it wasn't something I felt was urgently needed .... until the Petry case appeared on tv, that is.

Then, as with the McCrady case, I felt it was important that information that had never been released to the public, had never been considered, at least be offered.

Since I seem to be the only one willing to share that information, then the job falls upon my shoulders.

Things Noticed

I noticed several things while watching the tv program. One was the lack of names for witnesses.

However, I did catch one name that I found quite interesting, and that was "Bernardo."

Described as a former police officer turned private detective, I smiled as I recalled all the information I'd given to former Marietta police officer, David Bernardo, who was employed as a "private detective" with Crowl Investigations Agency at the time of Petry's murder.

In fact, Sheree Petry's killer had dumped her almost in Bernardo's lap!

Seems I told him he'd be in the right spot for the next murder, if I recall correctly.

Something about ..... "cops and crows, dead woman and trees, birds and hills."

Apparently he didn't remember .... Guess it's a good thing I have copies of everything I gave to anyone and everyone.

I guess the court wasn't real impressed with whatever information Bernardo tried to deliver in Rydbom's favor, because he was instructed to leave the court room... something about his testimony being based upon here-say.

A World Of Difference

I marveled at the difference between the McCrady case and the Petry case as far as the trials were concerned.

Mary Dye had testified in the McCrady trail as to what psychic Georgia Rudolph had told her.

Even Belpre police officer Dave Garvey testified to what other people told him that McCrady, had supposedly told them, and none of that was considered "here-say."

But when it came to Bernardo testifying in the Petry case (for the defense) the judge refused to allow his testimony, calling it hearsay piled on top of hearsay!

Strange how the rules can be changed!

Still, instead of trying to have Bernardo testify as to what a "secret informant" had told him, I wondered if the defense had contacted the informant and given him or her a chance to testify themselves.

That should have been simple enough, as I'm sure the informant had given Bernardo his/her phone number and said, "if you need me, call".

According To The Prosecution...

Rydbom rode his bicycle to Petry's home, murdered her, picked her up and carried her outdoors, put her into her own vehicle broad daylight, drove down through town {on a bustling Saturday morning}... drove across the Williamstown Bridge, through Marietta with this {well known} dead body in (not the trunk of her car) but in the easily visible hatch back of her Mazda RX7!

Then, at some point, I think the theory changed on this.

I believe they decided he sat her upright in the passenger seat of the car, while he drove to a dump site that was visible from many directions. He then unloaded the body, removed a heavy metal grating from a storm drain, dropped the body into the hole, replaced the covering, got back into Petry's car and drove it to one of her friend's homes where he parked it.

He then returned to his own home, hopped on his little bicycle and raced off to one of his friend's homes where he helped the friend pack and move.

They showed a police officer riding a bicycle from the dump site to Petry's house and told how many minutes the trip took.

I found that interesting.

The state contended that after Rydbom murdered Petry, he had taken some of her undergarments as a "trophy."

The state had one witness who claimed to have seen Petry alive on the morning that the state claimed she had been murdered.

A beautician claimed that she saw Sheree shortly before eight o'clock on the morning of May 25th when she came to her shop to retrieve a massage table because she had a ten o'clock appointment in the home of the client. {and I wondered how often she performed this service!}

On the tv program the beautician was shown styling a woman's hair when Petry entered the shop.

I wondered what time that beauty shop opened on Saturdays .... especially on Memorial Day weekend, and why the client was not called forward to verify that she too had seen Petry.

According to the witness, Petry was wearing shorts and a blouse at approximately 8:00 that morning. And yet, when she was found dead in the afternoon, she was wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt, which was reportedly "what she slept in!"

Why would a woman who was dressed at eight, and who had an appointment at ten o'clock, go home and get back into her night clothes?

If she wanted to sleep in, why had she not taken her massage table home with her on Friday evening when she left her shop?

A survey of other's who owned massage tables revealed that they would have taken the table the home with them the night before and left it in their vehicle. Made sense to me.

I wondered about several things that were said in that tv program .... but

I wondered more about what wasn't said.

Too Many FBI Books

The state contended that Rydbom had "taken trophies" after he killed Petry.

