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Bonnie M. Wells

Hometown USA

It was August of 1996 when I first noticed the property in Little Hocking with the "for sale" sign in front of it..

Located only a couple of miles from my own home, I liked the land and the older style house on it, and thought it might be a good investment for rental property.

Having been raised in Little Hocking, I knew some of the background of the property. Many years ago it had housed the very first "Arrowhead Trading Post."

Later that business relocated right beside my aunt and uncle's home. Their daughter MJ worked at the Arrowhead during her highschool years.

I've never had any problem with knowing what I want, and recognizing it when I saw it, so I immediately informed my husband Mike, that I saw a piece of property that I wanted! The poor man was forever in a state of shock. He never knew what I'd come up with next, but he always knew it would be something because I was never idle.

The house on the property was already rented to a Ms. J. Green when I purchased it, and an elderly lady by the name of Martin rented space for her mobile home right next door to the house.

I had some plans for the property .... and the house.

Neither "needed" a lot of work, but I thought a few additions and modifications could really perk the place up. But, as usually happens in my life .... I didn't have much time to think about my new property or to do any of the things I wanted to do with and to it before Jenifer McCrady was murdered and my mind went to her case instead of a piece of land.

Hot on the heels of Jenifer McCrady's discovery came a situation with a friend and a trip to jail for something he didn't do. That was an interesting time too ....

She Wasn't "Family," But ....

By April of 1997 J. Green had moved out and my daughter and her family moved into the house.

Mrs. Martin was well into her nineties by that time and even though she was not "family," I was certain that some people probably thought she was.

My own mother was "Mrs. Martin" and she too was elderly, about the same size and build, and also lived in a mobile home. A fact that "certain" people knew, and which caused me some concern.

The First Anniversary

Things went well until the first anniversary of my purchasing the property. I'd spent that first year wondering if certain people thought Mrs. Martin was my mother, and what would happen if they did!

The thought made me nervous since I believed some people had been murdered because they had a name or address or something that "connected" them to me.

A Warning - Or A Promise In The Dark?

I was the property owner. I had the responsibility of keeping the property in good condition for my tenants, and of correcting any problems which arose on the property, and yet, no one breathed one word to me when the bullet came through Mrs. Martin's trailer roof ..... ceiling .... and floor!

The law was called ... but I wasn't!

It was a few weeks after it happened before Christina learned of the incident and informed me.

She then went to speak to Mrs. Martin, and learned the sheriff's department had failed to come to a definate conclusion about the bullet, although they had a couple of theories.

Mrs. Martin seemed content to believe one of them ... although I never did figure out which one she believed.

Personally I wasn't buying either one, and I resented the fact that I had not been notified when the incident occured.

As property owner, I felt I should have been notified, and was reasonably certain that if I had been a man, I would have been notified ... especially since my daughter and two grandchildren were asleep within 25 feet of where the bullet was located!

The Sheriff's Theories

Apparently Sheriff Schlicher had two seperate theories about the bullet that ended up lodged in Mrs. Martin's support beam beneath the floor.....

1. The bullet fell from an airplane as it flew over the woman's house, and just happened to fall through the roof, ceiling and floor!

2. Some neighborhood kids were out {at 11 o'clock at night} shooting into the air with a .357 magnum, and just letting the bullets fall where they may!

What must the world think of Little Hocking?

What does Sheriff Schlicher think of the residents of Little Hocking? It sounds as if we are a pack of red-necked, drunks and drug addicts that just let our son's and daughter's do as they damned well please while we lay around stoned or drunk, and could care less what's going on around us. I was extremely offended. Little Hocking is a farming area. It's still so "country" that we don't have as much as a traffic light in the entire area! We have no gangs roaming our streets at night and shooting at our residents ...... hell, we don't even have sidewalks, much less street corners for punks and hookers to hang out on. A pimp would starve to death around here!

*Note: At the time of this incident the sheriff of Washington County Ohio was Robert Schlicher. He is no longer the sheriff:

No "Expert" .... But ...

Now I admit I'm no cop so I'm certainly not trained to determine distance, angle of penetration, motive of the shooter, location of the shooter, etc. but on the other hand, I'm not an idiot either. I have lived in Little Hocking most of my life. Never have I seen an airplane going over shooting at our people, much less with bullets "falling" out of it!!! We have no gang wars here, no civil wars, no drug lords or territory wars, and no one angry enough at a 96 year old woman to shoot through her roof! And believe it or not, our children are not out in the middle of the night shooting into the air just for the hell of it.

