The Symbolic Replacement & Duplication Of

Bonnie Martin-Wells

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The "Duplications" Begin

I believe the "name duplications" began with my sister, in 1992. However, the pieces [names] that fit into the duplication puzzle were spread so far apart that few people noticed as they were dropped into place. I was as guilty as anyone else for awhile.

From 1992 until 1995 the "duplication theory" was little more than an occasional fleeting thought, based almost exclusively on the fact that one of our murdered girls [Terri Roach] looked remarkably like my daughter, while another one [Patsy Sparks] looked enough like me to have passed as my daughter, and had the same first name as my sister.

Kimberly 'Fulton's' murder in 1995 turned my 'theory' into a possibility.

The 'look-a-likes' .... and the fact that one murder victim had my sister's first name, might have been 'coincidence.' But two murder victims? My sister is 'Patty Fulton!'

It took three years to 'symbolically murder' my sister. It would take the same amount of time to 'symbolically replace me.'

The First 'Martin' Clue:

Back in early 1994, Wild Bill and I were friends. In early January he'd followed me and a friend to a flea market [to make sure I was going where I said I was going!] When he returned to his house that day, he informed me of what he'd done, and said something that I will never forget. It hadn't made any more sense than most of the things he said, but this time I felt something foreboding, almost sinister.

He said that he had gone into the flea market to question the vender's, and verify that I had been there! While inside the market, he'd noticed a set of ski's that he would have bought if the shop had been open. I was surprised. I didn't know he skied. He informed me that he did not ski at all, but would have bought them anyway because "they had my maiden name ... Martin ... on them." I was speechless.

My name had not been Martin since I married Gary Gordon in 1965! I had not met Wild Bill until 1990.

He had said he'd never known any of my family .... never even heard the name Martin until he met me.

I already knew that was a lie though. I'd found my sister's name....Patty Martin .... written in one of his old books. Her name was Fulton now and had not been Martin since 1978.

What was the man trying to pull? I didn't know, but the name Martin seemed of great importance to him for some reason. He and my brother Mike had both been in wrestling in high school. I wondered if they had ever competed, but he insisted he hadn't known Mike...or either of my other two brothers.

So why was Martin so important to him? Was he giving me hints about something? There was no way of knowing.... in 1994.

My Duplication

Wild Bill's "duplication" of me began in 1995, as soon as (someone?) finished the deadly duplication of my sister... Patricia June Fulton.

By June of 1995 Wild Bill was employed at a new job with a company named "Martin"! ......

Of course the only portion of the equasion that could positively be connected to Wild Bill was the new job with the Martin Company in the month of June, and of course there was nothing criminal about that.

Who killed Patsy Sparks and Kimberly Fulton remained a mystery.

Artists In General

I thought the duplications were a "work of art," and figured the artist was quite proud of his pretty picture.

Artists were a lot like snow flakes ... no two was ever alike. They were also a tempermental lot, and were often noted for becoming quite angry ..... even to the point of destroying their own work ..... if they didn't get the credit they felt they had earned. Yeah, I knew a little about artists....

It was extremely rare to see pictures painted by two different artists that were so similar that a person could not tell the difference in the work. Each had their own style and pattern.

But there was absolutely no doubt about "who" my artist was.

My artist was Wild Bill, and that could be proven beyond any and all reasonable doubt ... Heck, he'd even gone so far as to brag to one of the other Bonnie's son's about what he was doing!

Free At Last

1994 was not a very good year for Wild Bill. It began with him sitting in jail, and by his second trip for the year, we were no longer friends, no longer even speaking to one another. [complete story told elsewhere on this web site]

Wild Bill spent sixty days in jail and was released on "June 25th.

The first thing he did was find himself a new woman! He dated her for several weeks and my friends and I were placing bets on how long it would be before he "moved her in with him!"

She drove a little gray Chevette. I didn't know her name, so I dubbed her "Chevette Woman!"

For awhile after she came into his life, he appeared almost "normal" .... to anyone who didn't know better. But I knew what he was doing behind her back. Night after night he'd leave Chevette Woman's apartment, come home long enough to call her and tell her he was home and going to bed, and then he'd head for the honky-tonks of Parkersburg in search of a "woman."

