Pure Coincidence Book # 15-b

The White Wolf II

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

Before And Until Lisa

Detective Vern Castle

Initials Tell A Story

The Rusty Nails

The Rusty Nails Dream Interpretation

If I Had A Hammer w/Warlock John Insert

'Tis The Season


Isaac * I Zeek

Paw Prints

This book is dedicated to the memory of Lisa Burkhammer.

I tried... waited, and tried... and tried...

But my pleading... they denied,

Until it was too late for a father...

So why did I bother?

Because, it ticked me off... when they said "run-a-way."

She was a victim... and had not gone astray.

Had not shunned her family and friends,

For a life in the sun, and different ends.

And so to Lisa and family, this I say...

'Twas not the Lord's will... that he "get away."

But please remember... this I implore,

Lisa was but one... there are soooo many more.

I ask not... that you forgive,

But that you pray... others may live,

Long enough... to gain the trust,

Of cops... who must build, with nails of rust.

Rust?... because the cases are old...

Trust?...Because the clues, must be told.

Bonnie M. Wells

Fifteen-A ' The White Wolf'

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