And I for one resent the implication that the people of Little Hocking are just a pack of rif-raft that pay no attention to what their kids are doing. Besides that, the angle the bullet traveled showed that it had come from the direction of Mrs. Martin's grand daughter's home. The people don't even own a .357 magnum! I did a little "investigating" for myself, which is strongly advised for anyone that has this type of weird experience!

The angle of penetration as well as the depth of penetration indicated the shot came from close proximity.

My guess was about two foot above the roof ..... as if someone were standing on top of the trailer, extended their hand out from their body and pulled the trigger. The penetration also supported my theory.

The bullet traveled through the roof, through the kitchen ceiling, through the floor and imbedded into the support beam below the floor. The hole in the ceiling was slightly offset from the one in the floor, which indicated the bullet had not been a "free fall" bullet which would have come straight down had it been shot into the air from a greater distance than Mrs. Martin's family members.


I continue to wonder about the bullet that ended up in Mrs. Martin's trailer. If the sherrif is wrong .... and I'd be willing to bet he is .... then that bullet was one of two things .....

It was either a reminder of Jenifer McCrady's murder, which took place within days of my purchasing the rental property ... and who was brought to Little Hocking and buried within a mile or so of that property, and who was killed with a .357 magnum ..... or .... it was a warning of things to come ..... as well as to show me just how easy it would actually be to put a bullet through any member of my family as they lay sleeping in their beds.

Personally, I think it was both. I think someone wanted me to know that "he" thought Mrs. Martin was my mother, and that he could kill her any time he wanted to.

And I think he wanted me to continue to worry about my daughter and my grandkids .... but especially my daughter..... "Christina Gordon Anderson."

Eventually, my suspicions and theory would make a whole lot more sense than the sheriff's .... but nobody ever noticed. In fact, the entire situation was hushed up so quickly that most people never knew anything about any of it. But I did. Oh yes, I knew, and I watched, and waited ... and wrote it all down .... year in and year out,

I wrote it all down and called it Pure Coincidence!

Nothing Pure Or Coincidental About It

Emily "Christine" Ullman was murdered on my wedding "anniversary" in 1998. Her story can be found on the "Symbolic Case" page. For now, I'll just say that I have traced Ms. Ullman back to the same man I was referring to above when I said "he" probably thought Mrs. Martin was my mother.

Three weeks to the day of Ms. Ullman's murder came the murder of Carol "Gordon." Her murder was also committed on an "anniversary" date, and her story can also be found on the same page as Ullman's.

All I know about the Gordon case is that she was shot to death. By what type of gun, or what size bullet, I cannot say. But there is one thing that I can say. When I notified authorities in the state and area where she lived, a detective drove several hours to get here so he could speak with me and see if we could recover the .357 bullet from underneath Mrs. Martin's trailer .... which wasn't Mrs. Martin's trailer by that time because I bought it! As soon as she said she wanted to sell it, I bought it.

"That's an awfully expensive bullet, don't you think?" my husband remarked when I told him I wanted to buy the trailer! Guess he knows me pretty well.

Anderson Is added To The Equasion

Shannon Anderson disappeared on 7/28/2001:

It appears that my daughter - Christina Gordon-Anderson - has now been 'symbolically murdered,' through the deaths/murders of "Christine" Ullman; Carol "Gordon" and Shannon "Anderson."

Note: The man that I have spoken about on this page [my suspect] has been married twice. Both wives had the same birthday [7-29] which might indicate that he was 'into duplications' long before he ever met me.

His second wife had two sisters: One of those women has a daughter named "Shannon."

September 11th, 2002

How incredably ironic that I have returned to this story tonight. It has been one year since our entire nation was educated about airplanes, bullets and terror in the sky.

And today, it is with much sadness that I must inform my readers that Mrs. Zellen Martin has passed away. It happened yesterday (Sept. 10th).

She was born on October 11th, 1902, and would have been one hundred years old a month from today.

She was a grand lady and I will miss her.

This story is dedicated to Mrs. Zellen Martin.

Bonnie M. Wells

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