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Bonnie M. Wells

Had I Known ....

in 1991 that in 1996 someone was going to convert several of my stories to outdoor drama's that would cost innocent people their lives, I would have never put pen to paper.

But, I didn't know that in 1991, and to be honest, I doubt I would have believed such a thing possible until I saw it with my own eyes. Or until after I began reading books written by former FBI Profilers. In their books I found comments that lent credence to my own suspicions, but that was about the only place I found it.

Before one could believe in such a possibility, they had to bring themselves to believe in psychopaths, cold blooded killers who spent an enormous amount of time in determining just the right victim, the right dates, times and places.

One had to believe in premeditation with a cause and purpose, and they had to believe that not everything that could not be readily explained was not a coincidence!

Dark Dreams

Within the pages of Dark Dreams, written by former FBI Profiler Roy Hazlewood, and true crime writer Stephen G. Michaud, I found numerous things that seemed to go along with my own thoughts of a psychopathic serial killer. What scared the hell out of me was the fact that I was terrified it wasn't Dennis Rydbom or Jackie McCrady as the state claimed in both the Petry and McCrady murders.

From that book comes the following quotes. I feel the entire book is important, but short of re-typing the entire thing !! this is the best way that I could think of showing statements which I believe are important and relevant to the Petry and the McCrady cases.

And the "Dark Dreams" link near the bottom of this page will take the reader to a more detailed list of quotes and comments.

Quotes From ... Dark Dreams

Note: Those things marked with ** and appearing in green, are the characteristics which I know apply to my Wild Bill character.

The most resourceful, destructive, and elusive of all deviant offenders is the ritualistic sexual sadist. / The sexual sadist is a **meticulous planner, spending inordinate amounts of time inside his own head. **He may devote months or even years imagining his intended crime, / This talent for planning is an important reason why police agencies try to learn whether a sexual sadist is responsible for any crime under investigation./ The vast majority of sexual sadists in our study - twenty-nine out of thirty - were **whites of European descent. / the key to (one sexual sadists) success was patient and obsessive planning. In some cases **he invested up to two years in preparation before carrying out an assault. / These offenders also tended to come from **middle-class or higher families. / (Some of the study group) had a **history of **voyeurism, **obscene phone calls and **exhibitionism.

The longer a sexual offender fantasizes prior to committing his crimes, the more specific his desired victim's characteristics will be. / As a result of the great amount of time (the ritualistic criminal) spends in fantasizing, this imaginative offender develops highly specific selection standards for his victims.

** He may seek out an aberrant, albeit noncriminal, sexual experience even as he is committing rapes and murders.

**The sexual offender is never fully inactive. He may not be acting out against a specific victim, but he will be making plans, selecting new targets, acting out against other victims, or gathering materials. He is never dormant.

The development of a ritualistic offender's fantasy is similar to the production of a stage play. The central figure is the playwright-director, the offender. In his fantasies, he scripts the action, chooses the settings, and selects the props. Of course, he casts himself (who else?) as the star, but he also requires a co-star - his victim. Once he has fully developed the criteria for her, he's ready to begin his search for someone to play that role. When the play is ready to open, the crime is about to occur.

Sexually sadistic offenders habitually plan their crimes in much greater detail than do other criminals.

The victim was not a random victim of violence. She was chosen well in advance of the abduction, and the area to which (the killer) took her was carefully preselected.

Sexual sadists almost invariably are psychopaths. / (the killer) exhaustively considered the subject of body disposal. Once the victim was captured, the ultimate disposal site should be no more than an hour's drive away, he said, and the grave should be pre-dug.

Experienced sexual crimes investigators know that when an offender commits his crimes in a ritualistic manner, they should **contact local prostitutes. He likely **has attempted to enact with them the same fantasies he plays out with his victims.

Some ritualistic offenders (most commonly sexual sadists) **act out fantasies with compliant victims, usually wives or girlfriends. Other times, they were rehearsal partners, stand-ins for future victims.

**Personality disorders are common among sexual offenders. Narcissism is the most common personality disorder among sexual offenders. **He displayed a strong presumption of entitlement. These are the classic characteristics of a narcissist. The narcissist **demands constant admiration.

