Pure Coincidence Book # 11

A Blueprint For Murder

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

(*) indicates story clip listed under "Links"

"Dedicated to Washington County and all its News."

Get Ready To Rumble -

The Bonnie's Are Going To Tumble

* Roda Snyder Case

* Sey Von Sharee

Old 1991 newspaper story has lots of similarities

to the 1996 murder of Sheree Ann Petry

The U-Bolts

Dream predicts Petry murder

The Wharf

Telgram - PA

Psychic art is used to track a killer

Composite Drawings -

Pony Express Robber & Purse Snatcher

The Pet Tree & 203

Catch 22 Series Map/Report 18-A

The Dead Tree & The High Land

Catch 22 Series Map/Report Number 18-B

2.2 mile connections in the Petry murder case

Totally Clue-Less

1991 stories acted out without notice.....or so it seems!



The Tonya Trio

* Roda Snyder

* Sey Von Sharee - Sheree Petry case

The Tonya Trio

Special Story Clips - not in book series yet.

Buffalo Bird Woman -

Sheree Petry; Dennis Rydbom; Jennifer Short

Oregon Girls - Miranda Gaddis & Ashley Pond

Questions / Comments / Orders

Book #Ten-A / The Sister

Book #12 The Sting That Kills

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