That sent red flags up ... for me! But, perhaps I've studied too many profiler books!

Those who profile and study psychopaths and serial killers are a different breed.

They tend to set personal feelings aside and be a rational group of people.

Some say they are calloused. I disagree.

I think they are very down to earth and instinctive as well as trained to see past the emotional aspects of things.

According to all the books I've read - and that is quite a few, folks - the sexual psychopath is an extremely dangerous animal. Almost all serial killers are psychopaths. It is almost always the serial killer who takes "trophies" from his murder victims.

Taking trophies is something the "first strike killer" just doesn't do.

Relative Recognizes Underwear - But Not The Victim!!

When the police went to the place that Rydbom was living in Arizona, they insisted they found tennis shoes that had mud on them that matched the "mud" at the crime scene.

They also found ladies undergarments that they believed belonged to Petry.

Petry's cousin positively identified the garments as belonging to Petry.

I had a problem with this woman's "identification" of things though....

This was the same woman who claimed to have grown up with Sheree and claimed that the two of them were as close as sister's. Sheree had been living in her house since coming here from Arizona in 1993 .... and yet.... when Sheree was found and no one knew who she was, the news paper had ran a picture of her in hopes of identifying her.

When her cousin... saw the picture in the news paper, she testified that she looked at the picture and said...."Oh, that poor woman!"

She cannot recognize her cousin who lives in her own home .... but she can positively identify the woman's underwear!

Sounded awfully damned strange to me.

But then, so did the rest of it, once I actually looked at it!

Expensive, Seductive Lingerie

Petry's cousin gave a positive identification on several items that belonged to Sheree Petry.

Then Rydbom produced receipts for the items! These receipts showed purchase dates which were "after" Sheree had been murdered!

Apparently this was not good enough though so the manufacturer of the garments was brought in to testify.

He verified that these items were not even manufactured by the company until after Petry was murdered!


I have recently discovered several facts within the Rydbom case. "Some" of the items in Rydbom's possession were accounted for by the receipts he produced .... but not all of them. Some of the items were new and some were several years old.

The old ones are the ones that were identified as belonging to Petry.

What Mud?

Rydbom disputed the state's claim that the mud on his shoes came from the area where Sheree Petry was found.

I disputed it too. I was here. It was a beautiful week-end.

There was no rain until two days after Sheree was murdered!

There was no mud there.

It was dry as a bone and sandy soil along the edge of the street.

Hell, the man that found her body was mowing grass. You don't mow grass in the rain ... everybody knows that.

But, some forget .... and some don't!

The state insisted she was killed on Saturday morning.

The sun was shinning brightly, and even if she'd been killed the night before, it was a warm, beautiful evening at ten pm, and still warm enough by 3:00 am to be wearing shorts!

Actually, it would have been "A nice night for a walk."

I Continued To Wonder ....

If Rydbom had ridden his bicycle to Petry's house and committed the crime, what did he do with the bicycle?

She already had a massage table in the back of her car. Did he toss the bicycle in on top of the massage table?

Was there that much room in her car?

This dilemma must have occurred to "the state" at some point between the trial and the tv program, because at trial time they failed to provide a theory on the bicycle except that he had ridden it to her house.

And according to news clippings of the trial, he was accused of hauling her to the dump site in the trunk of her own vehicle. That was a mistake that few noticed. A Mazda RX7 is a hatch back and doesn't even have a "trunk" as such!

But by tv time, the state had recovered, and she was shown as a passenger in the front seat.

Neat how things can be changed and re-arranged to fit the picture, isn't it?

Knowing what I know now, I must make a few revisions to the above statements.

It was not "the state" who originated the idea that Rydbom had placed his bicycle on top of Petry's massage table in her car. It was Dennis Rydbom himself!

I honestly didn't think the bicycle could have been laid on top of the table and the hatch back closed, but I was mistaken. When questioned about his activities on the day of May 24th, 1996, Rydbom told police that he went to work around 8 am, met Petry for lunch about 1:00 pm and after lunch he "tossed his bicycle into the hatchback, on top of the massage table, shut the lid and she gave him a ride back to work at the college!

So, I guess the "state" wasn't quite as stupid as I imagined.