**The narcissist offender expresses himself most revealingly in the ways he preserves a record of his crimes for later use. He may keep **"diaries," write manuscripts, logs or journals. **"Calendars" help him plan and remember dates. He may **draw maps, **invent codes, **take photographs, or record audiotapes and videotapes.

Psychic Information

Although I'd been sending "psychic" information to the Washington County (Ohio) Sheriff's Department, via Detective John Winstanley for about three years prior to the murder of Sheree Petry, it would ultimately be "non psychic" information that convinced me that we had a serious problem in this area.

The state insisted that Dennis Rydbom had murdered Sheree Petry. He maintained his innocence.

They were certain that this man who had been her friend since the two of them had lived in Arizona, had suddenly become insanely jealous of her ... although she was dating no one..... and had killed her. Their theory was....if he couldn't have her, then nobody could.

The state said Rydbom had ridden his bicycle to Williamstown, murdered Sheree, hauled her to Marietta and dumped her in broad daylight, on a bright, sunny, Saturday morning, and then driven her car to a friends house and abandoned it.

There was one woman who said she saw Sheree alive around eight-thirty on the morning the state said she was murdered.

I'd already been warned [ as had Detective Winstanley ] about this particular information. It had come in through a dream titled....Please Don't Tell What You Saw. And I remembered it well.

But beyond that, I remembered something else. I remembered a story I once wrote called Sey Von Sharee ....

My Mind Went Back To 1994 ...

and how Wild Bill had drawn Judy's ( and my) attention to that little bar at the end of the bridge? What or who was he thinking about before she came walking along and caught his attention?

Sheree Petry hadn't lived very far from that little bar. Well within walking distance of it.

And I couldn't help but think back to his last week-end of freedom before he went to jail for sixty days.

Was it a coincidence that he'd named the city and state where Sheree lived; the city in which she was dumped; the store on the street where she was dumped; the two women who were the closest to her; and walking in the woods behind the Marietta woman's house? Was that all coincidence as the state seemed to believe? Why didn't they want to talk to me? Why didn't they want the jury to know about Wild Bill's writings? Did they know I had copies ..... and witnesses to those copies .... people who knew for a fact that the words and the writing belonged to Wild Bill?

September 2002

Apparently there are a lot of coincidences in this area .... and in this case. Recent discoveries show that when police (Winstanley included!) went to question Dennis Rydbom, he lied about who he was. When officer Nohe asked him if his name was Dennis Rydbom, he answered "No." Nohe persisted and asked his name, to which he replied...."Bill."

And speaking of "Bill's" ......I would have given a hundred dollar "bill" to have seen the look on Greg Nohe and John Winstanley's faces when he said his name was Bill !!!! Yes sir, I'll bet those two cops could have been knocked over with a feather!

I Recalled All Those Books I'd Read ...

about sexual psychopaths .... sadistic serial killers ... and I wondered how many "coincidences" John Douglas, Robert Ressler, Roy Hazelwood and the others had found during their days of FBI Profiling. How many times had they found this number of coincidences around the same "innocent" man?

If I recall correctly, most lawmen don't actually believe in "coincidence," especially when it concerns a crime.

Of course, I suppose when confronted with only three possibilities..... 1. It's not coincidence at all, but an enormous number of "clues." / 2. It is all coincidence / 3. It's all psychic

Then I can see the problem, and can understand why "coincidence" has been chosen repeatedly. Doesn't mean I share the opinion.

I continue to believe that "someone" used my stories as blueprints for murder, simple as that. The only other alternative is ..... I'm even more psychic than I ever thought because I've named names and dates, times and places a dozen times or more ..... in advance.

Perhaps I really am "that good!"

My Theory

I believe that both the Petry and McCrady cases are closely tied to my old 1991 stories. As Yellow Jackets Galore was printed on May 24th, I believe that became the murder date for Sheree who hailed from a place where the school team was known as the Yellow Jackets. And Jenifer was brought to a place where the school team was known as The Yellow Jackets. As far as I'm concerned, it was the killer's way of saying....."Yellow Jacket's Galore."