One August evening, after taking Chevette Woman out to dinner and a movie, he brought her home, dropped her off, and headed straight to Parkersburg where he picked up a woman in a bar, and disappeared for about three hours.

Mysde and I figured he'd bring his "blond" home with him, but he didn't. He came back alone, but didn't go home. Instead, he'd gone back to Chevette Woman's apartment and parked out in front of it. We never did see him get out of the car, and I figured he planned on sitting there until she came out for work and then offering her a ride to work .... making her think he'd come over just to see her and be a nice guy! Yeah, right.

Mae Belle Clark

The news papers said Mae Belle Clark was a Parkersburg hooker, who had been murdered about the same time period that Mysde and I had seen Wild Bill pick up the woman in Parkersburg and disappear for about three hours.

"Watch him move Chevette Woman into his house to cover his tracks," I told Mysde, after reading the news reports.

Although my middle name is 'May' it never occurred to me in August of 1994 that Mae Belle Clark's murder might be part of the symbolic duplication that had begun with my sister.

{see story - This Bell's Gonna Tell}

Sure enough, Chevette Woman moved in with Wild Bill within a few weeks after Mabelle Clark's murdered body was found down near Charleston, West Virginia.......about a three hour drive, round trip, from where he lived.

Everyone said they were going to get married. I didn't believe it for a second. I knew him pretty well. Probably better than any living person.

She "helped him" pay the rent, buy the groceries and pretend to be "normal." I continued to watch though because I knew he was working on something .... I could feel it. I just didn't know what it was.

They made it through Christmas without him throwing her off the property.... which was impressive, considering the fact that he always went bonkers around Christmas time.

His cheating continued almost on a nightly basis but Chevette Woman didn't know it! No one in the house realized he was sneaking out after they went to bed. But he knew that I knew. He always knew that I knew what he was doing.

The Artist At Work Again!

"What the hell is that monstrosity he's built out of chunks of ice?" Mysde asked. I didn't know. It looked like a pyramid. Hell, maybe he thought he was an Egyptian, I didn't know. Whatever it was, it only made sense to him!

Wild Bill built the "ice pyramid" on my dead brother's birthday ... February 9th {1995}. Of course, that was also the date that Charlotte Russell had been found dead in 1993, so I couldn't determine which event he was "celebrating! I finally decided it must be Mike Martin's birthday, considering how "obsessed" with Martin he was.

But then, Kimberly "Fulton" was murdered on "March 5th", 1995, and I about came unglued! March 5th had been the beginning of the wrongful death case that was brought on my brother's behalf. Fulton is my sister's last name.

I went back to my "duplication" theory. Was it possible? Patty was my sister's first name and Patsy Sparks had been murdered on an "anniversary" that was important to me and my family: Now a woman with my sister's last name is murdered on another "anniversary" that is important only to me and my family. What were the chances of this being coincidence?

Color Code Repeat:






Future Crime

Finally..... A Martin!

By {June} of 1995, Wild Bill had "Martin" firmly in his grasp! He had found employment with a company whose name contained the word Martin!

No one knew who had murdered "Patsy" Sparks, Kimberly "Fulton," or Maebelle Clark, but we all knew who went to work for "Martin." And we all knew my sister is ....

Patricia June Martin-Fulton,

and I am ...

Bonnie May Martin-Wells!

The Wedding's Off!

I began telling my family and friends that he'd have to get himself a new woman real soon. I never dreamed he'd be so successful.....

Chevette Woman only lived with Wild Bill for eleven months, and he threw her out with no money and no place to go.

He told her to "leave the rings on the kitchen counter on her way out the door" because he was sick and tired of buying rings for women and he'd just use that set for the next one!

Chevette Woman called me for the first time on 9-23-95. I was waiting for the call.

I'd sat in an alley and watched her load all her belongings and three kids into the little Chevette and leave the property on {September 21st} and I figured she'd call me eventually....they all did. Besides that, I was watching a dream unfold. I'd had a dream about an old wooden bridge. In the dream my cousin Bob sat directly behind me as a Catholic sister drove the car backward.