Actually, I'm going to have to stop some of my imaginings.

From what I've read recently, it appears Dennis Rydbom may very well have been his own worst enemy.

Some Strange Facts

Now the really strange thing about all this is ... Several people saw a vehicle that was parked in the vicinity during the time period that Rydbom was performing these super human feats.

The cops finally tracked the owner of the vehicle down and it turned out to be an elderly man who was sitting there for one reason or another.

He didn't see Rydbom either!

There was one person who told police that he/she heard a car in the vicinity of the storm drain in the early morning hours (2-3 am) of May 25th. Of course no one paid any attention to this woman's report, because it wasn't what they wanted to hear. It didn't help the state's case.

Why the defense didn't do more with it, is anybodies guess. Perhaps it was like many things in the McCrady case. If it didn't help the state then it wasn't important.

No one saw Rydbom park Petry's car at her friend's house either, even though there are houses all around the area where it was found, and once again, he had to unload that bicycle and ride it back across Marietta in order to be at his friend's house in time to help him move. No one saw that either.

Oh well....

Mileage Checks

From where Sheree's car was left, back to her home was more than five miles.

My friends and I did a lot of mileage checks back during the Petry case and for a long while after that.

It was during this time period that I discovered all those irritating 2.2 mile coincidences!

It was precisely 2.2 miles from Sheree Petry's home to the hole in which she was dumped. As if this were not weird enough, it was also 2.2 miles from where her car was abandoned, to my friend Judy's house!

Both Judy and Sheree had the same house number ... 203. And Judy was the person who had met Sheree just days before she was murdered. I thought it was all really strange.

In fact, it all reminded me of the stop sign Wild Bill ran back in 1993, and how he'd allowed the state trooper to catch him 2.2 miles north of that stop sign, and then in 1996 when the wife of a state trooper was murdered she'd showed up 2.2 miles south of that same stop sign. Weird.

We just had some incredibly weird things that went on around here!

Note: May 2010: We now have a new case in which this same double 2.2 shows up. I suppose it's coincidence. Has to be doesn't it? I mean Dennis Rydbom is in prison and so is Jackie McCrady, so we know it's neither one of them!

The New Case

2.2 Mile Connections

I'd found this same "2.2 mile connection" between point A and point B in almost all our cases.... both solved and unsolved.

It showed up in the Patsy Sparks case, the Terri Roach case, as well as Janet Miller, Ray Clark, Ronda Manley, Marie Blough, Jill Bohl, Roda Snyder, and several others.

For awhile I'd thought I was really on to something, but then, I did one last test run and realized it was 2.2 miles from the grave of Wild Bill's baby girl back to the drive-way of the house he lived in when the child died.....and I finally realized I was mistaken.

It was just another series of bizarre coincidences and didn't mean a thing.

Please don't forget the ocean front property that I have for sale in Arizona... I'll make some fool a real good deal on it!!!

Still Wondering

I continue to wonder about a few things .... Like who wrote Petry's license number on a pile of metal storm drains (culverts) across the street from Wild Bill's girlfriend's house? That always seemed so peculiar to me, especially when no vehicles were ever seen near those culvert pipes except Wild Bill's.

2010 NOTE: And by the way, his girlfriend was living within 1/2 a block of the McCrady property too, and insists to this day that Wild Bill was NOT in her apartment when Sindee and I used to see his car parked by those culverts - and just assumed he was inside with Bonnie and the boys. Our assumptions were obviously wrong, and the question remains -- 'where was he?'

On The Run

The state contended that Rydbom was "on the run" when he left this area and returned to Arizona after Sheree was murdered.

They said he claimed that he'd been branded a killer, and they tried to make it sound like he was a liar.

I live here folks.... Have lived here all my life.

The man was telling the truth. He was banished from the college and even forbidden to step a foot on the campus.

Restaurants refused to serve him. He was ridiculed, shunned, slandered and mistreated long before he was ever named as a suspect in Sheree Petry's murder.

Dennis Rydbom is no friend of mine. Never met the man, have no desire to meet him.

But the truth is the truth, and friend or foe it does not change.

There were people in the Marietta area who could have provided Dennis Rydbom with a pretty solid alibi. I know they are there because I talked to them.