But perhaps the most influential information that my "theory" is based upon, came not from my own thoughts and questions but from the last few words within the Sey Von Sharee story. Perhaps this story gave the best clues of all as far as the Petry and McCrady murders were concerned.

Number one, it said that ...

*** "Sharee's life would be in danger." ***

Number two, the story told where the hawk went after we parted company....

*** "deeper into the woods." ***

Of Little Hocking, I might add!

Number three, the story named the time period in which this would occur....

*** "In the fall," of the year.***

I find it amazing that Jenifer McCrady disappeared "in the fall," and was found "in the woods of Little Hocking" just a couple of miles from where I live.

Now as "psychic" as I am, I have to admit here for all the world to see ... Wild Bill must be far more psychic than I ever dreamed of being. How else could he have come up with ... "Williamstown / a woman named Kathy / a woman named Sharon / a home in Williamstown / a home in Marietta / the store Food 4 Less on Seventh Street in Marietta / a walk in the woods behind one of the women's homes .....oh, and something else that is absolutely astonishing -- the full name of 'Kathy's mother!"

How else could he have known all these details that fit so perfectly into the Petry murder case, if he wasn't psychic? And to think that the poor man gave everyone a two year warning, and no one listened to him any more than they listened to me. What a shame.

And if ya all buy that.....I got some ocean front property in Arizona that I'll make you a real sweet deal on!

I know for a fact that Wild Bill is a stalker ** and yes, I can prove it, so don't push me.**

I know the following facts -- He makes obscene phone calls to women // he is a window peeper // he fantasizes about raping young girls and women // he has been indicted for raping a 13 year old girl // he has been jailed twice for sex crimes committed against women and girls, both times in Marietta // he has been arrested on a domestic violence charge // he follows women for miles and miles in his vehicle in order to learn where they live // he watches women through binoculars inside their homes, where they think they are safe // he climbs trees and hides under porches, and takes pictures of unsuspecting women // he has used drugs on his victims on numerous occasions to render them unconscious before raping them // he takes pictures of these unconscious women and shows them to other women // he keeps coded records of his activities // he is a habitual, pathological liar // he sneaks around peoples homes in the darkness of night and learns the layout of those homes // he watches women regardless of where he is, and can get on the trail of a woman at the local market just as easily as at a local bar // he selects is victims years in advance of making his move against them **he had pictures of me that he took three years "before" he ever got around to stepping out of the shadows and introducing himself! But he never let me know that he had these pictures, although he showed them to the other Bonnie and several other people!** // he has raped several women, including his former wives and gotten by with it.

And, since I know all this stuff about the man, then my theory is just a little different than the states theory. Of course, the state made that choice knowingly because I had given them all this information too, so it was their game .....and they won .... or so it seems, at least for now.

September 2002

If I can gather all this information about Wild Bill, and have witnessed many of his strange behaviors .... his roaming the streets all hours of the day and night ..... his stalking women, following them home to see where they lived; cruising the school grounds and store parking lots in search of women ..... how many other people could have seen the same things I saw? This type of man makes an excellent 'scapegoat. [2007 NOTE: Whoever it is that's following poor old Wild Bill around and setting him up for murders and other crimes must be more dedicated than I could have ever imagined, because as soon as Wild Bill began going out of this area to work, the murders stopped here and began wherever he went!!! If someone else is doing this stuff, then I'd think the police or someone would notice them following the man around!! I always watch for his stalkers -- but all I ever see is him!! ]

I don't believe that Sheree Petry was murdered in broad daylight on May 25th. I continue to believe she was murdered during the night of May 24th. That's why the woman was wearing her sleep wear and was barefoot.

I believe that the vehicle the killer drove could have been (and damned well may have been) seen parked at Food 4 Less, or across the bridge at the little bar that Wild Bill asked Judy C. about two years earlier.

I believe the "time" period for this was between 12:30 am and 2:30 am, on the morning of May 25th, 1996.

I figured it was a "nice night for a walk," just like Wild Bill said. So I got my little S-10 truck out and I drove from Belpre, Ohio to Williamstown, West Virginia, and then I drove back to Belpre. She wasn't a Toyota but she was took about $4.00 worth of gas.....and I said....Ut-oh, we got trouble!

