The Ladies


Bonnie M. Wells

Note: This story appears here as it did in the On The Wild Side column of the Washington County News of April 19, 1991.

There are three ducks in Belpre that I refer to as "The Ladies."

Now whether they are actually all females or not I don't really know. And since it doesn't seem to be of any importance to them, I am not concerned either.

I believe the "home" territory of these funny ladies is the Civitan Park area, but in the past year I have seen them in various places throughout Belpre.

They seem to be real gadabouts, and regardless of whether they're stopping traffic on Washington Boulevard so they can waddle across, or just sight seeing, the trio always travels together.

After the heavy downpour this past weekend, I noticed them quietly resting in a large mud puddle on a front lawn on 5th Street.

I chuckled when I saw the ladies and recalled our first meeting.

My daughter and I had been playing tennis at Civitan Park and were on our way home. We noticed the ducks in a lot of a local boat dealer. They were checking out the boats with a passion, and since they resembled three ladies on a shopping spree, we dubbed them "The Ladies."

We parked my van and watched as the ducks continued to inspect the boats. And our thoughts raced as we made up sentences and responses to the actions of the ducks. We howled with laughter as we envisioned the commercials that could have been made by the local boat dealer.

"Not all our customers are quacks."

"You don't have to be quackers to know a great boat when you see one," were a couple we composed.

We thought of pages full until The Ladies became annoyed with our presence and waddled away.

From that day on those Ladies just quack me up whenever I see them.

Bonnie M. Wells

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