I Zeek


Bonnie M. Wells

December 30th, 1997 was a cold day with gusts of snow flakes fluttering toward the ground.

Christmas was over, and I'd just come through the first Christmas in my life without my mother. I missed her. I missed all those that I'd lost from my life in one way or another. Some had died, others had lied. Some had moved, others had been re-moved! Story of my life.

The dream I'd had during the night hadn't done much in cheering me up, but had reminded me of even more sadness.

My Uncle Harold walking hand in hand with his step-daughter Carol Ann down by the old red brick building in Belpre where my grandmother had lived, and where I was born. I even missed that old building, and Uncle Bill's little house boat just over the hill from the building.

Uncle Harold had attended my mother's funeral, but Carol Ann hadn't. She was always Mom's favorite. I always figured Mom would trade any one or all five of her own kids for Carol Ann. I never understood that. She was the one of the meanest, most back-stabbing people I'd ever laid eyes on, but mom thought the sun rose and set on her.

I'd written a spiritual tribute to my mother, but certain 'family members' said they didn't want to listen to my craziness at the funeral so I was not permitted to read my story. I brought it home and filed it away. Just one more thing I'd written based upon a spirituality that I'd seen all my life but no one else seemed to notice or want to hear about. A few more sheets of worthless paper that Mike and Christina will have the pleasure of burning upon my own demise.

Mike was already watching the Bible story on TV when I entered the living room. I loved those old Bible stories. I felt so close to Noah, Moses, Abraham and all those old timers. They lived the same type of life that I live. Only problem is, the world believed them. Back in those days, the world believed in a mysterious God that spoke to his people through dreams, visions, animals, zones or regions and names.

In today's world, people didn't pay much attention to where they lived, or the names of their children or their animals. But I still did, and my friend Judy did. We'd been watching spiritual messages sent through animals for years. We'd documented many of them, but still the average person saw us as two crazy women. I couldn't help but wonder if they really saw God as an insane entity also but were too sophisticated and educated to say what they actually thought. Probably.

Take Abraham for example. His name was originally Abram and his wife was Sari. God changed both their names to Abraham and Sarah, and he told Abraham what to name their son....Isaac, just as an angel would appear to another human many years later and foretell of the birth of another male child and "ye shall call his name Jesus." I recalled how, years ago, I had seen a spiritual message within the registered name of my chosen breed ..... the German Shepherd Dog. I think I was originally attracted to the breed because it contained the word Shepherd and I thought of Jesus...the Good Shepherd.

The dog also reminded me of a wolf, and yet I knew it wasn't. It was far more graceful and elegant than any wolf. And the standard for the Shepherd called for something I'd never seen imposed upon an animal before....'an incorruptible character.' Why, that almost made the animal spiritual in nature. Jesus was the only person I'd ever known of that had an "incorruptible character." He was sent as a Shepherd for God's sheep. If God and Jesus used animals to represent people, after all his "flock of sheep" were actually people, then why wasn't it possible he still used animals to portray people and events?

Could I simply be seeing things that most people choose not to see? Did God continue to draw paths through names and regions?

German Shepherd Dog (reversed)....God dreh (drew) pehs (paths)....nam (name) reg (regions). Did he continue to reveal things only to those he'd chosen? Was I one of them? If so, why?

I watched the TV screen as Lot was instructed to flee from the sinful city and take with him his wife and two daughters. I already knew that God's angels had instructed them to "not look back," and I was not surprised when his wife looked back and was turned to a pillar of salt. I thought of some of the old "shepherds" from the Bible....and

I thought of some of my old "Shepherds"....

Chi and Khi, both pronounced the same, and both meaning "personal guardian angel." Both dogs were dead now, as was many others we had owned over the years. And yet, they still came to us in dreams. They still served mankind with an incorruptible character.

As I heard Abraham say that he'd been tested as a fine piece of metal, I thought of Granvilles' Heavy Metal -- a dog that Judy and I co-owned. We'd called him Zep, in honor of a heavy metal rock group, which I was never actually certain that we should have done, but I guess it didn't make any difference what his call name was. The Lord had been using Zep for years and years to relay messages to Judy about murders and crimes that were to be committed here on earth. Many times we felt that we should have been able to prevent the murders and to stop the killers, but mankind would not listen. They chose to do things their way, and we soon saw that man's ways are NOT God's ways. And even though the continuing murders left an indelible mark upon our hearts, we are satisfied they left no marks upon our spirits. On judgment day, we may be held accountable for many, many things but the murder of our people will not be one of them, I am confident.

