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Bonnie M. Wells

Surprises In 2002

Until the year 2002 there were several things about the "Petry/Rydbom" case that I did not know. I'd never had access to any "inside information" on the case so there were a few surprises in store for me when I did gain access to some of it.

As already stated in various places on this web site, I did not know Sheree Petry or Dennis Rydbom; had never met or spoken to either one of them as far as I knew. Even so, I continued to believe that whoever killed Sheree Petry had read my old 1991 stories and had converted Sey Von Sharee to an outdoor drama that had ultimately cost an innocent woman her life.

Living with this idea was not easy or pleasant. I was not the type of person that could easily disregard things that I saw as convincing "evidence," of my theory. Still, no one ever bothered to actually discuss the idea with me or to tell me that I was wrong. This only served to make me think I was right. It seemed the only question that remained in my mind was a question that the rest of the world had already answered ..... "Who killed Sheree Petry?"

The state of West Virginia claimed Dennis Rydbom had murdered Sheree, and they had already tried him and convicted him of the crime, and I was still having my doubts about all of it!

The Story Vs. The Case

The Lord continues to work in Mysterious ways. And I have come to realize that it is not always important for me to know the answers to everything, although for an Aquarian, to "not know" is slow torture! We don't care what the answer is .... that's not what's important. We just gotta know the answer, whatever it is! Strange bunch.

Eventually I decided to take my Sey Von Sharee story, take the facts from the Rydbom case file as I know them today, and compare the high points of each. I will now present those comparisons to my readers and they may decide for themselves if there is an enormous number of coincidences within this case, or if for some reason I continue to see things that really are not there......or at least would not be "important" if I had not written Sey Von Sharee in the first place.

[1] Story: The name Sharee.

Case: Petry's first name was Sheree, which is pronounced the same as Sharee.

[2]Story: The day Saturday

Case: Sharee was murdered on a Saturday

[3] Story: Written by Bonnie M. Wells.

Case: The police used a car like Petry's to re-enact the crime. It was borrowed from a woman named Bonnie: Dennis Rydbom told friends that he thought Sheree had been dumped into a well.

[4] Story: The "M." in my name stands for May.

Case: Sheree Petry was murdered in the month of May.

[5] Story: West Virginia.

Case: Petry lived in West Virginia.

[6] Story: A man named Bill.

Case: When the police went to Athen's to question Rydbom, he lied about his identity and told them his name was Bill.

[7] Story: I talked about my work.

Case: Rydbom told police that he had lunch with Sheree on Friday and that she had given him a ride back to work.

[8] Story: I drove to my friend Linda's house that day.

Case: After her death, Petry's car was driven to her friend Lynn's house.

[9] Story: I mentioned the number 555.

Case: Sheree Petry was murdered on 5-25 , which is nothing more or less than 5, and 5x5. Of course one has to use a little algebra to reach this equation, but I didn't have any trouble seeing it......especially after Rydbom told police that he had been helping Sheree with her "algebra" on the evening of 5-24-96.

[10] Story: I talked about other friends.

Case: Rydbom took off for Athens, Ohio and some of his other friends when he learned of Petry's murder.

[11] Story: my dog.

Case: Rydbom told police that Sheree called him on the evening of May 24th to tell him she was bringing her dog when she came to his place for dinner.

[12] Story: The distance... about three miles.

Case: Sheree's vehicle was abandoned ... about three miles from where her body was dumped.

[13] Story: placed Sharee into the car.

Case: The state contended that Rydbom carried Sheree to her car.

[14]Story: The bird was unconscious when I put it into the car.

Case: Sheree Petry had been drugged with sleeping pills and was unconscious when she was placed into her car.

[15] Story: I used the words .... in Washington County.

Case: Sheree was brought from West Virginia to Ohio and was dumped in Washington County.

[16] Story: Diving in pursuit of a bird or rabbit.

Case: When Rydbom was arrested, authorities found in his pocket, a story clipped from a book about stalking prey such as a rabbit.

[17] Story: I mentioned being with a female friend who's name began with Ed.

Case: At the time the state insisted Sheree was murdered, Rydbom claimed to have been visiting a female neighbor who's name began with Ed.

[18] Story: I talked about Sharee coming down head first.

Case: Sheree Petry was dumped into the storm drain ... head first.

[19] Story: I mentioned an animal doctor.

Case: Petry drove a Mazda RX-7. RX is a symbol for medicine/doctor/drug store/ prescription, etc.

[20] Story: I sought someone that would help me deal with my problem.

Case: Dennis Rydbom rode his bicycle to Athens in the pouring rain because he needed help dealing with his friend's death.

[21] Story: Sharee's life would be in danger.

Case: Sheree's life was in danger.

[22] Story: An animal control officer named Jim.

Case: The prosecuting attorney who worked the Petry case in Ohio was a man named Jim.

[23] Story: I kept the hawk a total of three days, and released it.

Case: Petry was dead Saturday, Sunday and Monday, a total of three days... before Rydbom claims to have heard of her death.

[24] Story: I spoke of a pet rooster.

[25] Story: When I released the hawk, it landed in the nearest tree.

Case: Sheree's last name was Petry, which was pronounced Pet and tree.

[26] Story: Where spoken language is not needed.

Case: Rydbom said the police didn't need to speak to him until he was ready to talk to them.

[27] Story: Into the woods.

