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Bonnie M. Wells

In 1991

When I wrote Sey Von Sharee for the Washington County News, Wild Bill was in the process of his second divorce and was renting an apartment from an elderly lady whose home was situated right beside his apartment. He did the yard work for both properties.

As soon as the paper hit the streets on April 12th, 1991, Wild Bill went out and got several copies. He always got several copies of each paper that had my "On The Wild Side" column in it, and kept them all!

He seemed proud of me and enjoyed reading my stories. "My Bonnie May's a good little writer," he'd say as he patted my shoulder. I appreciated his vote of confidence and encouragement.

* See footnote #1:

The Apartment On Walnut Street

During the seven months that Wild Bill rented the apartment I became friends with the property owner and when he moved, the owner asked if I would show the apartment to other people. I agreed. After showing the apartment to a couple of people and not feeling they would be appropriate for the elderly lady to have to deal with, along came a young woman who had just returned to this area. Although raised here, Pam had been away for several years. I thought she and her son would be ideal Tennant's so I recommended them to the property owner and she rented the apartment to them.

Pam had no mower or trimmer, and the property owner was in no condition to do the yard work so she asked Wild Bill to continue doing the work. He agreed.

The owner paid him for her share, and since Pam was a "massage therapist" she and Wild Bill worked out a "service trade" agreement. He mowed and trimmed her yard and she gave him free massages for his troublesome back. The arrangement worked well.

Many times during that summer and the next, I accompanied Wild Bill and visited with his former land-lady while he did the yard work, although I never went with him to get his massages.

The Last Time I Saw Pam.

Wild Bill and I had gone to the grocery store. I was at the meat counter while he was elsewhere in the store. Pam came walking up to the counter, saw me, smiled and said, "Hello Bonnie. How are you?" But before I could actually answer the woman, Wild Bill came rushing to my side. The look on Pam's face was anything but pleased. Her smile disappeared immediately and she turned to leave even as she said..."Bill." It was not a greeting, but more of a simple acknowledgment that she knew his name.

"What the hell did you do to that girl?" I asked him as soon as she was out of hearing range.

Immediately he became angry. That told me a lot and so did the fact that he did not want to discuss it. Bad mistake. In fact, I can't think of anything that attracts my attention more than for someone to get huffy and refuse to discuss something.... anything.... everything.....with me!

I continued to badger him until he blurted out that the last time he went to get his back massage she had put the make on him and he just got out of there as quickly as possible!

I damned near died laughing at this one!

Wild Bill ... run from an interested woman .... Hahaha....that was absurd....and I didn't buy it for one second.

Pam Leaves The Area

Some time passed, and one day I called his former land-lady to see how she was getting along. Her health was not good and I worried about her. I asked about Pam and her son and learned that she was moving from the apartment. It seemed she had received an excellent job offer from Arizona and was moving there.

It would be the last time I thought of Pam.......

for awhile.....a little while.

A Parting Of Ways

Between the time I wrote Sey Von Sharee and the time that Sheree Petry was murdered, my "Wild Bill" character and I parted ways.

The friendship had been somewhat bumpy for several months prior to the actual end which came in April of 1994. Wild Bill still had all those news papers. He kept them in his desk and re-read them from time to time. I'd long since packed all my own copies away and forgotten them.

Almost ... But there is something about a writer ... any writer. They remember their stories ... especially if the stories were based on actual experiences and events, which Sey Von Sharee was.

Barring a loss of memory, * I would always recognize one of my own stories if it was to be converted to an outdoor drama, a movie or even re-told by someone else. I knew my work and could recognize it anywhere at any time.* See footnote #2:

Our friendship lasted three years and two days past the printing of Sey Von Sharee. Had I known then what I know now, I would never have written the story. But I didn't know or even suspect anything back in 1991, and wouldn't until some time later.

On April 14, 1994

Wild Bill ... the man whom I'd been friends with for over three years, and whom I thought I knew pretty well, proved to me and the entire world that none of us knew him or knew what he was capable of doing.

Perhaps some could have forgiven and forgotten, but I was never that type. If the offense is against me, then perhaps someday I can forgive ... but I'll never forget. But if it's against someone else, my reasoning has always been.... how can "I" forgive it?

