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Bonnie M. Wells

Surprised By The Voice Of God

I'd tuned in to the late night program and was only about half listening to it when the announcer said something about a book. I loved books and would read almost anything that was non-fiction.

"Surprised By The Voice Of God, written by a Mr. Deere," .... I jotted the title down and began paying closer attention.

Mr. Deere spoke of dreams and visions in which knowledge was revealed, and how he had prayed and asked God to bestow this dream/vision ability upon him because in the beginning of his religious career, he had not believed in "modern day prophets."

He said he thought Jesus was the last of the people whom God had chosen to tell or show the people those things which were to come upon them.

Needless to say, I ordered the book. And as soon as it arrived, I started reading ... and as soon as I started reading, things began to happen.

Mr. Deere said he was involved with a Christian school when he had his first vision and he'd been surprised and shocked. I understood that.


The name of the school that Mr. Deere was writing about had the word Vineyard in its name. This proved to be side-tracking, and thought provoking for me, as I recalled the neighbor boy by that name, who had gone to school with, and grown up with my daughter.

Donny, we'd all called him during those school days, was just like part of the family. He'd spent many an evening at our home, playing cards and board games.

I didn't get to see much of him any more. His family had moved and were no longer my neighbors and Donny had moved several states away himself, so we just didn't see or hear much from him anymore.

I went back to the book...

I turned the page in the book and got back into the story as Mr. Deere told of someone who had a very bad experience and how as he listened to the person tell of their experience, he had actually seen the name "Don"!

Whoa ... what was happening here? I'd just thought of a boy named Don Vineyard and here I was reading the name in Mr. Deere's book! Talk about shock. Of course the names Don and Vineyard had not been connected in the book, but they certainly were connected in my world, and I thought it was exceptionally strange.

Something Strange Going On

I was still reading my new book when the phone rang.....

"Bet that's Judy," I told Mike as I got up to answer it.

"Hello," I said.....

"Hey there," Donny Vineyard's cheerful voice rang out!

"Are you going to be home? I'm heading your way and wanted to stop by and visit for a few minutes," he said.

I assured him we were home and he was most welcome to come for a visit.

I glanced at the book as I returned the receiver to the phone .... "something strange going on here," I mumbled to my husband.

Cat 22

Donny visited for quite a while that evening. It was good to see him and hear of all his travels and news.

He had taken a new job since we'd last spoken.

He now drove a semi for the Nascar Racing Team of Cat Car Number 22, which was usually driven by Ward Burton.

Donny said he really enjoyed the work .... which consisted of taking the show car around to various parts of the country and showing it off. He also sold various souvenirs for the race team.

We all got the opportunity to visit the rig and see car 22 before Donny had to leave and head back toward the Carolina's.

After Donny's visit I tried to catch part of the Nascar races from time to time. I'd never really been into any kind of sport, but if someone I knew was participating, I'd watch some of it then.

And even though I didn't know the drivers of car 22, I felt I knew the car now!

March 7th, 1999

Mike changed the tv channel to the Las Vegas 400, and I scanned the track for number 22.

Ward Burton was way back near the end of the line-up. His brother Jeff was also racing in Vegas that day but was driving for the same team that Mark Martin drove for. The two brothers would be competing that day. "Should be a good race," I told Mike.

A quick trip out to dinner, and Mike and I returned to discover Ward Burton and his little Pontiac Cat 22 leading the race!

I watched a few moments of the race and was about to leave the room when one of the pit crews held up a sign that said ...."24 ISN'T LOOKING" ...

Before I could think much more about the sign the station broke for a commercial and I watched as a McDonald's crew member yelled.... "Oh, Bill's In Trouble," as the entire staff at McDonald's proceeded to take care of the driver of the car that had rolled onto the lot. It was a cute commercial.

"Bill's in trouble and 24 isn't looking." I smiled as I walked into the kitchen and away from the tv set.

24 was the license number on my Chevy S-10 truck, and I'd been watching Wild Bill for so long it just came naturally anymore.

Even his girlfriends knew to call me when they couldn't find him. It was an amazing time .... frustrating, but amazing.

But, I had to admit, I hadn't been watching Wild Bill as closely as I once had. I'd pretty well given up on ever getting anything done about the local crimes.

Still, if "he was in trouble," then that meant he'd done something else recently ...

Then again, I thought, perhaps it is simply a sign and a commercial I happened to see on tv and has absolutely nothing to do with Wild Bill or anything else.

{Little did I know in March of 1999 that precisely one year later Wild Bill would be indicted by the Washington County {Ohio} Grand Jury for sex crimes he'd committed against his girlfriend's 13 year old daughter in the winter of 1998!

{Nor did I realize by 2000 there would be yet another "Bill" that would be involved in a sex scandal involving a young woman, and that he'd be "in trouble too!" ..... So maybe it wasn't just a sign and a commercial after all!}

258th Lap

Number 22 continued to lead the race until the 258th lap. At that time, his brother Jeff, driving car number 99 passed him, took the lead and held it for a grand finish of 1.074 seconds ahead of Ward!

The two brothers had been fighting it out with Jeff Gordon breathing down their necks every inch of the way, and he sailed across the finish line in third position. Mike Skinner came across in fourth position with Bobby Labonte hot on his tail.

It had been a good race. Mike flipped channels and I got up from the couch and started toward the kitchen.

I can't say I heard any words or saw any visions, and to be honest, I don't know why I suddenly spun around and told Mike to "put that back on the race. I need the first five numbers that crossed the finish line."

I didn't know what I needed them for, but I needed them for something. Why only the first five? I didn't know that either.