Why none of these people were called is beyond my understanding.

I thought if you were a defense attorney, you called anyone you had to call to defend your client.

But not in this case .... why?

August 2002

I have received word from a woman who insists she had dinner at Dennis Rydbom's house on the evening of May 24th, 1996.

She says she arrived in the early evening....7 or so and stayed until midnight. At which time Rydbom asked her to leave because he wanted to get to bed so he could be up early the next morning to help a friend move. The woman says she sat on Rydbom's porch until 2:00 o'clock in the morning (May 25th), and that no one ... absolutely no one came or went from that house during these hours.

She claims that she begged Rydbom to allow her to testify and to be his alibi, but he refused because he did not want her involved in a murder case; did not want to harm her reputation. That sounds like a real gentleman to me.

I doubt this woman has read the police reports and other documents of this case .... but I have. And I cannot help but wonder why Dennis Rydbom told police that he had dinner at his house with Sheree Petry on the evening of May 24th, 1996 and that she stayed until about 10:00 or 10:30 pm.

He insisted that Sheree studied algebra while he prepared a lasagna dinner for the two of them and he helped her with the algebra. I only have one question .... what algebra? College was out for the summer. Petry had already graduated and was preparing to leave for Arizona in a short while. Why was she still working on algebra?

Rydbom told police that he borrowed Petry's car the night of May 24th and drove to a nearby store to purchase bread for their dinner.

Again, I have some questions.

Why would a man who was in danger of losing his freedom for the rest of his life deliberately place himself with a murder victim when he wasn't actually with her?

He had far more to lose than to gain from such a lie.

One of the questions I recently submitted to Dennis Rydbom was ..... "What did you and (the woman who claims she was there) have for dinner the evening of May 24th, 1996. Was French bread part of the menu?

This same question has been presented to the woman in question .... not once, but three times.

I have received no answer from either person, and now I am told that Rydbom thinks I should "dig" for answers to my questions! Who else should I ask other than the two people involved in the dinner? I will ask no more.

And as far as digging out answers to help someone get out of prison, when he's been convicted and has no chance of parole, is concerned ... most such people are not only paid well, but only a damned fool would insist on playing games and insulting them.

Another question that was asked of Rydbom was, had he ever heard Petry mention Pam ______? Did he know Pam himself?

Again he has refused to answer. So be it.

Within the pages of police reports witness statements and court files, I located the one where Rydbom thanked one of his friends for "hiding the body!"

I was shocked, but giving the man the benefit of the doubt I continued reading and eventually came to the portion where the cops confronted him with the fact that they had this comment on tape because his friend was wearing a wire for the cops that evening!

Rydbom denied ever saying anything of that sort, even though they insisted that they had it on tape.

I wanted to believe the man.

I wanted to believe that he'd said something that sounded similar to the comment, but that between taping and background noise the cops misunderstood.

I really wanted to believe that. However, Mr. Rydbom has busted that bubble of hope also!

He has admitted to someone that he did make the comment and his reasoning was "because he figured the cops were listening and he just wanted to jerk them around a little because he was sick of them pestering him!"

The man's best friend has been murdered, and he's not only making light of it, but is actually trying to implicate yet another friend in the murder???

Like I said before .... I think the man was his own worst enemy!

The Only Blood Found

In the reports that I have read the only blood that was found on the victim either matched her or Rydbom's blood type. None of it matched Wild Bill's blood type, and you can rest assured that is one thing I was watching real close for.

Wild Bill's Talent

And in closing this story .... at least for now .... in all fairness and honesty, I have no choice but admit that although my former friend Wild Bill definitely has a talent for being in the backyard every time there is a crime around here, and although it seemed for a long while that there was an enormous amount of circumstantial evidence that pointed toward him on the night of May 24th, and the morning of May 25th ..... it surely was and is all just coincidence ....

Pure Coincidence!


Originally there was a portion here about Wild Bill and a hiding place along the Ohio River.

I have chosen to remove these portions as part of this update because they no longer seem important to me or the case in question.