Bob's birthday was 9-23....and I waited.

September 23rd, 1995

I was writing to Winstanley when the phone rang.....

I wrote to Winstanley a lot.

I reached over and picked up the receiver on the second ring and said...."Hello."

"You don't know me, but I think I owe you an apology," a female voice said.

"Oh, is this Chevette Woman? Yes, you do owe me an apology. Are you extending one now?" I replied.

"Yes," she stammered...."But how did you know who I was?"

"I'm psychic....don't you know?" I chuckled. "Now, what can I do for you?"

"Tell me what's wrong with that man. I know it has something to do with you, but I don't know what's wrong with him. He threw the worst tantrum I ever saw the other night because you were out dancing. He ranted and raved, kicked the stove and refrigerator, threw the kitchen chairs across the house and blamed me because he had to go out and get himself another woman and show you that he had a woman! Hell," she continued, "I thought he was in bed asleep! I didn't even know he was out!"

What does one say? I told Chevette Woman that she had served her purpose and it was time to move on. I also advised her to sell the rings and use the money to rent a home for her and her kids. She did. Ticked old Wild Bill off at me ....again! I was good at that. I could tick that man off quicker and better than anyone on earth......and I enjoyed every damned minute of it!

Wild Bill didn't waste any time moving the "next piece"....of the puzzle, that is.....into his home. He moved a woman named "Bonnie" into his house on (September 27th) 1995.

It was the fifth anniversary of when we had met.....and I was impressed!

He had Bonnie and Martin in his life now.....and someone? had Mae/May!

The next thing he did was go out and buy "his Bonnie" a vehicle to drive. He bought her a gray, Ford Escort, and I was shocked! He really was "working out a plan" right before my very eyes! But why was I the only one who could see what he was doing?

My husband {Mike Wells} and I had a 1975 Stingray "Corvette," smoky silver in color.

Chevette Woman had driven a gray Chevette and now Bonnie drove a gray Escort. If one reversed things....."run them backwards" was very easy to see that he now had .....Bonnie (May?) Martin, gray Cor and Vette!

I was impressed, and depressed and just plain hard pressed for answers. Only one came to mind.....this moron was "duplicating" me and my possessions! It was insane!

That's when I really began to look "backward" at some of our murder cases......and what I saw scared the hell out of me, because I knew there was no one to turn to. There was no help coming.....but there was plenty of trouble on the way!

Here Today .... Gone Tomorrow

Over the course of the next three years the "Other Bonnie," as we came to call her, came and went several times.

She wouldn't any more than get settled in and Wild Bill would throw one of his tantrums and run her and her three kids off the property.

And she wouldn't any more than get settled somewhere else and he'd go and drag her back to the property!

It was the most confusing thing I'd ever witnessed! I couldn't figure out if the woman was coming or going! Finally, in desperation she called me....I'd been waiting.

We got to be pretty good friends over the years, and she has three boys that are absolutely adorable. I think that's what made me the angriest.....the way he treated her kids.

I could have broken every bone in his stinking body and never felt a pang of remorse! He was the true characterization of the term "low-life," and I could barely stand the sight of him. And yet, if I was right, I didn't dare take my eyes off him.

Hootin' Honey?

Right after the murder of another Parkersburg hooker.....Roda Snyder...."on yet another "anniversary" date!! ... Wild Bill beat the hell out of Bonnie and ended up in jail.

I was several steps ahead of him, and had already warned Winstanley that this might happen. The way I figured it, whoever murdered Roda Snyder might have some bruises that he was going to have to explain!

I eventually learned from Bonnie and her kids that when Wild Bill returned home the next day, he began showing all of them scratches and bruises on his body where the dirty cops had beat him! He also informed them that he'd been raped while in the Washington County jail! Oh was Bobby's turn to cry !!!!.....

I'd been trying to tell the sheriff (Bobby Schlicher) that Wild Bill was telling lies on me. I had not done the things he was constantly accusing me of doing. Well, maybe he'd know how it feels now, I thought.

