Terri Lee Roach


Bonnie M. Wells


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She Could Have Been My Daughter

With shoulder length chestnut colored hair, and eyes that matched, eighteen year old Terri Lee Roach bore a striking resemblance to my daughter .... at least in her pictures.

Terri worked at Elby's Restaurant in Belpre, Ohio, and although I might have seen her when I stopped at the restaurant once in a while, I never knew for sure.

My own daughter Christina had worked at Elby's after she graduated high school but by the time Terri became employed there Christina was married and living in Kansas.

Although I never knew Terri Roach; never even heard of her until after she'd been murdered, I could not have guessed in 1990 what an important part of my life she would become.

I still remember how my hands trembled as I held the only picture I'd ever seen of Terri.

I'd gone to talk to her grandparents in an effort to obtain some background information. All I knew at that time was that she had been eighteen years old when someone brutally murdered her and dumped her dead body on [a power company right-of-way] on the outskirts of Marietta, Ohio. And that she had worked at Elby's and liked to listen to the band Asylum, which often played at the Wheel Club just across the river from Belpre, in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

I knew the band Asylum quite well .... my daughter, who was now divorced and back in this area, dated the leader of the band and was friends with the entire group. Lorie R. sang with the band sometimes and was a regular in our home as was most of the kids in the group.

I asked Terri's grandparents if I could borrow the picture of her, and they said I could. I took it home to show to my husband. I'd always been fond of dropping a clue and then watching the shock on a person's face when it registered! This time was no different.

"Who is this?" I asked, as I handed Mike the picture of Terri.

He took the picture and looked at it a second or two and handed it back to me. "It's Christina," he replied.

"Who?" I persisted and shoved the picture back into his hand. Again he looked at the photo, but a little closer this time.

"What's wrong with you? Don't you recognize your own kid?" He asked as he again tried to hand the picture back to me.

"Turn that picture over and look at the name on the back of it," I instructed.

"Terri Lee Roach,"

was written across the back of the picture and even Mike had to admit that she bore an uncanny resemblance to my daughter.

The Blackberry Patch

Terri turned eighteen on May 4th, 1990 and that was the day she moved from her father's home. Six weeks later she was dead.

Terri was found on July 11th, 1990 by a man who was picking black berries. She had been killed by blunt force trauma to the head.

Rumor and some witnesses said that ** Terri had been dating an "older man," who sometimes came to the rear door of the restaurant and gave her money. They said {he was a married man, twice her age with salt and pepper hair and a full beard.}

Wild Bill

I first met the man I call "Wild Bill" in my stories in April of 1990, shortly before Terri Roach was murdered. I ran across him again in July, a few weeks after she was murdered, and again in September of 1990.

The first two meetings had been under a false name, so by the time I learned his correct name, I guess my curiosity won over and we became friends.

But Wild Bill wasn't just "my" friend. He was a friend of my entire family and all of my other friends. And would remain so until 1994, at which time we would all turn and walk away from him as a group......with the exception of one cousin who seems to be more concerned with her own petty self than with who murdered this girl (and others). The last conversation I ever had with her, she informed me that she didn't give a good G**d***** who murdered those idiot girls. I understand she remains his friend. Birds of a feather. [2007 note. Wild Bill is no longer 'friends' with this particular person, as she died and was buried in 2006 -- still not caring who murdered Terri Roach or anyone else. So be it. I'm sure the Lord will have a thing or two to say to her.]

It wasn't until 1992 and 1993 that I really began to learn some disturbing things about Wild Bill. Prior to that, none of us knew what he'd already done to former wives and girlfriends, co-workers and neighbors. Although I must confess, Lorie R. was the first person who warned me of him. That had been one evening when I'd accompanied the band Asylum to the Wheel Club, and Wild Bill had gone along with us. Lorie was tending bar that night. We walked in and immediately she yelled....

"Hey Mom, come over here a minute."

I walked over to the bar and she whispered...."Is that guy with you?"