Apparently April 14th was not a very lucky day for Wild Bill. He'd been seeing a woman who was engaged to another man, and got caught! Stranger things have happened ... but not usually to him. I hear he took a thumping that day, and I'm just sorry that I wasn't there to see it!

Regardless, I guess his vindictive side got the better of him, and he decided he'd "show" his woman friend a thing or two. He didn't need her. He could pick up a woman on any damned street corner in the area. Well, it usually worked ... but not too well in Marietta, Ohio in broad daylight!

A Walk By The River

Judy C. was taking her little two year old daughter for a walk in a riverside park in Marietta. It would have been a safe place to visit, but for one exception.

Wild Bill had been nursing separated ribs, and pouting and brooding all day. He was sitting on a bench in that park and saw the woman and child coming his direction. At first he approached the woman and asked directions to a local motel ... as if he was a stranger to the area.

Believing he was a stranger, the woman gave him the requested directions and attempted to continue on her way. He tagged along. His next move was to inquire about a small beer joint/bar that was located across the Williamstown bridge. At this point Judy C. realized that if he did not know the area, he would never have known about the bar. She put forth more effort to get away from him.

He acted as if he was leaving; walked across the street and suddenly turned back Judy C.'s direction and came running back across the street toward her and the child. She headed for the safety of her vehicle. He was faster than she.

He jerked out his wallet and offered Judy C. money to go to the motel he'd inquired about and have sex with him! She declined and told him to get away from her immediately, to which he replied that if she wouldn't take any money for "it" then he'd just rape her right there on the street in front of her child and the entire world!!!

The police report in the news paper said he unzipped his pants and began masturbating in front of the woman and child.

God only knows what else he would have actually done but as luck was with Judy C. a police cruiser came around the corner right at that instant and she began waving it down. Wild Bill fled ... "north on foot" ... the paper said!

Yes sir, I'll just bet he did. Bet he ran like a striped assed ape, as my daddy used to say.

But he didn't run fast enough, far enough or soon enough. He'd been seen in Marietta earlier that day, and I'd already been notified that he was on the prowl instead of at work where he belonged.

* See the "Zappa Dream" to understand how a dream played an important part in knowing what Wild Bill was going to do, and even the date of his arrest! Astonishing details of his crime in Marietta in "advance" of the crime!

Why Was Williamstown On His Mind?

Why did he ask Judy C. about that beer joint across the Williamstown bridge, I wondered?

He kept a journal of most of the things he did, but it was so "coded" that I sometimes had difficulty figuring out what he was actually saying.

April 22nd, 1994 was a Friday. It was also the anniversary of Patsy Sparks' disappearance in 1992. And beyond this it began Wild Bill's last "week-end of freedom!"

He was scheduled to appear in court on Monday morning, April 25th, and I was reasonably certain he'd be cooling his heels in the slammer for awhile. A long while if I had anything to say about it.

He must have sensed that he was going to do some time on this one, because he sure lived it up over the week-end.

According to him ... He went to "a bar in "Williamstown" where he met two women....."Sharon & Kathy." Apparently both liked him so he just tagged along with the two of them! They all went to a grocery store called "Food 4 Less," and bought items for breakfast.

Then his records got a little fuzzy. Well, he's a little fuzzy... First he said they all went back to "their" house in Williamstown and had breakfast, and then he said they went to "their" house in Marietta, where they had breakfast, "went for a walk in the woods," had sex a few times, and then he went back to the bar and picked up yet another woman, which he took to McDonald's for breakfast, had sex with and took home!

What a man!!! Reminds me of a damned rabbit.

Runs about like one too.

Two Plus Two Doesn't Equal Four - Not Hear Anyway!

Personally, I thought his brag was a little cockeyed and didn't add up.

First of all, I wondered what time this trio left the beer joint. Most people didn't leave bars and night clubs until at least two in the morning.

Why would they have gone to the store to buy breakfast foods? Why didn't the trio stop at an all night restaurant?

When did they take this "walk in the woods?" Damned if I'd want to be out walking in the dark woods with some dude I'd just picked up in a beer joint!