Furthermore, I believe that Pam went to Arizona and met Sheree Petry just as Sheree was preparing to head this direction. In fact, I can't help but wonder if she didn't take Sheree's place at her employment in Arizona, but since this was such a hush, hush case, I can only speculate about all of this. Regardless, I think it is highly possible that the two women exchanged "client lists." It would only stand to reason that they would exchange lists, since each was beginning work where the other left off.

If I am right... and I'd pretty well bet that I am right....Sheree Petry's appointment book contained the name of her killer.

Perhaps he was even accustomed to coming to her house for his massages. Or maybe she went to his. Perhaps she phoned him in the beginning and told him that Pam had supplied his name and phone number .....neah, that couldn't be, could it?

Surely someone in this valley would have had sense enough to recover the murdered woman's phone records....wouldn't they? Surely they would have checked for long distance phone calls that she made shortly after she arrived in this area, wouldn't they? Oh yeah...

September 2002

In recent weeks I have submitted some questions to Dennis Rydbom through another person......actually through a few people. One of the questions that I asked Rydbom was if he knew or had ever heard Sheree Petry mention "Pam."

He has refused to answer my question! So be it.

Reversed Psychology?

Perhaps the book was removed because it "didn't" contain the name that whoever read Sey Von Sharee knew very well I would come up with.

And by the way .... I've not mentioned this before but my daughter dated Pam's brother so I will get hold of Pam myself some day .... whenever I get around to it or get bored and have nothing else to do.

Come to think of it, I may contact Paul Arvidson one of these days. He was the editor of The Washington County News. He would remember whether he dropped off copies of the news paper to Marietta College. He'd probably know whether the college kept back copies too. If not, I'm sure someone at the college can answer that question.

I will find out who used my stories as blueprints for murder. Who and how many.

Another tid-bit that I don't think anyone else paid one bit of attention to.....the woman that my friend worked for knew both Pam and Sheree. She once told my friend that she showed Sheree a new technique that Pam had taught her. It's not a lot folks, but when you put the pieces together from each and every case, it forms a common thread that binds tightly, and weaves its way in and out of these murder cases like a spider spinning a web.

I Continue To Believe ....

that the murders of Sheree Petry and Jenifer McCrady was nothing more than the "acting out" of Sey Von Sharee, Yellow Jackets Galore, New Arrivals At Shoe World, But Are They Oxfords?, and The Ladies.

I believe that McCrady's murder was the "finishing touch" to Sey Von Sharee, in as much as I said in the story that...

"after we found the hawk,

we headed for my veterinarian"

And this is exactly what happened in 1996.

Sheree Petry was "found" murdered in May, and 117 days "after" that, "we headed for my veterinarian," because his daughter Jenifer McCrady had disappeared.

Jenifer McCrady's body was brought to Little Hocking where, once again, the school team is called The Yellow Jackets.

And I couldn't help but think of my old story...

Yellow Jackets Galore.

Also Of Some Concern....

to me at least, is the fact that I mentioned...."an animal control officer....and a cage or crate." The same man that I went to still lives where he did in the early 1970's. Today, he plows gardens for people and does odd's and end's jobs. He is retired from the animal control field now. In 1996, this same man plowed Wild Bill's garden for him.

Although Jenifer McCrady disappeared on September 19th, 1996, no one knew it until the late news reports of September 21st. At approximately six o'clock pm, September 21st, 1996, Wild Bill constructed a bizarre looking cage/crate contraption in his yard. He placed a dummy inside the cage and put a grotesque Halloween mask on it.

My cousin swore it looked like a de-composing body! My cousin tends to get a little hyper over some of the things Wild Bill does.

I just shook my head and rememberd....

"deeper into the area where

spoken language is not needed."

Bonnie M. Wells

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There were 42 days between the printing of Sey Von Sharee {on April 12th, 1991} and the printing of Yellow Jacket's Galore {on May 24th, 1991}.

Years later, I would stumble across that same number in several of our cases:

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