Pure Coincidence Book #12

The Sting That Kills

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

* indicates story clips

* Yellow Jackets Galore

Miller/Blough/Roach/McCrady cases.

* New Arrivals At Shoe World -

But Are They Oxfords?

Another 1991 story fits into new murder.

Clues & Actions

Consider The Clues

An Early Warning

The Clark Trio

The Connection

Dream and Interpretation / Petry case

She's A Man

Dream and Interpretation / Petry case and others

King Kong

Dream & Interpretation

The Scratches

Dream and Interpretation

Attorney Fogle

Warning Letter

This book is dedicated to Mr. Paul Arvidson and

"The Washington County News."

"Thanks Paul. Without that old news paper we might

never have met, and without that paper it may forever

have been my word against the world.

Now, the most they can say is.... coincidence....

and boy do they get to say that a lot in this area!"

And, it is dedicated to the memories of Sheree Petry

and Kimberly Fulton, neither of which I had the

pleasure of knowing, but neither of which I shall

ever forget.

From my past.....came their names,

In the days of sunshine and youthful games.

From my grief came their pain,

And the loss of those........never seen again.

And, ... "I'm sorry," came from the very depths of me,

If only I could have know Kimberly and Sheree.

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A Blueprint For Murder

Book #13 - Many Arrows

* Yellow Jackets Galore

* New Arrivals At Shoe World

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Bonnie M. Wells

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