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The Real Dummy


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The Experts Say


In the dozens - if not hundreds - of books I've read on the subject of killers - especially serial killers - one thing that stands out as possibly the most common denominator is the "warning signs," that the killer gives out before he commits the crime.

Some experts claim that the experienced serial killer plots and plans his kills months or even years in advance. This is one reason he is so difficult to catch. His kills are not "caused" by jealousy, greed, revenge, rejection, etc. although any or all of these can be a part of the serial killers "motive." Even so, his reasoning is not typical of a "normal" person, as he is never "normal" and neither is his life. It's almost always a topsy-turvy state of confusion and disarray, and often the killer brags in some way about what he's going to do, or what he's done. Too many times most people never notice his brags.

I'm no "expert" on the subject, but based upon personal experience I too believe the serial killer does in fact brag about his kills. Sometimes he even has an actual "system," which may eventually be his downfall.

Of the killers who have never been caught, I would venture to guess that most are serial killers who got by with their crimes because no one saw the warning signs or knew how to translate them.

It has now been several years since Jenifer McCrady was murdered. Sometimes it seems like yesterday. Sometimes it seems like an eternity has passed. Regardless, I have not forgotten the case - neither the victim, nor the convicted, and there remain many unanswered questions.

I guess I've finally accepted the fact that these questions may never have answers - or, if they do have answers, few will care.

But I do care. I've cared enough to devote several years of my life to digging for answers when few others even bothered to ask the questions.




Jenifer Lea Barrett-McCrady was murdered in Washington County, Ohio on September 19th, 1996, and her husband Jackie D. McCrady was convicted of the murder in August of 1997.

Most people thought Jackie McCrady was the killer and got what was coming to him. Few, if any of those people were in the court room and heard what was said. I was there, and heard every word of testimony, and gut instinct told me there was something wrong.

If a person is guilty of such a horrible crime, there is almost always several pieces of pretty conclusive evidence, not to mention some DNA evidence. There was no conclusive evidence in the McCrady case, and the only DNA evidence "didn't" match McCrady!

Although the prosecution didn't charge Jackie McCrady with "premeditated murder," they made it pretty plain in the court room that they believed he "planned" on killing his wife to prevent her from "leaving him." I guess the fact that she had left him before {on more than one occasion} and had returned and he had not murdered her, made no impression on the state or for that matter, on the jury.

Still, just in case their theory didn't fly, they had a back-up that was anything except premeditated - I suppose it could be called "premedicated," since they accused Jackie of using steroids, and said he went into a steroid rage and murdered his wife. It certainly must have passed quickly because he did an outstanding job of removing any trace of any kind of "rage" attack - including the fact that his sleeping children were not disturbed.

The fact that no steroids were ever found in Jackie's system seemed unimportant to all concerned. He'd had a stroke in July and went through therapy and was seeing a therapist because of the depression and frustration the stroke had caused, but the state made it sound as if the man was seeing a psychiatrist because he was unbalanced or mentally ill. No evidence was ever produced to back up that claim. However, Jenifer was also seeing the psychiatrist and there was a lot more to her story than to her husbands - but no one seemed to notice.

The state contended that Jackie's mother was the source of tension between Jenifer and Jackie, but there again, they failed to actually provide any conclusive evidence that there was any tension between the two. One single note was found that said something to the effect that Jackie needed to stand up to his mother. The state insisted that Jackie was a wimp who was intimidated by his mother and was too afraid of her to disagree with her. All I could think was - "this guy owned his own home "before" he ever met and married Jenifer Barrett. He didn't sound too much like a mama's boy to me. Then I discovered he'd dated my sister, and I can tell everyone here and now, no man who is controlled by another woman dates my sister - and I mean mama or otherwise!


I Found The Signs!


Jackie and Jenifer split up in 1992 and reconciled in early 1993. Of course, since I didn't know the couple in 1992 or 1993, and wouldn't hear of them until 1996, it took awhile for me to roam around through notes and diaries to find what I was looking for - but I found it - I always do.

Jenifer got pregnant shortly after the couple reconciled, but decided to have an abortion instead of keeping the child. Jackie said he wanted to keep it because he wanted more children, but he complied with Jenifer's wishes and took her to have the abortion. He said he believed the child was his. I wondered how far along she was when she had the abortion. My reasoning was simple.

In late 1992, early 1993, Wild Bill wrote in his diary - "Sher---, 423-xxxx, ask for Jenifer / call no later than 10 pm."

Now I know there are a lot of Jenifer's, but how many have a close friend named Sher---??

One of the first questions Wild Bill asks a woman is - "Can you get pregnant?" Pregnancy scares the hell out of him. His daughter was born without a brain in 1982, and the doctors said it was inherited from somewhere. His wife wanted to have tests done - her whole family wanted the tests done, but his "mother" flew into a rage and forbade Wild Bill to have any such tests! Who has the domineering mother??? Who's afraid of his mother??

On September 19th, 1993 Wild Bill wrote in his diary - "Put 'dummy' on front porch today." I read the entry and made a comment at the bottom of the page - "You didn't put the 'real dummy' on the porch!"