But beyond that, I didn't believe one word that he came back and told Bonnie and the boys. I figured it was a very good way to explain bruises and scratches that had been concealed for several days under his clothing. The way I figured it, those bruises were the reason he started the rip-roaring fight to begin with. I'd seen him plot alibi's before, and some of the best ones involved getting a cop to arrest him. I remembered December 28th, 1993, and had no intentions of ever forgetting it.

**Be sure and see The Hootin' Honey!

Another Bonnie Gone!

By 1997 Bonnie had finally gotten away from Wild Bill as far as living with him was concerned, but he continued to harass and threaten her and he continued to demand sexual favors from her even though she had told him she wanted nothing more to do with him. It did no good to tell the man anything.....nor did it do any good to call the Belpre police and ask for help. They wouldn't touch him for some strange reason, and it just did not matter what he did to anyone.....or should I say any their town. Told me a lot about the cops, and I didn't like the message.

It took Wild Bill the same three year time period [1995 - 1998] to complete "my duplication or symbolic replacement, as it had taken [someone] to symbolically murder off my sister!" [1992 - 1995]

I was impressed. I don't think I could have done the same thing in less time .... hell, I don't think I could have done it at all!

He'd already told one of the other Bonnie's son's that he intended to have everything I had in my garage and life before he was finished with me! I thought that peculiar coming from a man that I had not been around or even had a conversation with for more than four years.....but, considering how peculiar he was, I supposed it was normal for him.

However, it showed me something else that no one in law enforcement seemed to want to consider. The man held a grudge forever......even an imagined grudge. I'd watched him work toward possessing me and my vehicles for four solid years now. This was not the actions of a normal man.

No man in his right mind would be willing to have unprotected sex with whatever woman fit into his warped duplication puzzle. No man in his right mind would buy vehicles because they were the right color and had the right pieces of names on them. But he did. He did it all and he knew I would be the only one who noticed.

That was the part that just floored me. No one else noticed..... even with me writing it all down and showing them, move by move, how he was progressing, and what his intentions were ..... no one paid any attention or took it seriously. How could this be possible?


During the years that Wild Bill and I had been friends I drove a Ford T-Bird. Mike and I traded the T-Bird in on a charcoal gray Pontiac Bonneville long after we'd stopped being friends with Wild Bill.

Although we no longer had any contact with one another, it was only a matter of days until Wild Bill made it plain that he knew I had a new car. I noticed him watching me in it, and finally one evening I pulled into a store close to his house to get a can of pop from a machine and here he a bat out of hell, he drove onto the lot and jumped out of his car. I continued walking toward the machine but never took my eyes off of him. He in turn stared at me. When we were but a few feet apart he spoke to me and I nodded my head in reply.

"What kind of car is that?" he asked.

Sometimes I wondered if I had any better sense than he had. I still could not resist saying things that I knew would irritate the hell out of him! Well, he called me "The Married Bitch,".....I suppose he was right! I was married and I certainly could be a bitch on wheels!

"It's a Pontiac.....a Bonneville.....I thought "I'd" get something named after me this time!" I replied.

The smile that spread across his face made it difficult to remain angry with him. Sometimes he was like a small child, and the heart just melted ..... but then, that cute, cuddly teddy bear look would turn into a raging grizzly, and you knew you'd made the right choice in getting away from him.

But this smile told me something else......something that I was certain Wild Bill wanted me to know and had just been dying to tell me..... This smile told me how completely proud he was of me.....and the fact that I had noticed that everything in his life was "named after me!" The man was actually thrilled that I had noticed! He really isn't smart!

Charcoal Gray, Pontiac, Bonneville

Wild Bill's son had a white Camero that had been sitting in his yard for months. It wasn't a bad looking car and it didn't need much of anything to put it on the road.

I had not realized the symbolic nature of the white Camero until the evening Wild Bill questioned me about the car I was driving.