I told her that he had come with all of us, and she advised that he was a weirdo and that I should get rid of him as quickly as possible because he "followed the girls home so he could see where they live." She said he'd followed her several times and she'd even had to call the cops on him a couple of times because she couldn't get out of her house because he was parked down the street watching and waiting for her to leave!

Damn, I thought. He certainly doesn't appear to be that type of guy. Guess I should have listened to Lorie.

And, I should have listened to my own instincts when I found one of his old phone statements and discovered my phone number on it along with the date of the call.... ** September 14th, 1990. I remembered that call. I'd answered the phone and whoever was on the other end wouldn't say anything to me. Even then I'd kept a diary, so I noted that I'd received a phone call in which the caller refused to talk to me.

That call had been received 2 weeks before I met "Wild Bill." And of course I wouldn't discover that fact for some time after I met him. I never mentioned the discovery to him, but I certainly told Detective Winstanley about it.

As the years passed I would slowly realize that my friends and I received quite a few of these "no one there calls." It became a signal ... We began watching the news papers and tv news .... locally and within a couple hundred mile radius of us. We were seldom wrong. Usually it wasn't long until news of a dead woman/girl surfaced, and it didn't take an expert to determine that whoever was calling us knew a dead body was going to surface, and that the person had disappeared on or about the time we'd received the no one there call!! It was amazing. I never knew for sure who made the other calls, but I knew for a fact who called me on ** September 14th, 1990!!

Terri's Case Grows Cold

I'd met Belpre Police Investigator David Garvey years before I discovered most of the information on Wild Bill. I'd been speaking to Chief Ira Walker when Garvey came into the police station. The Chief introduced us, and I'd made the mistake of offering Garvey my help. He was quick to inform me that he didn't need or want my help with anything, and he abruptly left the room.

By 1993 no one appeared to be working Terri's case. Belpre police said the Washington County Sheriff's Department had "taken the case away from them" when she was found in their jurisdiction, and the sheriff's department didn't have a whole lot of anything to say.

And thus began the quest that has yet to end.

Who murdered the girl that looked like my daughter?

Did they think she was my daughter?

Did they even know the two girls so closely resembled one another?

If he was aware of the resemblance, would he eventually come after Christina? {Please see "The Symbolic Murder Of My Daughter!! Astonishing details}

Who murdered an eighteen year old kid and then walked away Scott free as if she had never existed. And who aided and abetted this killer by not turning every rock, combing every nook and cranny of our valley until he was found?

Sheriff's Department Hires Retired Detective To Investigate Unsolved Murders

Since I'd already been told that the sheriff's department was in charge of the Roach case, I was delighted when the sheriff announced that he was hiring a former Marietta PD officer to "head up the unsolved murder investigations." By that time, we had several.

I took all information that I'd gathered to Detective John Winstanley.

Update: June 2013: Winstanley is now retired from the sheriff's department: Terri Roach's case remains unsolved, her killer remains free.

An Old Theory That Has Never Changed:

In July of 1990, Wild Bill was a thirty-six year-old, married man with salt and pepper hair and a full beard.

He'd been cheating on his second wife since before their wedding day, and he liked young girls and liked to give them money. Actually, he liked to pay for sex... something that would eventually land his hide in jail in 1994.

When I learned (from an eyewitness) that Wild Bill had shown up at work with scratches all over his face, neck, arms and shoulders at the very time that Terri Roach had been murdered .....but that no one had bothered to report it to the police, I was stunned.

And when I was told that his excuse for the scratches was that he had gotten them while cleaning out his blackberry patch, I damned near flew to John Winstanley with the information!! Red flags shot in all directions! All I could think was .... "Terri was found in a blackberry patch!"

I was raised on a farm. We had several kinds of berries. You do not clean out a black berry patch in late June or early July. That's when you pick the berries. I suppose you could get a scratch or two while picking berries, but not if they were set in rows like Wild Bill's berries were set, and not if they were thorn-less black raspberries.

No Help Needed

I knew for a fact that Wild Bill had been reported to Belpre police on several occasions, by several different women, for sexual offenses. And yet, not once was he arrested.

