Pure Coincidence Book # 16

Letters Of Scarlet

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

The Golden Stars

Dick Did It

Letter of 3-17-96

Editor / Parkersburg News / Parkersburg, WV.

Letter Of 2-17-97

Editor / Marietta Times / Marietta, Ohio

Mama's Concerns


Fighting Wild Bill

Old McDonald Had A Farm

They Called Her Marty

Vision Report...Leslie Marty murder case, Parkersburg, West Virginia.


Here A Quack-Quack, There A Quack-Quack

The Mark Drake Story

Letters To Editors

Huntington & Charleston, WV

The Cheryl Flippo murder case.

The Flippin' Fish

The Cheryl Flippo murder case.

Coming Or Going?

Of Killers & Thieves

It's A Fire

Confusing Times

Of Liars & Thieves

Bonnie & Clyde!....AGAIN?

Warnings issued to lawmen about the deaths of state troopers and county detectives / Hank Carr murders in Florida

Never Fear ... Nobody's Here

Commentary/response based on Officer Robert Surgenor's book..."NO FEAR."

This book is dedicated to the greatest "check & balance" system any nation could ever have:

Investigative Reporters who put their time, jobs and sometimes lives on the line for the truth and the right to bring it to the attention of the American people.

Without them, the "investigative" portion of law enforcement has no check and balance system.

When news papers and individual reporters become neutralized and indifferent to the plights of the common person, they cease to fulfill their duty as a "news service" and become nothing more...nothing less, than advertisement for the elite and entertainment for the naieve.

"Freedom Of The Press" was a hard fought battle ... fought by tough people ...people of character and integrity, who were more concerned about the truth and the right to speak it, than about being "socially accepted," or opposing the ideas of a people, only too eager to show their eventual disdain and lack of respect for the gutless wonders that ask no questions ..... fear an honest opinion....refuse to think for themselves and bow to its dictates.

I salute you, one and all

If only everyone could stand so tall



Bonnie M. Wells

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