New Arrivals

At Shoe World,

But Are They Oxfords?


Bonnie M. Wells

Authors Note

This story is reprinted here just as it

appeared in the Washington County News of May 24th, 1991

Everywhere I went the message awaited my arrival...

"Call Judy," "Call Judy."

So, instead I went to see what all the commotion was about.

Now I like shoes as well as the next person, but when I discovered I had been tracked from home to my attorney, and from the attorney's office to my next appointment, all because of new arrivals at Shoe World in Marietta, I just had to wonder what had happened to my friend Judy and her niece Cheryl who works at Shoe World.

"What's wrong with you girls?" I asked as I entered the shop where Judy sat impatiently flipping channels on a TV while awaiting my arrival.

"You just have to see what Cheryl got in a shipment from North Carolina. Black and white kittens arrived today," she exclaimed.

OK, I thought, so they must be something like Pony's or Hush Puppies, or any number of other brands of shoes named after animals.

Boy was I wrong!

Cheryl had been unpacking the shipment from North Carolina and placing the shoes on the shelves.

She picked up one box that appeared to have been tossed around a little during the trip, but she figured the shoes inside would be undamaged and ripped open the lid only to discover five black and white kittens ...

Yes, I said kittens ...

The real ones ... the little fluffy type

that drink milk and meow!

Mama was no where to be found and the little tykes didn't even have their eyes open yet.

A trip to the Vet in the evening revealed the kittens were dehydrated, had been in the box three to five days, and probably would not survive.

However, there's no stopping determination. And there is no such thing as defeat as long as there is breath. So little nursing bottles were bought, as well as feeding tubes if the kittens were too weak to nurse, and off the girls went to raise a litter of orphaned kittens.

I suggested they call the humane society and all TV and radio stations and put out a plea for a mama cat with milk. Perhaps someone would respond.

Perhaps not.

...Meanwhile ----- some lucky person may want to put in an order for a pair of these unique creations ... after all there are only two and a half pair in the whole world and they are at Shoe World exclusively!

Just ask for Cheryl ...

she'll fit you right up!

Editor's note:

At press time a mama sub has been found, and all are doing well.

Bonnie M. Wells

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