According to several sources, Officer Garvey had full knowledge of what Wild Bill had been doing for years and had caught him exposing himself to women at Civitan Park in Belpre, on at least one occasion.

Garvey had reportedly told him to "put it back in his pants and go on home and behave himself!"

Even his former wife had gone to them and reported that he molested her daughter when the girl was about twelve years old. Instead of taking action against the man, the victims were all told one story or another of how nothing could be done with him!

It seemed like an odd way to run a police department, but Garvey insisted he didn't need any help!

So .... after Garvey and Belpre PD didn't seem interested in doing anything about the man, and obviously was not the least concerned about what he was doing to women right under their noses .... and didn't need or want my information or help, I turned to Detective Winstanley.

And when Wild Bill got himself into trouble again in 1994, it was me that stepped forward and provided the names of his victims and what he'd done to them, not Dave Garvey. He hadn't even bothered to let anyone know that Wild Bill had been arrested in 1980 for a sex crime against two girls in Marietta!

Had Marietta police not responded, he wouldn't have been arrested then! Even though M.C.had already gone to the Belpre police and informed them that Wild Bill had exposed himself to her and a friend of hers and was stalking the two girls. They were told there was nothing that could be done with him because he didn't live in their city at the time! Anyone in that town ever hear of a telephone? If the city can't investigate the crime because it's out of their jurisdiction, you pick up the damned phone and call the sheriff's department!


The Beginning Of The End

By the beginning of 1994 I'd learned more than I could tolerate about Wild Bill and I ended our friendship and walked away.

The things he did were bad enough, but sometimes the reasons were even worse. His sister planned on getting married in June of 1994, and he didn't like it a little bit. I never did understand his "sister jealousy," but I'll never forget the day she showed him the new house trailer she and her boyfriend had picked out. He was quite agitated. I didn't know if it was the fact that she was getting the trailer or just what so I tried to find out what was bothering him.

"Well, she's buying a new trailer so I suppose she'll have to hang on to that damned drunk until he gets it paid for," he said. His comment stunned me into silence.

I knew the guy she was marrying. He seemed like a pretty nice guy to me and I wasn't at all convinced that he was a damned drunk .... but what if he was? Wasn't that between him and the woman he was marrying?

But old Wild Bill had his own system and methods for "getting even" with people .... even when the people didn't have a clue that he was getting even with them! And so it was for little sister and her new man!

By April of 1994 Wild Bill was dating the cousin of the man his sister was going to marry! Funny thing was, the guy didn't even know it ..... and probably wouldn't have cared if he had known it. Another strange thing was the fact that "The Cupcake," as I dubbed her, was engaged to be married herself! Of course that didn't bother Wild Bill any. He had no qualms about sneaking around with another man's woman .... but, I understand not everyone sees things the way he does.

It seems someone tipped the boyfriend of The Cupcake off to what was going on and there came a morning that Wild Bill was sneaking her back home so she'd be there when he came in from work ..... and lo-n-behold the boyfriend was a waitin' for the boy!!!

That was the morning of April 14th, 1994, and Wild Bill ended up at the hospital with separated ribs .....among other things!! I figured he was having a few withdrawal pangs as well!

I guess a good thumping didn't change things much because Wild Bill went to Marietta that same day (after he was released from the hospital!) and found himself a park bench along the Ohio River where he could pout and brood..... probably about losing all the women in his life at the same time, and how unfair it was!

Wild Bill Reveals Himself

Judy C. was a very pretty, blond haired woman, divorced with a two year old child. She was a nurse by profession and was engaged to a city cop.

In the early evening hours of April 14th, 1994 Judy took her little girl and went for a walk in a park that laid along the Ohio River in Marietta.

She saw the bearded man sitting on the park bench but didn't pay much attention to him. There was an apartment complex right across the street with windows facing the park and river, and it was still broad daylight.

As Judy and the child approached the man he spoke to them and began asking Judy questions about the town as if he was not from the area.

