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Janis Stauros



Bonnie M. Wells



The Early Information


I first learned of the disappearance of Janis Stauros on the evening of January 13th, 2001,when my friend Nancy phoned me from Arizona.

Many people had told me that "if the case was meant for me, it would come to me." I wouldn't have to go out and chase it down."

I guess they must be correct because nearly every case I've ever worked "came to me." Janis' case would be no exception.

Nancy didn't have many details about the disappearance and did not know the woman herself, so it made for some difficult work in attempting to track her via psychic channels. But when Nancy asked me what I "felt" I told her that I felt... "A north-west location / a mountain-foothills area with small trees and some brush / a ravine or creek area / a blue vehicle / a man and a woman in the vehicle / something that began on New Years Day had sparked a confrontation and the woman was dead. I also picked up on the number 517 in some order.


Unfamiliar Territory


Since I was not in my office while speaking to Nancy over the phone, I could not reach my computer to do a map search so Nancy got out a regular travel map. The first thing we needed to determine was whether I was actually tunning in to the missing woman or some other case or situation.

Sometimes it was difficult to tell.

The map search revealed that Salt Lake City, Utah was located "north-west" of Nancy in Arizona, so that looked good since the missing woman was from Salt Lake City! Next she searched for the 517 because I insisted it was "present" even though it symbolically stood for murder.

Nancy found Interstate 70 went one direction and was intersected by State Route 15 at one point.

I felt this might be a good "starting point in the search" for the missing woman.

Actually at this point, I didn't know the woman's name, because Nancy didn't know it. All she knew was the woman was the mother of her neighbor's son's girlfriend. Again, not a lot to go on.


Calling All Dreamers


I'd had no dreams myself that fit the case, so I phoned my "dreamer" friends that I'd worked with over the years.

They all wrote their dreams down and documented them with times, dates, etc.

I had no luck with the ones I was able to reach.

Judy was not home the first two times I tried calling her. I had a gut feeling that she had what I was searching for, so I kept trying until she answered the phone.

"Okay, sit your butt down somewhere and see if you can explain to me why you have not reported your dreams .... and then talk to me! I want details, woman ....NOW!" I giggled.

"Oh hell," Judy moaned, "how did you know I had a dream? What are you looking for? The only dream I've had makes absolutely no sense to me and I don't see how it could be important to anyone."

"I'll be the judge of that, now talk to me...." I chided.

"Okay....okay," Judy said. "The only dream I've had came in on January 13th and like I said, it makes no sense at all ....but here it is...


Dreamer: Judy

Date of dream: January 13th, 2001

Out West


I was out west somewhere.

It was like I was with Dave, and yet, Dave wasn't in the dream.

Kahn was there, and there was some kind of commotion about him, but I don't know what was wrong.

Two men were talking about being gay. I laughed when one explained that he hadn't known he was gay until the other one told him!

Some other guy was eating catsup on toast. I said, "That looks discusting," but he insisted it was good, and handed me a piece to taste. I tasted it and told him it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

The dream changed ... and I found myself walking in the woods and trying to find my way out. I noticed an old house, and thought to myself the house is falling apart.

The dream changed again, and I was walking up Front Street. There was snow on the ground and I noticed patches of red in the snow. I saw a couple such patches before I found a trail of red dots and realized it was blood.

I followed the trail until I came to several horses, in a muddy area.

They were wounded and dripping blood. I thought, "Oh my God, they are bleeding to death.

I called the cops and tried to get them to come and see about the horses, but they wouldn't come. The next time

I looked at the horses, they had blended into one large body with three heads.

The horse's necks were twisted in pain and continued to drip blood.

I awoke in tears because I couldn't find anyone to help me save the horses.

End of dream


More Information


By the time I heard from Nancy again, I had received a phone call from Janis Stauros daughter Meghan, and had a little more information to go on than when I'd originally spoken to Nancy.

I conveyed my "feelings" on the case to Meghan as well as the dream information, and eventually wrote it all down, titled it Missing And Presumed Dead and mailed a copy to Meghan as well as the investigating detective in Utah.

Following are the "facts" of the case as they were relayed to me.

The reader can decide for themselves if in fact the "pieces fit" the case, or if it was all coincidence.


The Facts


Nancy first phoned me from Arizona on January 13th.

Judy's dream came to her on January 13th.

Meghan's birthday is January 13th.