Was it daylight when he returned to the bar to pick up his next conquest? No, that couldn't be. The bar closed around 3 am. It isn't daylight at that time. And why did he have breakfast again? He'd already had breakfast with "Sharon and Kathy."

None of it sounded right to me..... just didn't sound right.

I figured it a little differently...... when I got around to "figuring it," that is.

The Nightmare Begins

From the day Wild Bill got out of jail on "June 25th, 1994" onward was nothing short of a nightmare. And this nightmare continued throughout 1994, 1995 and into 1996.

On several occasions people reported seeing Wild Bill's truck parked at Food 4 Less. Also, there were several reports of it being seen around the college in Marietta.

"He was never in the vehicle at the times the people saw it. This seemed a little strange to me and I began to wonder if he was actually inside the store when his truck was parked there. And as far as the college was concerned, probably stalking some college girl, I figured.

Eventually some of my sources of information got tired of wondering if he was inside Food 4 Less and they parked their vehicles and went in the store to look for him! Brazen bunch!

I was "not" surprised to learn that he could not be located inside the store.


Wild Bill had been living with the "other Bonnie" since September 27th, 1995.... off and on, that is.

She had moved in and out of his house several times by then. Regardless, he was treating her the same way that he'd treated the woman before her....and the one before her....and on and on it went all the way back to his high school days. He'd lied to and cheated on everyone who ever tried to be his friend or tried to have any kind of relationship with him.

Ultimately it would be Bonnie's boys that opened her eyes to what Wild Bill was doing. It was the boys who began lying awake at night and listening for his truck to start up. It was the boys who first told her that he was coming home from work in different clothing than he'd left for work in. He did some really strange things....things that no one could explain. Most people just shook their heads and laughed at him. I wasn't one of them. I didn't think there was anything at all funny about what he was doing in the middle of the night when everyone thought he was in bed asleep.

My friends and I continued to try to keep an eye on him. There were just too many unsolved murder cases in the area to suit me, and his actions made me more suspicious all the time.

* See footnote #3:

May 24th, 1996

Wild Bill filled his Toyota truck up at "Rich Oil Service Station" right at ten o'clock pm.

He spoke to [*Sindee] for the first time that night, even though he'd been following her for months, and had even been in stores with her but pretended not to know her. His conversation concerned her and she called me as soon as he was out of sight.

"He's wound up tonight Bonnie," Sindee said. "He just kept repeating the same thing".....

*** "Nice night. Be a nice night for a walk....

*** "Nice night. Nice night for a walk,"...

"Ut-oh....we got trouble coming," I replied.

"See if you can stick with him. If not, call me back and I'll come out too."

[* The name 'Sindee' originally appeared on this page as [Mysde]. In recent months I have began converting some of the nick-names to the correct names. Mysde/Sindee is one of them.]

The Good Boy Goes Home

Sindee didn't have any trouble "sticking with him" that night. He went straight home from the service station and within a few minutes all the house lights were off.

Sindee hung around until midnight and there was no sign of movement around his darkened house.

Since she had to work the next day and had an hour's drive ahead of her to get home, I told her to go ahead because he obviously was down for the night.


Gassin' Up The Toyota .... Again!

At 3:00 am, he rolled into yet another service station with that same Toyota truck. And this time instead of wearing the jeans, boots and shirt that he'd worn at ten o'clock in the evening, he wore a pair of shorts, boots and a button down shirt.

He pumped three dollars and eighty cents worth of gas into the truck and then presented the clerk a check made out for ten dollars!

It was against store policy to accept a check for more than the amount of purchase so the clerk demanded a new check.

Wild Bill could not comply. He had no check book with him, no wallet, drivers license, no id of any kind and wore none of his customary jewelry such as wrist watch or necklace!

When the clerk asked him why he'd made the check out for ten dollars he replied....

"I thought it would take more gas than that."

More gas than that to go where.... to do what, I wondered.

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* Footnotes:

#1: The apartment that Wild Bill rented was directly across the street from one of Jenifer McCrady's best friends: See Book #18 for the McCrady case:

#2: See Book #18 for recognition of some of "my writing and work".

#3: See Book #7 for Roda Snyder story.

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