When we'd first met...back in 1990 .... I'd owned a white, Motor Sport Edition, Trans-Am. Apparently Wild Bill had forgotten it was a Pontiac because as we stood on the parking lot that night talking about my gray Pontiac he suddenly blurted out .... "I saw that white Camero you used to own the other day. It's still a sharp looking car."

"I never owned a Camero of any color in my life," I replied. That was a limited edition, Pontiac Trans-Am, that I used to own....not a Camero.

Within one week of learning what kind of car I was driving, the white Camero had been traded for an old.....and I do mean...."old"...

Charcoal Gray, Pontiac Bonneville!

I just shook my head in disbelief. The man was absolutely amazing!

Double Trouble ..... I Reckon!!!

If I thought I'd seen the most remarkable things about Wild Bill, I was sadly mistaken. His next accomplishment was the most phenomenal of all.

I learned of his accomplishment when the other Bonnie told me about it. She said Wild Bill had himself another new woman and he was threatening to marry this one. Hell, he threatened to marry them all. He wasn't going to marry anyone.

Well, it seemed that was only part of Bonnie's information. The rest of it involved a trip to Florida on which Wild Bill planned on taking this new woman. Now that irritated the other Bonnie because he'd always promised to take her to Florida, but hadn't done so.

At some point in our conversation I had enough presence of mind to ask the other Bonnie if she knew the name of this new woman that Wild Bill was going to marry.

"Oh, don't you know her name?

I thought you knew her name." She replied.

"No, I haven't got a clue." I answered.

"Her name is D. "Wells," the other Bonnie replied.....

I forgot to breath -- and damned near died !!!!!!

Movin' On

I told Bonnie to make sure Wild Bill found out that I knew the name of the woman he was running around with now, and she wouldn't have to worry about her any more because he'd get rid of her just as soon as he was certain that I knew he had finished his symbolic duplication of me!

And I was right. Within a week, he was no longer seeing D. Wells and had picked himself up a

"blond from Little Hocking who drove a white car."

And I recalled another woman who had blond hair, lived in Little Hocking and drove a white car when he met her back in 1990. Her name? --

Bonnie Martin-Wells

Brighter Days

Wild Bill's "new" woman lived less than a mile from my home and drove a white Plymouth, Neon .... so naturally, not knowing her name for awhile .... I dubbed her "Neon Woman," and joked that at least old Wild Bill was getting "brighter!"

One of the first things he did for Neon Woman was buy her a bumper sticker for her car. She displayed it proudly, and thought it referred to her personally. I knew better, but didn't have the heart to tell her that "Expensive But Worth It" wasn't exactly what I'd heard about her.... but was exactly what the key chain to my Corvette said! My only question was .... where, when and how had he seen my key chain?

Eventually I learned that "Neon Woman" had the same first name as the woman I call "Mysde" in my stories. Mysde had been "helping me" with Wild Bill for years.

And, I wouldn't find out for several years, but Neon Woman's 'legal' last name, although she normally doesn't go by it - is MARTIN!!!!

Little did I know that by the time he'd picked-up with Neon Woman, and actually completed "my duplication....or symbolic replacement ...... "somebody" had already begun the 'symbolic murders' of my friend Mysde and my daughter Christina!

The women required for their symbolic replacement wouldn't fare as well as those involved in mine had. Most of them would have to die, just as in the symbolic replacement of my sister.

2007 Note: My friend 'Mysde' is Sindee Davis-Evans / Bill's friend 'Mysde' is 'Cindy':

The S-10 Pickup Truck

About the only thing my husband had, that Wild Bill hadn't duplicated by the end of 1998 was an S-10 truck.

And I'm pleased to say ... and am sure my readers will be delighted to hear ... he is now driving a Chevy S-10 pick-up truck!

I suppose I'm just relieved that the duplication of Bonnie May (Martin) Wells who lives in Little Hocking is finally complete. [Or is it? Better see the Brandi 'Wells' case of 2006!]

Brandi Ellen Wells

Update: August 30th, 2003.

In July, my grandson and I went to look at a pickup truck that was for sale.... a teal green, Ford, F-150. Within a few days it was "our" new truck, and my husband and I decided to give our charcoal gray, Chevy S-10 to my daughter and her husband.