2007 Update:

As mentioned above, in August of 2004 I received information from a woman who claimed to have been with Dennis Rydbom on the night of August 24th, 1996. This is the time period in which the state originally claimed that Petry was murdered. However, even though this woman was not permitted to testify at Rydbom's trial, I do believe her story is the reason the state finally decided to claim [and ultimately prove to a jury] that the crime was committed in broad daylight, instead of in the middle of the night.

On other pages I have told everyone that Wild Bill was out and on the prowl the night of August 24th, 1996 - how he talked to my friend Sindee [originally called Mysde in my web stories] and kept repeating how it would be a nice night for a walk.

I've also told how there is a witness who could verify that Wild Bill was out that night and returned to Belpre around three o'clock in the morning, at which time he put gas in his truck and had absolutely no form of identification on him. This continues to seem strange to me even all these years later. However, there's something that's even stranger, and I want to address that at this time.

Here's a copy of the message that was left on my guest book in August of 2004.

Name: Jennifer Short



I hope this gets to you, Ms. Wells.

This is very important, I need to hear from you.

I am pretty much the only friend Dennis Rydbom has and my jaw hit the ground when I saw your web page.

I guess I just want to pick your brain. Dennis has had such shitty luck getting anything related to the case, and this could be helpful.

I personally know he is innocent, for reasons I can explain. Please write me back, you may be able to help an innocent man!

Thanks-thanks for having the guts to try to blow this wide open. I went to college at MC with Dennis and Sheree.

Jennifer Short

Within one week of receiving the above message, nine year old Jennifer Short of Bassett, Virginia was abducted and murdered.

Mr. and Mrs. Short were found murdered in their home, and Jenifer was found a few weeks later several miles from her home. Each had been shot with a .22 caliber bullet.

Needless to say, all correspondence with the 'Jennifer Short' who signed my guest book ended right then and there!

Well, Dennis Rydbom was sitting in prison when Jennifer Short was murdered, so we know the killer wasn't him. The woman thanked me for having 'guts enough to try to blow this wide open,' -- so, here's a few more 'spilled guts' for those who have sense enough to put the puzzle together after I've gone out and gathered up all the pieces for them.

As far as I'm concerned, Dennis Rydbom is an ignorant, arrogant individual who should never have played poker with his own life. But he did, and that's that. He got life in prison without the possibility of parole, and as far as the states of Ohio and West Virginia are concerned the case is closed and forgotten. However, I'm not like the prosecuting attorney's who look no further than their own noses so they can be guaranteed a win in the court room. I'm not interested in 'winning in a court room,' because I'll never be an attorney, and could care less about their games. My interest lies in getting a serial killer off our streets.

And in my humble opinion, I have presented a mountain of circumstantial evidence, as well as enough incriminating evidence to merit a federal investigation into the background and activities of my Wild Bill character. So far that hasn't happened, and the murders have continued one by one, year in and year out, with all the victims having some type of connection to me or one of the other women in Wild Bill's life.

By 2006 the victims can be connected to his former wives or his present girlfriend, either through anniversary dates, birthdays or names. Is it all coincidence? No, it absolutely cannot all be coincidence, but, as long as he continues to skip jurisdictions, cross county and state lines, and select the pieces to fit his warped puzzle from areas where the police and the residents have never heard of me [or him, for that matter] he will continue to pull the wool over their eyes.

The Short murders of 2004 remain unsolved - as does dozens of other cases within Wild Bill's trolling territory - which is several eastern states.

Meanwhile, the Shorts are dead. No one can bring them back, but if certain people had cooperated with me a long time ago, we might have been able to stop a psychopath before he added their name to his list of targets. So, yes, Jennifer Short was right about me. I do have guts enough to tell it like it is, and I have guts enough to tell everyone something else -- "Those who turn a blind eye to what this man is doing are just as guilty as he is.

I suggest my readers go to Jennifer Short's page, and read for themselves the 'circumstantial connections' between these cases.

Meanwhile, I've got more murders to work, and more on the way. I've finally realized I can't stop him because law enforcement believes too strongly in 'coincidence,' although on tv they always deny that! But I don't believe in coincidence to the extent that I have uncovered within these cases. I believe it's connections -- connections that should have led to the capture of a killer many, many years ago.

Bonnie M. Wells

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