This Christmas, I went to see my father. My biological father, and my paternal grandparents. I had seen them all before, when I was but a toddler of about 18 months of age. I'd dreamed of my father whom I'd not seen before. My mother took me to see my grandparents that day and learned that my father had come home at the time that I'd had the dream. He'd not raised me. My step father had done that, and I respected him and honored him, and my mother until their passing. But this Christmas, I went to visit them all. I stood in the pouring rain and decorated the graves of people I'd never been permitted to know, and yet, I did and do know them.

From my grandfather, William Levi Johnson, I gained the spiritual person that I am, for the Bible says it is the tribe of Levi from which the spiritual people shall come...the priests and the prophets. And I recalled the book of Ruth in our Bible and my paternal Aunt Ruth, whom I'd never known but whom still lives. From my grandmother Zona, came confirmation on the "regions" portion of my Shepherd reversed theory. Zones and regions are about the same thing. And from my father came confirmation of the bloodlines of old. His initials had to be reversed, but I already knew that. I'd seen important things in "reversed" names and initials for years.

I thought of German Shepherd Dog reversed and what it revealed, as I looked down at my biological father's grave and his name ....William E. Johnson. WEJ / JEW.

And I thought of my old dog Pedra and the woman who had given her to me. Her name was Good. Good and Shepherd in the same sentence. That was amazing. Pedra had been a half sister to Zep, and his mother Charko had also been given to me by Mrs. Good.

The Good and Shepherd....

The words took me right back to the Bible and God's promises to his people. "Your young shall dream dreams and your old shall see visions." "I will bless those who bless (my people) and I will curse those who curse them." And so it had been, even with those who seemed to be our friends and had been generous only to turn around and discover they were the most treacherous of all. One by one I'd watched them fall.

As Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac to God, I listened as the child pleaded, "Father, is there nothing you will deny God?" And I shed a tear at Abraham's answer.... "Nothing my son." I recalled how Judy had prayed to God after her father's death, when she feared also the death of her mother. She had asked Him to take her beloved Zep instead of her mother if another must follow. And ten days later Zep was gone. God had spared Isaac due to Abraham's Faith and Loyalty. Loyalty. That was something else the German Shepherd Dog was noted for. Zep had been replaced by a dog from Two World's Kennels. Judy named him Khi. As his (spiritual) twin Chi was already in the spirit world though, Khi was not destined to live long in this one.

Judy did everything humanly possible to "save" him, but in the end she let him go. God promised that he'd not lay more upon his people than they could bear, and we've noticed when one door closes, another opens. If one thing is taken, another is given. We waited.

Meanwhile, I reversed Khi... IHK. Sounded a little like Isaac, with the middle missing to me !! I've never yet seen the Lord begin an answer and end an answer without supplying the middle at some point! Thought his sense of humor was tremendous! But knew he wanted us to use the brains he'd given us. I didn't think many people were doing that now days.

Then just before the holidays in 1997, Judy got a new German Shepherd pup "given" to her. He too was from the Two World's Kennel but through a previous buyer, and I began to see the spiritual message within the Two World's .... just as I'd seen the one in the Good connection. It wasn't the people. It was God working through the people and through the dogs.

Judy's new dog had not been registered but was from the R litter so she had to choose a name starting with the letter R. She chose "Two World's Remember Me." His call name was Zeek. We'd never had a dog named Zeek before. He looked a lot like Khi.... And as the Bible story ended, and I looked back through the story, I saw the beginning....an old sheep herder....an old shepherd with the faith of granite. "And I will bless thee and make thee a great nation....numbered as the stars of heaven and the sands of the sea shore.... And I thought of his son Isaac who had come so close to death, and I thought of those who had gone on to the spirit world and those of us left behind. And I did one more reversal, and I found the missing middle and put it where it belonged. It took "both world's"....the physical and the spiritual to bring it together and pass it back to us, but it was done, coming and going.

Khi / Zeek ....Khizeek:

Khi reversed = Ih...[Zee]...k

Ihzeek.. Isaac:

"If ye but have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto the mountains, Move, and it shall move."

And I said unto the mountain....

"Move," and it did quake and tremble, for it knew not my God and his power. It knew not my God and his sense of humor and compassion and patience, and ability to even (evom) up the score.....but I did.

Late Note: Judy, owner of Zeek (Zeke) received a Biblical message calendar for Christmas 1998. One of the first things she looked up on the new calendar was Zeek's birthday, May 30th. The message for that day was ....

"If they believe that I was sent by God, they are not deceived."

And I bowed my head in humble acknowledgment of a Mighty God.



Bonnie M. Wells

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