I chuckled to myself. Wild Bill was still driving his blue Chevy S-10. "Pepsi Blue" I'd dubbed it the first time I saw it. He'd be surprised when he discovered we'd gotten a Ford.

Things went along fine until today 8-30-03 ...

As Josh and I drove past, I glanced at the house where Wild Bill once lived, and where his son continues to live, and there sat a teal green Ford truck!

I turned around and came back ..... just as the truck left the driveway with Wild Bill at the wheel!!

"How does he do it Mamaw? How does he always know what you are driving and where you are?" Joshua asked.

I couldn't answer the boy ... for I had the same questions myself.

Update: January 16th, 2004

Wild Bill's son moved from the old house on August 30th, 2003; from then until January 16th, 2004, the house sat empty.

On January 16th, 2004 the house and garage were torn down.

Within a few days, Wild Bill went to a woman whom we both know {that's why he went to her!} and her words .... "Threw the worst tantrum she had ever seen, because the house had been torn down." According to her .... "He had "things" and "stuff" in that house that he wanted to get out and he'd never been able to do so."

Why would anyone move in 1998; move their son in 2003, and yet fail to remove all their possessions? They wouldn't ... you know it and I know it. Anything remaining inside that house {or under it!} would have had to be hidden. And I have to ask ... why. What kind of things and stuff would a person hide??

And why wouldn't they remove the items if they wanted them? Possibly because they couldn't take a chance on anyone .... not even their own flesh and blood seeing the items and asking questions. That would be my guess.

So, what kind of person hides things that they don't dare let others see? Well gee ... I'm not a psychiatrist or a criminologist .... but I've read a lot of books written by both!

If my memory serves me correctly, those who study serial killers say they almost always take things from their victims .... trophies or souvenirs, they call them.... Hum, now that's interesting, isn't it?

Wonder how many cops and creeps a person could find pilfering through the dump where that old house ended up? Think I'll just set me up a video camera and stay home where it's nice and warm and enjoy the show!!!

PS: Wild Bill had to leave Little Hocking because someone bought the land he and his Neon Woman lived on and the new owner wanted to tear everything down: He and his son's rental was sold and torn down: Now I hear the woman he's been seeing behind Neon Woman's back has to move because someone bought the land and intends to tear the house down!

If this continues, Wild Bill is going to get a complex! Heck, he might think someone is following him around and buying up property just to get rid of him!!!!

Shucks, it won't be long until he won't be able to holler..."Get off the property bitch!"

Oh well .... some bitches move ... and some don't!

Some back down ... and some won't!

Has it ended? Have the symbolic murders stopped, or have they just switched tracks and gone further away from me and this area?

Was the grudge just against me, my family, my friends -- or does it also include the sisters and friends of other women who Wild Bill has known?

Do the birthdays and anniversaries only apply to me and mine -- or have they now expanded to include these same women?? Do the victims all look like me, my daughter or my sister -- or do some of them resemble his ex-wife, his present girlfriend?

Oh, what a story -- what a nightmare this has been. So many innocent, unsuspecting victims ... so many to chose from.

So many cops to outsmart .... big tough cops. They think they are so smart. But they are confined by rules and regulations, jurisdictions and time ... A killer isn't.... and neither is the one who tracks him through the pits of hell and back out the other side.

Bonnie M. Wells

Starlight Inner-Prizes

Symbolic Duplication

Targets Of Obsessional Neurosis:

Bonnie Martin-Wells

Silver Corvette / anniversary 9-27 / Little Hocking woman with blond hair and driving a white car / S-10 truck / Ford truck / charcoal gray Pontiac / living room furniture /

Symbolic Representatives

'Bonnie' Hickman; 9/27

employment with the 'Martin' M. A. Company

D. 'Wells'

Silver Ford Escort

Silver ChevyChevette

blue S-10 Chevy truck

teal green Ford truck

same living room furniture that I had the last time Wild Bill was in my home

Blond haired woman who lived in Little Hocking, drove a white car and has the same first name as my friend- Sindee/Cindy

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