Judy said it was as if she was with Dave, but Dave was not in the dream.

Judy's friend Dave lives in Arizona.

Nancy lives in Arizona.

Nancy was not there where the case occurred, which was Utah, and yet, she was with Meghan and her family in the search for Jan.

Kahn was there, in the dream and in reality, Jan's boyfriend was an ex-"con".

Jan and her boyfriend picked Meghan up on the evening of January 2nd to go to a small dinner party at the home of Jan's former husband.... Mike.

She and Mike remained good friends even though they were divorced.

This portion of the "facts" is revealed by a portion of the dream...

"A man eating catsup on toast....

My husband's name is Mike, and believe it or not, the man likes catsup on toast! Even Judy was astonished to learn this detail.

Meghan reported that there was a slight tension between Jan and her boyfriend and believed it actually started on New Years Day.

Meghan believed that Jan's boyfriend had been doing drugs "but didn't know what kind." He appeared to be hyper and argumentative.

Judy reported that in the dream..... after she "tasted the toast", she left the house where the two men had been discussing being gay.

In reality, Jan and her boyfriend stayed at Mike's house for dinner.

Shortly after dinner his room mate ...another Mike.... came home and there was an altercation (commotion) between him and Jan's boyfriend over drugs.

As soon as this altercation developed, Jan and the boyfriend left the house, and headed back to Jan's home.


House & Mike's


Before analyzing the "Mike" situation, I want to say that it is possible the "house falling apart" in the dream represents how Jan her "house / life" was falling apart.

Being "lost in the woods," within the dream is probably an indication of how Jan felt..... like everything was slipping away from her, or she was losing.

Back to the "Mike" situation.

Mike number one is Jan's ex-husband.

Mike number two is his room mate.

They are not gay, but share the same house.....and name!

I feel the "toast and catsup" issue was presented to the dreamer so I would be able to identify the name "Mike."

After Jan disappeared, Meghan said her boyfriend "toyed with the detectives," by commenting on "the wooded area where they went to cut fire-wood."

I believe this is represented in the dream by "the woods."

I told Nancy that I felt the "missing woman" was "north west of her."

Utah is North-West of Arizona.

In the dream, Judy carried "no purse" with her. One of the first things I asked Meghan was whether Jan had a purse with her that evening. She said "no," she had taken her wallet out and stuck it into her jeans pocket and left the purse at home.

Detectives later found her purse still at her home.

In the dream, Judy walked up "Front Street," thus she traveled in a "north westerly" direction.

It is very possible that Jan will be found "north-west" of where she lived.

Snow on the ground in the dream indicated something that would happen when there was "snow on the ground."

Although we had little snow at the time of Jan's disappearance, I understand Utah had quite a bit on the ground.


"Seen Blood In The Snow."


In the beginning, I thought this was pretty self explanatory.

I figured Jan had been stabbed to death. However, after speaking with Meghan, I revised my thinking!

I decided it was not to identify "how" Jan had died, but was more likely to be an identifying factor just like most of the dream had already been.

I was surprised to learn that Jan's boyfriend's last name was "Butcher!"


A Pink Shirt


"What was your mother wearing when you last saw her?" I asked Meghan when she called again. She said Jan was wearing, blue jeans, black Harley Davidson boots, but could not remember what her shirt looked like.

She'd been trying to remember, but just could not recall what color it was at all. "Pink," I said without hesitation. "Your mother's blouse was pink."

It would be a few days before Meghan phoned again, and when she did she was real excited.

The cops had recovered her mother's blouse and busted wrist watch. The blouse was "pink" with gray stripes! Butcher admitted that he had washed the blouse and folded it and laid it on top of Jan's dresser.

Meghan said he seemed real concerned that the cops were going to take the blouse. I was concerned that they wouldn't take it!

Apparently he had no explanation for the busted wrist watch.

He insisted that he and Jan had returned home, went to bed, and he had gotten up the next morning and went to work while she remained in bed asleep. He claimed she was gone when he returned from work.

Strange thing was, her brand new pick-up truck was still there at the house as was the Akita puppy she'd just bought.

Meghan didn't feel that her mother would voluntarily leave either one behind if she was going to leave Butcher.

I agreed, and psychic had nothing to do with it. Common sense told me something had happened to Jan and it was against her will.

