Sey Von Sharee


Bonnie M. Wells

This story is reprinted here as it appeared in the Washington County News of April 12th, 1991.

Attention: This page is "color coded" for research purposes:

This past *Saturday was a beautiful day and my friend *Bill volunteered to escort me to Cairo,*West Virginia, to visit my friend *Linda and to check up on a couple of my Shepherds that had spent the winter with co-owners or *other friends.

Linda and I chatted about *the dogs, the weather and the past winter as we drove along the country roads toward where my black Shepherd, *Pony Express, lives. I suppose we would not have noticed the owl standing in the shallow creek, but Bill did. As usual, I had no camera with me, so therefore have no picture of this majestic bird to share with you.

However it reminded me of another experience I thought you might enjoy.

Sey Von Sharee

It was the summer of 1972 and my friend *Edna had come to visit and asked me to accompany her on a short trip out State Route *555 at Little Hocking.

The sun beat down upon the road surface and heat waves danced ahead of us as we drove along. We talked about *work, our gardens and what we hoped to do during the summer.

*About three miles out the road we rounded a curve and came to an abrupt halt in our conversation and trip.

There, spread almost entirely across our lane was a beautiful hawk.

He lay on his back, head turned to the side, appearing dead.

Edna pulled over so I could *remove the bird from the road.

At the time, I considered the bird a chicken hawk and realized most farmers could have cared less about the body. We were forever losing young chickens and rabbits to hawks when I was a child and my parents always referred to them as chicken hawks.

I have since learned from an informed source that there is no such thing as a chicken hawk, and what I came upon was a Cooper's Hawk, quite common *in Washington County.

Whatever, it was beautiful and I wanted it off the road.

I approached the hawk and proceeded to *gather it up and move it. The only problem was ... it *was still breathing!

How does a hawk get to be *unconscious in the middle of the road?

And what in the world does one do with an unconscious hawk?

Depends on who the "one" is!

This one *gathered him up,cradled him in her arms, placed him gently into the trunk of Edna's *car, and *headed for the vet.

I imagine the *animal doctor still recalls the incident.

By the time we got there, our feathered friend was wide awake and rearing to go...only problem was... how do we get him out of the trunk?

The vet declined my invitation to assist me in releasing the bird and wanted to know how the heck I got a full grown hawk in there in the first place!

We stopped at the fire department too, thinking that the fireman on duty could give it a try while wearing long asbestos gloves that come clear to the elbow. But, he saw the parasitic bugs that our friend carried around with him and decided he wanted no part of the job.

I searched for an answer.There just had to be * someone that would help me ... and there was. He was an animal *control officer for the city of Belpre, and may still be to this day.

Edna and I drove to Jim's house and I tried to explain my predicament.*Jim was quite understanding and somewhat amused.

Guess he knew me pretty well.

Between the two of us, we managed to get a crate into the trunk of the car and using long sticks we were able to get the big bird into the *crate.

Jim suspected that the hawk had been *diving in pursuit of a small bird or perhaps a *rabbit and collided with a vehicle, rendering itself unconscious and I just happened to be the "lucky" one who came along and found it. He also thought it might have sustained some injury to one of its wings, and suggested I keep an eye on it for a few days before turning it loose.

Well, I kept an eye on it alright.

I had a beautiful *pet rooster at the time, and while I kept an eye on the hawk, (which eventually became known as Sey Von*Sharee), the hawk kept an eye on my rooster, who in turn kept an eye on me!

Sure was a suspicious bunch.

I kept Sharee for a *total of three days and then opened the crate so the bird could fly away.

Sharee came out, stretched, tried the wing, and finally took to the air.

The rooster was safely tucked away and besides that, I had come to the conclusion the rooster was probably meaner than the hawk anyway and *Sharee's life would be in danger to even think of attacking the rooster.

Sharee sailed off to the nearest *tree, landed safely on a branch and turned to me and called out *"thanks."

