Lebanon, Oh Lebanon

What Hast Thou Done


Bonnie M. Wells

Author's note:Although the following poem was written by me in October 1984, and dealt with a cowardly attack by Lebanese forces against our troops, I believe it is still very suitable for the situation we now face with BinLaden, Iraq and other's who continue to fight unfairly and in cowardly ways.

To a country far away,

Came the troops, who could not stay.

A peace keeping force ... as they were known,

Would only stay a few weeks ... and then go home.

Lebanon, oh Lebanon ... what hast thou done...

Betrayed and attacked us ... without reason one.


They came in peace, to lend a helping hand,

So the Israelis could withdraw from your land.

Never, shall we forget that October day...

When so many of our boys were taken away.

'twas not in battle, that they did fall,

But as they slept ... one and all.

Lebanon, oh Lebanon ... what hast thou done...

Taken the lives ... of American son's.


We are a mighty nation ... proud and brave,

And know, that only cowards, dig fire-bomb graves.

Mass murder .... by a terrorists' hand...

Is something we won't "understand."

Trained to fight .... but always fair,

We will not be cruel .... and will always care.

Lebanon, oh Lebanon ... what hast thou done...

Brought down shame .... on your own son's.


Shed not our tears and blood in vain,

For we shall not repeat Vietnam again.

We learned a lesson ... and learned it well,

And will not retrace the footsteps of hell.

Let freedom reign ..... that's our call,

And believe it ..... for one and all.

Lebanon, oh Lebanon ... what hast thou done...

Murdered our people .... their blood doth run.


Never an undeclared war .... ever again,

We will fight .... and we will win.

America shall remember that fateful day,

When you took our people away.

A mighty nation watched, as they died and bled,

Our hearts were saddened, and our tears were shed.

Lebanon, oh Lebanon ... what hast thou done....

Sealed thy fate .... there is no where to run.


Bonnie M. Wells


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