The Tonya Trio


Bonnie M. Wells

Tonya # One

The first "Tonya" was a beautician who worked with my daughter Christina and our friend Sindee. I can't actually say I liked the girl. She was loud and vulgar and appeared to think her body was the craving of every man who walked past. I suppose her second job as a stripper encouraged this attitude. Actually I pretty much ignored the girl as much as least until she began telling Christina and Sindee about the "older man who gave her one hundred dollar bills, just to talk to him!"

Either she's lying through her teeth or she's got some information about someone that this "older man" wants, I replied when the girls told me what Tonya was bragging about. She eventually got around to describing the older man and he sure sounded like old Wild Bill to all of us, although she insisted it wasn't him.

Tonya P. had a boat that she wanted to sell when she worked with my daughter. It was a small red and white run-a-bout, older than the hills and had a very small motor on it.

I wondered why Wild Bill didn't buy the little boat. That was one of the things that he became infuriated with me over. He wanted to buy a boat and he didn't have any credit. He got angry because I would not ask my husband to co-sign a loan for him or buy the boat and allow him to make payments to us until it was paid for. We'd already been down that road with the motor cycle he was riding. You couldn't have asked for a nicer person until he got his hands on the cycle. Then he turned rude, arrogant and insulting. He'd done the same thing with our friend Judy who had loaned him the money to buy the truck he drove.

Eventually Tonya either sold the old boat or took it somewhere, because it disappeared from the back of the lot at the beauty shop. Sindee and Christina both eventually changed jobs, Tonya quit and moved to another area and we all lost track of her.

The Night Stalker - And Proud Of It!

By 1995 Wild Bill was living with Bonnie {Hickman} and things appeared "almost" normal in his life. I knew they weren't, because I knew he wasn't "normal." Still, the other Bonnie tried to make a home for him and tried to pretend that they were living a normal life.

Sindee and I saw the little red and white boat as they pulled it into the yard. "Is that Tonya's boat?" Sindee asked me.

"Well, if it isn't then it's another exactly like it. I can't imagine there would be very many of that same type of boat in this area." I replied.

It wasn't long until "normal" turned into domestic violence and extreme cruelty and the other Bonnie had to bail out and run for her life.....leaving behind everything she had "helped" him acquire, including the boat. But before she left, she had changed the color from red and white to blue and white. He actually had the stupidity to put that thing in the water one day.......along side all those high priced beauties.....and she sank!!!! There wasn't a lot of fun in my life, but every once in awhile, I got a good chuckle from some stupid stunt that Wild Bill pulled. This was one of those times.

After the other Bonnie came and went from Wild Bill's life.....which was after the duplication of me was complete.....he picked up with a woman named Cindy, and he wrote "The Night Stalker" along the side of the old boat and hitched it behind his truck and hauled it around as if it were an expensive trophy he'd won in some contest. Perhaps it was. I don't know.

Wild Bill lived with Cindy B. less than a mile from my home until June 13th, 2001, at which time they took her mobile home and headed north. I didn't care where they went, just as long as they left Little Hocking!

Three Cigarette Butts In An Ash Tray

Stephanie Evans of Richmond Dale, Ohio was murdered, the night of "April 2nd," 2001.

Everyone had just witnessed Wild Bill's "symbolic duplication/replacement of me," and since he was now living with a woman named "Cindy" and since {Wild Bill and others thought} my friend Sindee's last name was now Evans, I believed my friend had reason to be concerned. Sindee's boyfriend hailed from Jackson, Ohio.....right next door to Richmond Dale, so we wasted little time in heading for Richmond Dale!

After Stephanie's murder, her van was driven to "Columbus, Ohio and abandoned in front of a hospital."

Sindee and I learned that "three cigarette butts had been found in an ash tray in her living room" after Stephanie's murder. No one recognized the brand of cigarette's as belonging to any member of her family or any friend that had been in the house that day.

** See footnote:

Tonya # Two

In view of everything we'd already been through, neither my daughter nor I cared for the idea of her children being home alone. Often the kids came to my house and then Christina picked them up on her way home from work, but this arrangement made it difficult to get the home chores done before dark.

Christina had been a beautician since 1990, and we'd been discussing building her a beauty shop since before she got her license.

In the summer of 1996, I purchased some rental property just a couple of miles from my own home. There was a four bedroom house with an efficiency apartment in the basement; a mobile home and two and a half acres of land, all located in an ideal area for a business. So in the spring of 2000 we began conversion of the efficiency apartment into a beauty shop, named it Kountry Kurls and officially opened the business in June of 2000.

