Pure Coincidence Book # 17

A Hill Of Roses & Thorns

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

The Morgan

Every Rose Has Its Thorns

Dudley Do Right

The Symbolic Murders & Duplications Begin

The Symbolic Murders & Duplications Continue - Un-Noticed

Know Thy Predator

Letter To The Chief

The Balding Man


Unit Seventeen of Pure Coincidence is dedicated to...

"The ability to "believe" though there is no proof evident, to have "faith and trust" that if it be of the Lord, then He will bring it forth for all the world to see....in His time, and sense enough to realize that "coincidence" is eventually ruled out by the science of probability!"

And it is dedicated to all those who.....

Said they believed.... But only deceived.

Said they tried.... But only lied.

Said they would serve.... But didn't have the nerve.

Said they would defend.... But turned traitor in the end.

Said they were a "rose".... But were only found where the thorn grows.

Said they came in the name of the Savior.... But were never friends of mine or you'r.

Said they brought a halo...not a crown of thorns.... But then gored us with their horns.

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