Had I been there and heard the question about where the "Holiday Inn" was located, I could have told her that Wild Bill knew the location of every Holiday Inn in a three hundred mile radius, and that he was never lost or unfamiliar with any town! But I wasn't there. I'd missed the fight and I was destined to miss the show! Just my luck!

The news paper said Wild Bill offered Judy C. money to go to the Holiday Inn and have sex with him. She refused and informed him that she was a nurse and didn't need his money. Apparently that ticked him off about right because he then informed her that he'd just rape her right there....on the street.....in broad daylight....in front of her child and anyone else who wanted to watch!

The paper said he'd then began masturbating in front of the woman and child .... and God only knows what he really would have done if a police cruiser had not come around the corner right then. Judy began waving the cruiser down and Wild Bill hauled ass .... his own....out of there! I knew when the paper said "he fled north on foot," it was Wild Bill!!! Yeah, I knew my boy pretty well by that time!

Well, to make a long, disgusting story short .... someone....recognized Wild Bill from the description in the news paper and called the Marietta cops. In fact they called the cop that Judy C. was engaged to, and Wild Bill was arrested and thrown in jail. He made bail that same evening (April 17th) and a court date was set for April 26th.... precisely four years to the day from the first time I'd met him. I intended to be in that court room.

[2007 Note: Wild Bill's first wife was in nurses training when they met: His second wife worked at a hospital: He dated another woman who worked in a hospital (K.C.): The woman he lived with in 1995 worked in a hospital: The man has a 'uniform fetish' of some type. Many of our murdered girls wore 'uniforms' of one sort or another, including Terri Roach.]

[2007 Note: Wild Bill's first wife's sister's name is Terri. Coincidence? Yeah, maybe back in 1990 it was a coincidence, but by 2000 it went way beyond coincidence! Far too many murdered women with the same first names as the sisters of women in old Wild Bill's life for it to be 'coincidence,' - way too many! See the 'Symbolic Cases.']

Guilty As Charged

I stood silently just inside the court room door. Several of my friends had come to see the court proceedings that day, and so had Detective Winstanley and Officer Garvey.

I knew why I was there; knew why my friends were there; knew why Winstanley was there, but I never did understand why Garvey was there.

Winstanley was overheard telling Garvey that he intended to question Wild Bill in reference to the murder of Terri Roach.

Wild Bill pleaded guilty as charged, Winstanley gave me a high five; Garvey acknowledged my presence; my friends and I went out to lunch, and Wild Bill went to jail for 60 days!

But that was in 1994.

I never knew who did what ..... who talked to whom ..... what was said or what wasn't said .... but Winstanley never questioned Wild Bill about Terri's murder ..... and eventually told me that he wasn't going to question him.

The Years Drag By ... Some Move On

Within a few years we were waist deep in murdered women, and John Winstanley had laid down his shield and walked away.

Wild Bill "moved away" .... not far, but just far enough that I couldn't keep an eye on his activities. Activities that got him indicted in March of 2000 for the rape of a 13 year old girl, I might add. Guess Garvey didn't have any trouble with that either ... and neither did the same prosecuting attorney who would have had to listen to John Winstanley back in 1994, because the day the case was to come to court the prosecuting attorney of Washington County Ohio (Michael Spahr) asked the court to dismiss all three charges against Wild Bill ..... and so it was granted and once again he walked away scott free while another female's life was ruined, and Officer Garvey still doesn't need any help!

Washington County, Ohio Grand Jury Indictments

March 2000

"William R. Bauerbach, 46, of 1924 Washington Boulevard in Belpre, was indicted on one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of gross sexual imposition. Bauerbach is alleged to have had sex with a 13-year-old girl in the winter of 1998."

I wanted so desperately to walk .... along with Winstanley ..... but I couldn't.

Number one, I was never invited ..... number two, I had a gut feeling about Wild Bill and Terri's case. I remained concerned for the safety of my sister, my daughter and even myself, and I didn't have a "shield" that I could lay down!

March 2007 .... Terri's case remains unsolved.

Attention: Unsolved Case: I just learned of June 2003!