I was right. It was an excellent location, and the area needed a hair styling business because we had none. Most of Christina's regular clients followed her to her new shop and within a few weeks she was getting new clients almost every day of the week. It was perfect. She was right there with the kids, and I was only a short distance away so if she needed anything or the kids wanted to come to my house, I could be there within a couple of minutes.

Tonya K. was one of my daughter's clients. She lived in Marietta, Ohio and none of us really knew her. In fact, until the night of January 5th, 2002 I'd never met or even seen the woman. She had come to Christina's beauty shop earlier that evening to get her hair done, and she and Christina engaged in a conversation about Wild Bill and some of the things he'd been doing.......some of the things he'd been accused of doing. Nobody really knew who was doing a lot of the things that seemed to happen to all of us. Vehicles disabled; animals dying without any apparent reason; light bulbs busted or unscrewed in outdoor lights that were designed to safeguard our homes at night; people prowling around late at night; Wild Bill seen driving past our homes at all hours of the night; and several other things that I won't bother to list here. Still, no one could say for certain who was doing all these petty things.

Tonya K. left the beauty shop and went to her boyfriend's house in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Once there, she gathered his laundry and headed for the nearby laundromat to do her laundry as well as his.

She claimed that she had taken a basket of clothes from her car and was walking toward the door of the facility when a "Pepsi blue" (my term for the color of Wild Bill's truck) Chevy S-10 pickup came to a screeching halt directly in front of her. The bearded man inside the truck asked Tonya for directions to "the mall," and then wanted to know if there were any bars or beer joints up that way. He asked if she was married, or if she cheated on her husband.....if she went out to bars and if she liked to dance.

Tonya K. was shocked by his sudden appearance and his brisk manner. Her shock turned to fear when she noticed the words Wild Bill written along the top of the door of the truck! She tried to remain calm and gave him directions to the mall even though she knew by this time that he knew how to get to Grand Central Mall as well as she did.

As he prepared to leave he informed Tonya P. that he was "looking for a real wild woman, and that he was going to the mall to get himself a wild woman."

Three More Butts In An Ash Tray!

Tonya K. called Christina, who in turn called me. My grandson Joshua and I left immediately for the laundromat. The woman was still shaking when we arrived. She had gone back to her boyfriend's home and asked his daughter to return to the laundromat with her, and the girl had agreed. Even so, they both appeared to be pretty shaken up. The younger girl went to a nearby store to get change and came back and reported that Wild Bill was lurking around the store but that she had not seen his truck anywhere. I figured it was parked down the street a block or so and he was watching to see how long I stayed. I assured Tonya he would not come near her as long as I was there, and he didn't. We had quite a conversation that night. Several things were revealed that I'd been wondering about since he'd moved out of my sight the previous June.

I stayed with Tonya and her friend until they were ready to leave that night,and couldn't help but notice how much Tonya looked like me when Wild Bill and I first met back in 1990. Same blond hair, swept into the loose, cascade curls at the back, same slender build, about the same height, same blue eyes, same facial shape. It was somewhat uncanny and just a little frightening because I remembered what he'd first said to me, and how he'd asked me for directions to "the mall," and how he'd claimed to live in "Columbus, Ohio" and be unfamiliar with our area. It had all been a lie. He was born and raised right here and knew the area better than I did!

I later learned that within a day or so of the laundromat incident Tonya claimed that she had to accompany her son to a hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and when she returned home a few days later, she found 3 cigarette butts, burned clear down to the filter, in an ash tray in her living room, although she insisted the ashtray had been empty when she left and she was the only one who had a key to get into the house.

A neighbor reportedly saw a Chevy S-10 truck parked in Tonya's drive-way late one night while she was in Columbus, but didn't notice who was driving it , what color it was, or if anyone actually went into the house.

The entire situation reminded me of Stephanie Evans and how her vehicle was abandoned at a Columbus hospital, and the 3 cigarette butts that were found in an ash try in her living room.

Smoking Is Bad For Your Health

To the best of my knowledge, Wild Bill does not smoke...never did.

During the years that I knew him he was always saying that I should quit smoking because smoking is bad for your health. "Yeah, I know it is," I'd smile. So were psychopaths, perverts and serial killers!

I'd met enough of his family to realize that none of them were smokers. That's pretty unusual, especially for people who are moderate to heavy users of alcohol.

And I'd noticed something else during those years that Wild Bill and I were friends. None of the women he married or lived with smoked cigarettes .... but all the women he picked up for his one night stands were smokers. Many were alcohol and drug abusers as well. Quite a few were prostitutes. Of course it was the prostitute group that he wanted to "modify" the most! He was always going to "marry her and settle her down!"