By February I had spoken to Meghan several times. Her mother remained missing, and I continued to attempt to unravel the messages within Judy's dream and to identify locations based upon my own feelings and impressions.

The "blue vehicle" impression remained with me even though Meghan could not identify the vehicle. The new truck her mother had just purchased was gold in color.

Sometimes that happened. Sometimes it could be explained when the person was located. Other times there was never any explanation for it.

I would have to wait and see on this "blue vehicle" impression.


My Cases


Meghan had ordered some of my books.

I was trying to get them ready for shipping on the night of Feb. 5th, 2001.

As I worked in the quiet night hours I thought about "my cases."

None were ever far from my mind. I remembered all the names, dates, times and places. Well, we'd been told in another dream one time that if we (Judy and I) wanted to live through this we had to pay attention to the times, dates, places, names, everything.

I'd taken that dream pretty seriously, as had Judy, and we were still alive!

February 5th. That was the date of another murder. A local case. A case that had never set real well with me because I believed the wrong man had been arrested and convicted of the crime. (See the Hootin' Honey for details.)

It was also the date of Khan's death .... Judy's dog in the dream. I was right on track, and I knew it.


One Body, Three Heads


"One body .... three heads, but only one body," ....the thoughts crept in as I worked on my books.

The one body had to be Janis, but why the three heads? And why "horses?"

I figured maybe it was because it was "wild horse country."

But then I began to doubt myself. I never doubted God, but I always doubted myself .... I think it was a condition imposed upon me by the number of "doubting Thomas type individuals" that seemed to be everywhere I looked, and no matter how many times the dreams and my interpretations "panned-out" these people never seemed mentally capable of accepting it or acknowledging it.

Sometimes it became difficult to work in such an environment. Still, I had to try.

I thought of Judy's initials .... JKS and how I'd always teased her about them sounding like jackass!

We always laughed and said that's why she was so stubborn.

It was probably this line of thought that took me to the name Janis.

That was an unusual spelling of the name. Usually it was spelled Janice.

If I set the J aside, that left anis.

Well, I knew what that sounded like although again the spelling was not correct. But, I reasoned....if one took the letter J and added anus.....slang ass ..... they would be looking at J..ass.

Again, I saw jackass...a small "horse like" animal used primarily as a pack animal and mentioned many times in the Bible.

I had my confirmation.

For the first time I noticed Judy and Janis had the same first and last initials.....J and S! I didn't know what Jan's middle name was, but it didn't matter anymore.

Judy's dream was about a woman named Janis.


Three Horse Heads - One Body


It would be several weeks later before I learned that an area where I directed Meghan to begin the search for her mother was a well known "horseback riding trail" that was well marked with a sign that showed three horse heads which appeared to sprout from one body!" And I was impressed!

I eventually found the "blue vehicle" that I'd felt the presence of from the beginning. Meghan informed me that it did not belong to her mother but did belong to the "room mate Mike" .....the same man who got into the fight with Butcher over drugs.

She said Mike's vehicle was blue and it had sustained a busted windshield the same night her mother disappeared!

She said pieces of broken glass were recovered from her mother's truck, and the cops were attempting to determine if they matched the busted windshield.

I was betting they did, because according to the dream....The horses necks were twisted.

I believe this is an indication that Jan was choked to death after being beaten and "bloodied."


The 517


About the only thing still remaining was the 517 that I'd felt the first time I spoke with Nancy.

Although we'd found it on the map that night, I never felt that was the true indication of the number.

When Meghan told me her mothers address, I found the 517. It was camouflaged within her zip code.....84117. 4 plus 1 equals [5], which leaves the [1] and [7].


In Conclusion


As far as I know, Janis Stauros remains missing from Salt Lake City, Utah.

I sent all information to the detective working Janis' case. I received no response.

It has been a long, long time since I've heard from Janis' daughter. My e-mails to her have gone unanswered.

Any information on this case should be sent directly to Detective C. Nelson of the Salt Lake City Sheriff's Department.

His address is...3365 S. 900 West / Salt Lake City, Utah / 84117.

He may also be reached via e mail at C Nelson @ Co. SLC. UT. US

Meghan received a copy of the story that was done for her mother's case, as did Detective Nelson.

There was no charge for anything. Even postage was paid by me.

There is no charge for posting the story on this web site.

It is simply my effort to help someone who asked for my help.

I gave all that I had to give.....I always do.

I ask nothing in return ....I have never been disappointed.


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