Common Sense


Bonnie M. Wells


I don't watch much television; could care less about movie stars, sports and most comedy shows. I suppose I've always been far to serious minded to actually enjoy anything that wasn't "news worthy."

But the two "tv personalities" that I do watch on a pretty regular basis, are people that I admire a great deal. Actually I'd love to meet Judge Judy Sheindlin or Bill O'Reilly .... of course I couldn't hold a candle to either of them, so I don't anticipate meeting them any time soon!

On second thought ..... my candle may not be as far off as originally thought!!

Recently I've noticed Sheindlin and O'Reilly calling for "common sense" ... and it seems to me I might have been way out ahead of both of them.

Going back through my own "letters to the editor" I notice that years ago I was saying basically the same things these two people are saying today. Perhaps they will get further than I got. Perhaps that's how the Lord works ....


January 7th, 2003: Bill O'Reilly was quite upset by another child that "the system" had failed to protect until it was too late. The program reminded me of a situation a few years back. A situation that I dealt with primarily by myself because the "news" media in this area was not interested in going against the system and exposing the inept people that were "in charge."

Didn't matter to me. I said if a child is harmed, and that child's mother is drawing a welfare check at the time the child is harmed (or killed) then the entire welfare system is liable for that damage, but especially the case worker who's job it is to monitor the welfare recipient.

Most disagreed with me at the time, but I said what I needed to say and I notice they closed the case and backed off as quickly as possible. And I noticed that the news man who I turned to didn't answer my letter (which I still have a copy of!) but instead went to the children services in question and within a short time did a tv series on how well the agency performed its duties! Huh!!

Then a little boy was killed by two thugs his welfare receiving mother dragged into his home, and I thought perhaps that would wake up the high and mighty of Marietta, Ohio, but it didn't. That's when I decided there was no "waking them up," and I'd just let them sleep .... for awhile...... a very short while!


It's wake up time folks....

It's time the decent, hard working, tax paying citizens of this nation stood up and said ....."Enough. We have had enough."

It's time to say that common sense dictates that when you hand over money to a person ..... any person, who has not earned that money, then that person should be held accountable for that money. The welfare recipient should be just as accountable as the social security recipient ..... but they aren't. Why?

Why would "intelligent" politicians and leaders deliberately take money from the productive of our nation and gladly hand it over to those who refuse to work, but insist on having one baby after another ...... most of which have different fathers because invariably it is some "poor single mother," who receives these checks.

Oh, I know ..... all the bleeding hearts are going to scream that they have as much right to feed their children as I do, or as you do ..... and that's a fact. I would never take away from the children of this nation, or any other nation ...... IF the children were benefiting from the money! But in far too many cases it is the children who are suffering the most. Not because we taxpayers fail to provide for them. God knows we're trying to provide for them .... and I'll tell you all something here and now ..... that's all that's keeping this old barge afloat! God knows we are trying.


I say it's time to start random drug testing on ALL who receive a welfare check. And the very first time anyone tests positive for an illegal drug, that's it. There is no counseling, no talking to, no second chance. That person is off the welfare rolls for a period of one year. Any and all children would be removed from the household immediately and placed in foster care.

It would not end here though (if I had my way!) Those who serve as foster parents would also be subject to intense background searches and random testing for substance abuse. Too many people making a living off the children of this nation. I'm fed up with the game. And that's exactly what it is......a money-making game.


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