Pure Coincidence Book # 10

Triangles Of Murder

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

Her Name Was Jill

Jill Bohl Case 1983

The Marie Blough Story

Marie Blough Case 1986

Arrested & Victorian Style

Dreams & Interpretations

The "Dawn Trio"

Patsy Dawn Sparks / Kimberly Dawn Agent / Chasity Dawn Cottrell

The Horse

Dream & Interpretation / Janet Miller Case 1986

The Triangles

"Green-Oak-Grove" Connections To Murder

Triangle Report 777 Oak

Triangle Map No.777 Oak

Triangle Report Oakwood-55-Green

Triangle Map No.Oakwood-55-Green

Triangle Report 555-21

Triangle Map No.555-21

Triangle Report Oak Grove-603

Triangle Map No.Oak Grove-603

The Red Curtains

Prophetic Dream Predicts The Death Of Sonny Bono

Bill & The Hill

Dream & Action Reports / President Bill Clinton

Unit Ten of Pure Coincidence is dedicated to:

Washington County Sheriff's Department Major John Winstanley

"Hey buddy.....I'll buy you tall, tall trees and all the water in the seas.

It may take awhile....but I'll prove it's true."

2010 Note: John Winstanley has retired from the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

May he enjoy his retirement, and find it more fulfilling and rewarding than chasing elusive serial killers that most never believed in to begin with..... however, my promises remain, and someday, all will be proven.

When I quoted the line from the song -- "I'll buy you tall, tall trees and all the water in the seas," I'm sure he thought I was nuts. That's okay. He can think whatever he wants. But, I do wonder if he noticed, or thought of what I'd said when the barge got stuck in the locks and the Ohio River went dry a few years ago!! I thought of it as I sat at Civitan Park and looked across the muddy expanse to West Virginia and marveled how much taller the trees along the river banks were. Yeah, I recalled my words, and marveled that they had been fulfilled so suddenly and in such an unusual way. It's been 'awhile', so I wonder when the rest of it will be fulfilled?

Sincerely & Best Wishes,



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Book #10a - The Sister - A Killer Gets Personal

Patsy Dawn Sparks

Chasity Dawn Cottrell

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