I remember the day the Wheel Club burned down. Wild Bill rushed to the scene to watch it burn, and said he hoped every one of those dumps in Parkersburg burned to the ground because the only thing in them was a bunch of drunks and whores!

I couldn't resist a reply..."Well, if you are so opposed to drunks and whores, why don't you just stay away from the bars where they are? They don't bother me any ... but then I'm not going to such places." Ticked him off again! I was good at that. He never liked to be challenged and it was easy to see he'd been raised with little or no structure or discipline.

Tonya # Three

On or about January 12th, 2002, the murdered body of Tonya R. Darden was discovered just a short distance from the mall in Columbus, Ohio.

Darden, a known prostitute was last seen alive on Wednesday evening (January 9th). Reports indicate that Darden's van has been taken by police in hopes of finding DNA evidence.

I predict that nothing will be found and that Darden's case will simply become another unsolved case here in Ohio. We seem to be richly blessed with them.

I suppose some would consider her "a real wild woman." I suppose those same people might think the name Tonya, the discovery of her body close to a mall, and Wild Bill's discussion with "Tonya" about "getting himself a real wild woman at the mall," all coincidence. So be it. I'm just keeping track of coincidences here anyway.


Columbus police are asking the publics attention and assistance on the following cases.

Kimberly Sue Ellis.......murdered on or about October 12th, 2000;

Dawn Milbaugh Reedy, murdered on or about September 5th, 2001;

Angel Nichole Coleman, murdered on December 8th, 2001;

Brenda E. Mitchell, murdered on December 23rd, 2001.

June of 2002, the body of Cassandra Johnson was found behind a closed restaurant.

January 2005: 47-year-old Francis Smith was found strangled in an alley on Columbus' "east side."

All were found naked and strangled; all were known prostitutes.

His Words

It has been many years since I last talked to Wild Bill, and even longer since our meeting back in 1990. And yet, I remember so many of the things he said as if it was only yesterday. Why they stuck with me so well and for so long, I don't know. But, I have to assume there is a reason.

Perhaps because someone had to remember. Why? I can't answer that question because I've asked it a million times myself. What good does it do to remember?

July 2005: I have just learned that one of the sister's of Wild Bill's former wife is named "Tonya." Perhaps this explains things a little better - at least to some. I'm sure there are others that will still see no connections. That's not my problem. I see the connections, and I now know the reason {motive} for it all.


Concerning Those Mentioned On This Page:

7/27/05: Hi,

I went to middle school with Kim Ellis and a few years ago I heard that she was murdered, but I never seen anything on the news about it. Do you have information about her case that you can send to me?

Thanks for your help,


This page is dedicated to the least among us .... the hookers who gave their lives for absolutely nothing. No answers, no concerns, no justice.

I once promised a murdered kid that I would not rest until I found her killer.

I kept my word ..... I always do. And if it was within my power, he would have been in prison many years ago.

Another Columbus Hooker Is Murdered 2007:

Lonely Road Links Deaths Of Two Slain Prostitutes

Sunday, May 13, 2007 3:50 AM

By Theodore Decker


Alissa Clere Tonya Darden

The murders of Tonya Darden and Alissa Clere are separated by five years and a half-mile stretch of rural Franklin County road.

In all, Rowe Road snakes for a little more than a mile through the county's southern end.

From S. High Street it winds east past farm fields, woodlots and a quarry before crossing Big Walnut Creek into the village of Lockbourne.

There is only one house on Rowe Road, that of the caretaker for Fernwood Cemetery.

Darden's body was dumped just west of the cemetery on Jan. 12, 2002. She was nude and had been strangled.

Clere's body was discovered last month east of the cemetery, a short distance up the private drive leading to the Shelly Materials' quarry.{Note: Wild Bill works for a sand and gravel company}

Clere also was nude. Someone had set her body ablaze in a likely attempt to destroy evidence.{Note: Don't forget that Kimberly Fulton's murder was also covered up by a fire; and that, in the Stephany Evans case, her killer took her van to Columbus, Ohio and tried to set fire to it. }

"I thought it was a mannequin, to be honest with you," a man told 911 operators after finding Clere. "I walked down to it, and you see feet, hair, I mean it's partially burnt. A naked lady, looks like her throat's cut."

Franklin County Coroner Brad Lewis said Clere had been beaten and stabbed.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Steve Martin said he can see why area residents and relatives might wonder whether the women, who had a history of prostitution, were killed by the same person.

While it's too early to rule anything out, he said, the evidence so far doesn't support such a link.