Case: When some people in Marietta tried to get Rydbom to come back to the city and speak to the police about Sheree's death, he informed them that he needed to go into the woods, and be alone. But he never did go. He hung out with friend's in Athens instead.

[28] Story: I moved the hawk from the road when I thought it was dead.

[29] Story: The hawk called down its "Thanks," to me.

Case: Unknown to Dennis Rydbom, he was being taped when he said to a friend ..... "Thanks" for moving the body, man.

Even In Coincidence Valley

All things considered, perhaps I should be exceedingly glad that I did not know Dennis Rydbom, because I believe twenty nine separate clues, given five years in advance is a bit much for "coincidence," even in Coincidence Valley!

Still, there remains a few questions that I suppose will nag at me for the rest of my life.

I continue to wonder why no one saw the "clues" even after I sent them several times ..... or did they? Perhaps they saw them as well as I did, but couldn't explain them any easier than I could. Logic dictates that no one person could be this accurate ......especially five years in advance of a crime.

If it was all psychic/spiritual information, then what was the point in giving me warning five years in advance of the murder of someone I'd never heard of? And why describe the victim right down to her entire name, but not tell me or anyone who the killer was? That didn't make any sense to me.

Most of the psychic work I'd done in the past identified the killer. Granted, no one ever paid any attention to it, but that wasn't my fault or problem. Lord knew I'd not withheld anything from the police .... or the public either! I wasn't much on keeping silent when I saw things that were wrong.

It has been {as of 2010} 14 years since Sheree Petry was murdered. Dennis Rydbom continues to sit in prison for her murder. He is serving a "life without parole" sentence, and if he killed Sheree Petry then I say let him rot there, because society has enough psychopaths running around.

The "average psychopath" is not a killer, although I've always thought that they could kill as easily and un-remorsefully as the Ted Bundy's and John Wayne Gacey's of the world. But even without being killer's they keep their own lives and the lives of all around them in a constant state of turmoil and stress. These emotionally void, cold blooded, calculating monsters can look a person in the eye and lie as easily as a normal person tells the truth. Friends are no more than stepping stones to be used to get wherever they want to go, so they can take advantage of the next unsuspecting victim. And all those who attempt to love or care about the psychopath becomes fair game in their never ending game of self centered desires for everything the rest of the world has worked and earned. But, as bad as this pack is, { and I've known more than my fair share of them!} it's the "above-average psychopaths" that concern me the most.

Whether Dennis Rydbom is a psychopath or not, I cannot say. But after viewing some of the records from the case, I can certainly say he didn't act or respond in the manner in which I would have acted and responded had I been in his shoes. Knowing me I would have handcuffed myself to Detective Winstanley and said, now "we" are going to find the killer of my friend!! Poor Winstanley. It's no wonder he left the sheriff's department!

{{ 2010 note: John Winstanley has officially retired from the Washington County Sheriff's Department: His last years with the department were spent as Major Winstanley: I miss him, and I wish him a long and happy retirement. }}

The way I see it..... at least at this time is ... either I am one of the most prophetic predictors in the history of mankind .... or .... someone used my story Sey Von Sharee as a blueprint for the murder of Sheree Petry!

If in fact Dennis Rydbom is her killer, then I have no choice but to believe he read my story even though it was a couple of years old by the time he came to this area. Still, I suppose it's possible that back issues of The Washington County News could have remained at Marietta College....perhaps in the library....and he would have had easy access to them, as any student would have.

The Clues Speak For Themselves

Although my personal contempt for Wild Bill has not decreased with the passing of time, when I compare the number of clues that he revealed ... the names...Sharon & Kathy; the locations of Williamstown & Marietta, Food 4 Less, and the fact that he was out and about on the night of May 24th, although if the witnesses were correct Sheree was not murdered in the early morning hours of May 25th (around 2 am) as I originally believed, then the fact that Wild Bill was out at that time is completely irrelevant to the case. What he was doing is anybodies guess and his business. Personally, I could care less.

But those few clues, when compared to the enormous number that Dennis Rydbom revealed mean nearly nothing at all.

It's almost as if he was trying to attract my attention ... or, knowing that I would make a beeline for Detective's Winstanley and Nohe, he may have thought he could divert their attention from him to my Wild Bill character. Why else would the man tell them his name was Bill?

I can't honestly answer these questions tonight. All I know is, there seems to be two women in particular and several people in general who believe in Rydbom's innocence. They each have their own reasons .... none of which were my reasons for wanting the truth of the matter.

If Rydbom really didn't murder Sheree Petry, and he honestly doesn't know who did, then once again his actions and responses are {in my opinion} very improper. All I can use to judge by are my own feelings on the subject, but I can positively guarantee everyone that if I were sitting in prison for a crime that I had not committed, I would be writing to every news reporter, lawyer, family member, friend, and any strangers that I heard about that were working on behalf of those wrongfully imprisoned. And if there was one person on the face of this earth that was willing to donate hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of research and work on my behalf, the last thing in this world that I would want to do is offend and insult that person. This does not seem to be the case with Dennis Rydbom.

So, in closing, I guess all that's left to say is this .... If Wild Bill was involved, as I originally thought {and admit the thought still creeps through my mind on occasion!} then it's just another crime he's gotten by with. It's not his first and I'm sure it won't be his last. Although it may be among the last that I write about. After all these years, and more than two dozen cases, I must ask .... why bother?

Bonnie M. Wells

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