Elizabeth Falco / September 14th, 1990 / Pennsylvania

2005 Update:

I saw "Wild Bill" at the Beverly car show on July 4th, 2005. It was the first time I've seen him in a long while. He's all gray now, but still has his full beard. Of course he can always dye his hair and beard and make it dark again.

He's no longer the slim, trim "Lee Greenwood look-a-like" that he once was. It seems the years have taken a toll on old Wild Bill, and I must say it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

He looks as if he's put on 50 to 60 pounds since the days when we were friends, doesn't appear quite as agile and the spring to his step seems a little less energetic today than in the past.

But beyond the mask, I could still see the same old Wild Bill. The radar still works, just as it always has. Even at a crowded car show, we seemed drawn right toward one another.

I couldn't help but smile when I saw the familiar nervous twitch to his fingers as he stood with his thumbs tucked into his front pockets. Even now, after all this time { 13 years} he still sends a chill down my spine and my instincts say "fight or flight!"

I took a more solid stand and got a tighter grip on the handle of the mug of soda that I carried. I never ran before, and I won't run now. His day will surely come - and I intend to be right here to see it.

It's been 17 years since Terri Roach was murdered. No one talks about her case anymore. Hers wasn't a "high profile case;" she didn't come from the rich and famous; she was just a kid - an 18 year old kid that had so very little in this big old world - and then she had nothing, because some low-life took her out and murdered her. Terri's case remains my pet case and I will work it until my dying day - or until I see the piece of trash that killed her behind bars for her murder. I've already seen him "behind bars," but not for her murder. He'd better shed a few pounds and get ready to run, because sooner or later the truth is going to come out.

2007 Update:

Things change slowly in this area - in some ways. It seems the rapid changes have involved people's employment. Most of our manufacturing factories have shut down in the past 15 years, and what jobs remain are not as well paying or as easily gotten as they once were.

I sincerely hope that Wild Bill's sister has her house trailer paid for by now because the latest factory to announce the closing of its doors is where she and her husband both work. Well, I assume they will 'get through it,' just as most of the rest of us has had to do.

A year or so ago I ran across a web site owned by a guy named Brian. He is a dreamer, and does 'remote viewing,' of various types of situations.

He has an area on his site where he believed the dream he'd had concerned Terri Schiavo. I too had worked the Terri Schiavo case and was very concerned, not only about Terri, but about the direction our nation seemed willing, even eager to face.

After reading Brian's postings, I came to the conclusion that his dream was not about Terri Schiavo, but was in fact about Terri Roach. I'm going to present Brian's work, as well as my own comments to him concerning his work, on the following page.

Please check it out when you get a chance and see what you think. I will also provide a link back to Brian's site for those who would like to visit him.

Brian Dreams of Terri

Bonnie M. Wells

Starlight Inner-Prizes.Com

July Story Page

Dreams Of Terri

The Symbolic Murder Of My Daughter

Following is a poem that I copied from Crimebusters e-mail. I thought it was appropriate for Terri's page as well as our other murder victims.

The Undefended Victim

For me, no gavel, hammers...

The Scales were never weighed.

My Crime was that of a victim,

My life .... the price I paid.

And when my life was taken,

Why weren't my rights read?

And the Statement, "overruled"

When they pronounced me dead?

I'll never hear my rights

Nor take the witness stand,

No attorney to defend me,

My fate was in a killer's hand.

Now the courtroom's crowded

As the defendant pleads the case.

With just the glimmer of a tear,

Cold eyes on a straight face.

But oh, that I could take the stand

If they could witness my last breath,

Could they live with the terror

That I went through in death.

If they could hear my pleading cries

And see the hatred in that face,

At last, we'd know, the scales had

"Been balanced" in this case.

If I could, I'd tell the jury

Exactly how it was,

The fear and pain that I went through

Struck down without a cause.

Did the jury carefully weigh it all

As they listened to the plea?

There were no emotions, showing now,

Just the hope of going free.

The final verdict now is in

As the defendant stands in tears

If only I had done as well.....

Given ten to twenty years

Author Unknown.

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