"I'm not sure we can jump to that," Martin said. "That's something we always look at, there's no question. Right now we can't put a connection together." {Notes: 1. Deputy 'Steve Martin' is {NOT} my cousin, Steve Martin; and 2. I disagree with the officers statement about there being no connection. I believe both women were in fact murdered by the same man.}

Connected or not, the deaths are unnerving to the cemetery caretaker, a woman who agreed to be interviewed only if her name wasn't used. Her isolation and the bodies -- she accurately recalled two others turning up not far from Rowe Road since 1989 -- have led her to question her safety despite the recent installation of a burglar alarm.

"It gets pretty quiet out here," she said.

When the authorities, followed by television trucks, passed her house on their way to Clere's body on April 18, "I said, 'My God, they found another one.' "

The other two women she remembers were found within about a mile of Rowe Road. Investigators said those cases differ significantly from those of Clere, 40, and Darden, 36.

On Feb. 28, 1989, Sharon Blackburn, 19, was found beaten on Vause Road, a little-used road on the other side of Lockbourne that ends at a locked gate to Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base. Residents at that time said the road's end was a frequent party spot.

Blackburn, whose son was 18 months old when she died, was last seen leaving a South Side bar with two men and a woman.

On Nov. 25, 1993, Debbie Roseman was found dead in the middle of Morehead Road, a little-used service road that extends south from Rowe Road.

Investigators at the time said Roseman was a prostitute and drug abuser, but there are marked differences between her death and those of Clere and Darden.

Roseman was partially clothed and died after being hit by a car, although deputies treated the case as a homicide.

Martin said there also are undisclosed differences in the deaths of Clere and Darden.

"The important thing is that we keep a very open mind. We're not closed to anything."

Catherine Gaither, Darden's mother, said she was "the sweetest girl, the smartest girl." The pain of her death still cuts, she said.

"People don't know unless it would be their child," she said. "They're some hurting feelings."

Tonya Darden had finished high school and once worked for the Columbus Urban League before losing her way.

"She just got on the wrong track," Gaither said.

Clere's grown children said the same for their mother, whom they described as a loving woman consumed by addiction.

"She was a prostitute, she was a drug addict, but she was a lot more than that," said her 23-year-old daughter, Brandy. {Brandy?? hum, someone might want to check out the Brandi Wells disappearance!}

"It's hard for a family member to watch another family member do something like that with her life," she said. "Everybody told her, 'You will die from this eventually. You're committing suicide every time you step into a car.' "

She and her brother, Bradley, asked that their last name be withheld for their protection.

Bradley, 21, recalled a time long before Clere was lost to the streets, when she took her children, then 5 and 7, to the Ohio State Fair. {Note: Wild Bill and I attended the fair in 1993. That was the day he saw the black girl selling jewelry and made a derogatory comment about putting a bag over her head, and then what he'd like to do to her. Several women have been found with plastic bags over their heads.}

He had his face painted. He got a Michael Jordan T-shirt. He remembered people throwing water balloons.

"It was the best time I ever had," he said.

"She was a great person. I wish more people could have known her. The true her."

Anyone with information on any of the cases is asked to call the Franklin County sheriff's office at 614-462-3350.

Bonnie M. Wells

Starlight Inner Prizes

The Symbolic Cases

** Footnote: Stephanie Evans' case has been 'solved.' After many months of confinement, without any mention of a trial date, T.J. McCray finally 'confessed' to several charges that were considerably short of the cold blooded murder that everyone seemed to think he committed. So be it. If the world wants to believe that he killed Stephanie Evans, then more power to them. As far as I'm concerned it's a terrible shame and miscarriage of justice when the wrong man is coerced, intimidated and/or threatened [with the death sentence] in order to get him to confess. This is one main reason that the 'death penalty' has been on again, off again so many times in our states. We always end up putting a bunch of people to death who are actually innocent. It never matters though, because no one is willing to learn from the mistakes of the past. Like I said, so be it -- but it doesn't change my opinion, information or evidence one iota.

This story can be found in the "Lookin' For A Killer" Series & Pure Coincidence Book #19:

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2007 update note: In some of my stories I refer to my friend as Mysde: I am in the process of changing the names Mysde No 1 and Mysde No 2 to their correct names: "Mysde No 1" is Cynthia Davis: We spell her name 'Sindee': Wild Bill selected a "Cindy" right after he completed the duplication of me in 1998! It gets interesting, but confusing sometimes! I originally called his girlfriend Mysde No 2. Her correct name is Cindy B.

October 2013 Update: The 'Sindee/Cindy's are both out of the lives of both Wild Bill and me.