The bird then flew around the yard in circles, sweeping only a foot or two above my head.

I stood watching and wondered if the bird understood I only wanted what was best for it.

I held him when I had to, for his safety, and I gave him back his freedom as soon as I could.

Yes. He understood, and paid no attention to the rooster, who eventually got used to his calls and the huge shadow that spread across the ground as he flew overhead.

The hawk stayed around the house the entire summer.

Every day I waved and called to him, and every day he answered.

And then, in the fall Sharee and I parted ways.

I moved to town and he moved deeper into*the woods ... deeper into the area where spoken language is not needed, where a friend is a friend regardless ... back to the wild side of life.


When I found the hawk along the road, I gave it a feminine name because I believed the bird to be a female.

However, when I wrote the story for my column in the paper, editor Paul Arvidson, thought it sounded better if the bird was referred to as "he."

The story was printed as he chose to print it, as were several other stories that appeared in his paper back in 1991.

Bonnie M. Wells

"Color Coded" Notes:

* Prior to the murders of Sheree Petry and Jenifer McCrady there was an "armed" robbery of a Pony Express truck at a storage unit in Belpre, Ohio:

The composite drawing of the suspect that came out in the news paper looked remarkably like my Wild Bill character. It appeared that he was wearing a wig, sunglasses and a toboggan:

I am aware of at least 3 different people who told the Belpre police {officer Dave Garvey in particular} that the drawing looked like Wild Bill.

The sun glasses shown in the drawing looked "exactly" like a pair that I had purchased for Wild Bill at a Gold Wing Road Rally in 1992:

The toboggan looked like a gray one that Wild Bill owned and that I had worn on a couple of occasions.

And the shoulder length "hair" in the drawing looked "exactly" like a wig that was owned by one of the other Bonnie's boys. In fact the boy did identify the wig as "the wig I wear to school on hippie day!"

This same boy told me that he had seen Wild Bill wear the wig, and the entire family identified the composite drawing of the suspect {at least to me} as Wild Bill. That brought to 7 the number of people {that I am aware of} who thought the suspect was Wild Bill. Apparently Belpre Police Department put little stock in our "identification" because Wild Bill was never questioned, and the case was never solved.

Using my 20/20 hindsight ... I have no choice but to wonder if "Pony Express" was in fact our first real clue as to what we {me and the people of this area} had to look forward to. I know for a fact that the "Duplication or Symbolic Replacement" of me had already began in Wild Bill's life by the time Sheree Petry was murdered, and it was not done by Dennis Rydbom or Jackie McCrady. It was carried out to perfection right under the noses of authorities that {in my opinion} should have been watching for clues that "our" uncaught Washington County Killer was planning another strike.

Now as to why Wild Bill acted out the "symbolic replacement" of me, while Dennis Rydbom and Jackie McCrady and some other stranger who bore a striking resemblance to Wild Bill, decided to "symbolically act out" a bunch of old stories that I wrote five years earlier, is just beyond my understanding. I know what Wild Bill had/has against me, but I'll just be damned if I can figure out what three strangers had against me! And, if they really had nothing against me, then would someone please, please explain to me how 4 different men ... men who didn't know each other ... all chose me, my stories, my life as a perfect "outdoor drama" that would ultimately cost at least two {if not more} innocent women their lives? I just do not understand.

* The daughter of "my veterinarian" was the next girl murdered after we "found Sheree" Petry: * There was a metal "grate" that had to be removed from the storm drain before Sheree Petry could be dropped into it, head first:

McCrady case - Wild Bill constructed a "cage" in his yard and placed a masked dummy inside it, just hours before the disappearance of Jenifer McCrady was announced to the public.

May 2010 Note: You will find the story about this cage in the McCrady section of this web site. It is located on the September page, and the story is titled "The Real Dummy." It is a 'must read' for anyone wishing to understand how these cases are connected.

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