"99 .... 22 .... 24 .... 31 .... 18 .... Mike called out as I wrote them down.

I stared at the numbers .... what was I looking for? Why did I always think there was more to every story than met the eye?

The Winner

I wrote down the numbers and studied them for several minutes. I could feel something, but couldn't decide what.

99 ... 22 ... 24 ... 31 ... 18

...99 ..... 22 ........ 3 ........ 8:

If these numbers were removed, only the 24 and two 1's remained. Adding them straight across ...two plus four, plus one, plus one equals 8.

My phone number is .....989-2283!

The above story was sent to President George Bush "before" he took office as president. Of course, in the book the story is much longer with far more details than I can present here. The names Burton, Martin, Gordon as well as Bobby, Mike, Charlie, and others were important and were explained more in the book.

This story, as well as Harkback, The Winner, Dead Man Elected, Rick Walker Dream, and Mama's Brown Eyed Boy were all part of the package of materials that I sent to Mr. Bush. From that time until January of 2004, I didn't think much more about these stories. However, when I saw {on tv} the Nascar race teams at the White House, and heard President Bush mention Mark "Martin" who was not present, I wondered if we were heading back into the stories ..... perhaps a "phase two" or "re-run" event.

Only time would tell ..... and then .... so would I.

February 15th, 2004 - President's Day

Daytona 500

I came through the living room just as Mike switched channels to the start of the Daytona 500.

"Is 22 running today?" I asked.

"If you want to call it that. It's so far back in the pack, it will never make it to the front. Besides, it's driven by some inexperienced kid today." Mike replied.

President Bush was there .... and had started the race. I felt a familiar tug on my memory strings, and came to the office to look up my files on Catch 22. I just had a feeling we were in for some very strange and spiritual events.

But, Cat 22 had to be part of it ..... didn't it?

Scott Wimmer was a rookie .... one with a serious handicap by the time the Daytona 500 was scheduled to run. He'd recently been charged with DWI in North Carolina. He was driving the number 22 car in the Daytona and starting from 26th position. That didn't sound very promising. Perhaps my theory was wrong .... perhaps.

The race was being ran on the anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's one and only Daytona 500 win, in 1998 ... well, 1998 brought back memories too. That's when I'd originally written The Cat 22. Yeah, something was happening alright. I'd just have to keep an eye on the race and see what it was.

Look At That 22 Car Go!

I was cooking dinner when I heard the race announcer start talking about car number 22.

The tv set in the kitchen hadn't been on all day. It was time to rectify that! I flipped it on and switched the channel to the Daytona 500.

Scott Wimmer was heading for the front of the pack and it appeared to me he had every intention of leading the pack! Could he do it?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was driving hard and fast. He was on a mission, and I had a strange feeling that the number 8 car had two drivers!! Oh yeah, we could only see one of them, but I was just certain the other one was right there too!

And Wimmer did lead the race for awhile .... 5 laps of the 200. I guess that wasn't anything to actually brag about ..... at least not compared to Tony Stewart's 98 out of 200 lap lead .... or Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 58 out of 200 lap lead. Still, "my" little 22 had come from way back in the field to run right up there with the big boys. And this time, it was driven by some rookie kid!

"Wimmer" .... sure looked a lot like "Winner" .... I recalled sending President Bush a copy of "The Winner."

"You know, if car 22 wins that race, they will probably have to carry George Bush out of there, because he'll pass out cold!" I told Mike as I leaned on the back of his chair and watched the tv in the living room for a couple of minutes before returning to the kitchen to check on dinner.

Mike didn't say anything. I think the poor man is afraid to say anything most of the time. He never knows what kind of spooky thing is going to happen next, and just as surely as he tries to tell me that nothing supernatural is occurring, the entire world sees it, and drowns him out!

The Number 8 Chance Car

"Chance" .... that was one of my code words too. Mike and I had both worked at A.B. Chance.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. took the lead again with 20 laps to go, and this time he never faltered or let up.

The crowd was on its feet and cheering so loudly the announcers could barely be heard as he sailed across the finish line a good two car lengths ahead of cars number 20 and 22.

8 ... 20 .... 22

Car number 22 in position number {3} .... hum...

A Happy Kid

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was about as thrilled as anyone I'd ever seen ..... and so was his pit crew and everyone at the track.

His team mates carried him on their shoulders for a few minutes and pranced around so everyone could see him! Then he got back into his car and did some of the donuts his father had done when he won the Daytona 500.

I hadn't watched the race that day. In fact I'd never watched an entire race, even today's. I just caught bits and pieces of them. But almost everyone I knew watched the races. They appeared to be America's favorite sport.

After Earnhardt emerged from his car, reporters descended on him and began asking questions ....

When asked about his father, I wasn't surprised to hear him say ...

``He was over in the passenger side with me,'' Junior said. ``I'm sure he was having a blast.''

Article From News Paper:

Daddy's Along For The Ride As Junior Wins First Daytona 500

By PAUL NEWBERRY, AP Sports Writer

February 16, 2004 / DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) --

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was reminiscing about his father when someone brought over a cell phone.

Hold on, guys. Junior needs to take this call.

It's the president.

Even George Bush couldn't resist the urge to congratulate Earnhardt after his emotional victory in Sunday's Daytona 500 -- six years to the day that his late father won NASCAR's premier race for the first -- and only -- time.

This one was straight from a storybook.

The son of the seven-time series champion takes the checkered flag in the race that consumed his father -- and eventually took his life.

Straight From A Story Book

This one's "straight from a story book," .....

I couldn't have said it better myself!

8/ with an invisible {3} ridin' shotgun ....{20}...... 22 ....

.......2283.... too!

Bonnie M. Wells



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