Wild Bill kept so much turmoil going in everyone's lives that I almost forgot about his old diary entry. It didn't seem important to anyone for any reason, until years later - then it was probably too late. Never the less, I'm going to tell it here and now because maybe someone out there will be able to see what I'm talking about and know what to do.

In 1992 and 1993 Wild Bill and I were friends and we raised a nice garden at his place both years. He lived in Belpre in those days, and the location of his house was ideal for selling things. Our produce went as fast as we could bring it from the garden, and it was some of the nicest produce anyone ever saw.

I love to decorate - interior and exterior - I like themes and seasonal decorations. Wild Bill just turned me loose on his place, and the first thing we knew there was a Parkersburg reporter there taking pictures of the fall decorations. We had pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, corn stalks and bales of straw, all mixed with brightly colored mums and marigolds. The place was a showplace and traffic all but stopped as it went past.

Wild Bill and I both grew up on farms, and I guess raising things was just "in the blood." We both enjoyed working in the garden, and producing beautiful crops. I guess there was a little competition between us, but mostly it was a joint effort - at least until he slipped into one of his rages and then I was usually working by myself. I didn't care.

"Why did he call that scarecrow a 'dummy,' I asked Sindee one evening as we were talking on the phone. {Talking about a different case, I might add!}

"What scarecrow?" Sindee replied.

I'd forgotten that she was not "in the picture" back in 1992 and 1993. We hadn't met until 1994, about the time that Wild Bill was booted out of the picture!

"He put a scarecrow on the front porch. It was sitting on a bale of straw and had corn and pumpkins all around it. It wore a pair of his old pants and one of his old shirts and had straw for arms and feet. It was a damned scarecrow - not a dummy." I remarked. "He knows the difference between a scarecrow and a dummy. He was raised on a farm, just like I was. Why did he call that a dummy?

Even then I'd somehow sensed something wasn't right about his comments and had written my smart assed reply - "You didn't put the real dummy on the front porch."

Then things had gone sour between us and I walked away for the final time in early 1994, and thought little more about his diary entries - for awhile.


The Real Dummy!


By the time we worked our way into the "Duplication" stories/cases, I'd realized that the duplication or symbolic murder of each person or thing was actually taking 3 years from beginning to end. I thought this showed premeditation, determination and actual genius - or an enormous amount of "coincidence." After about the hundredth coincidence, I stopped believing in coincidence! I wasn't the real dummy!

In October 1995, Jackie McCrady took one of his son's to daycare. The other child waited in the car until Jackie walked the first one inside the building. No reason a child shouldn't be able to sit quietly in his father's vehicle for 2 or 3 minutes while his father is less than 50 foot away from him - especially when his daddy is a state trooper.

However, when McCrady returned to the vehicle he discovered his son visibly shaken. The child insisted that a 'woman with brown hair' had tried to get him out of the car and tried to get him to come with her!

McCrady filed a report with Officer Garvey immediately. Of course nothing was ever done and no one was ever found fitting the child's description -

And then I remembered something - a man and a wig, brown, shoulder length hair - and a woman who lived with him saying he'd shaved his beard off twice while she lived with him and she and her son's did not recognize him without the beard.

And I remembered a woman telling me about seeing Mrs. Paxton running from her trailer when it was on fire: Mrs. Paxton's daughter Kimberly Fulton was murdered just one year prior to her parents home burning down: Mrs. Paxton insists she was not home that day because she was at work and there is no way anyone could have seen her leaving the trailer - and again, I thought of that damned wig and that man - and I knew who he was, and why he was doing the things he was doing - but no one would believe me. Dave Garvey and others had taken it upon themselves to destroy my credibility, and to build his up, even though they knew I was telling the truth and that he was lying through his teeth.

Many people believe that the Paxton's burned their own home. I do not, and never did. I believe that whoever murdered their daughter and grandson burned their home, and I believe he got by with it just like he's gotten by with other fires and other murders -- before and since.




Few people even know about the "dummy on the porch," and I'm certain even fewer care about it. But, I care because I don't think it was any coincidence that Jenifer McCrady disappeared exactly three years to the day that Wild Bill put a scarecrow on his porch and called it a dummy.

Nor do I believe it's any accident or coincidence that he worked frantically for days preparing another 'dummy' that would be proudly displayed in his front yard on the very day that the world learned that Jenifer McCrady had disappeared!

That was September 21st [1996]. It was far too early for Halloween decorations -- although fall decorations would have been acceptable. But he didn't have any other decorations -- just a weird looking 'cage' that resembled a jail cell, a 'dummy' sitting inside it with black and white 'prison' clothing on, and a grotesque mask that my cousin insisted looked like a decomposing body!

On the front of the weird looking contraption that resembled a jail cell - especially since he'd placed the 'dummy,' dressed in prison clothes inside it, - he hung a hand painted sign that said .... "DON'T DRINK DRIVE AND..."

The word he left off was -- DIE. It was the MADD slogan as well as a bumper sticker seen on many Ohio state patrol cruisers ..... the Four D's of the Highway Patrol -- "Don't Drink, Drive & Die."

How ironic that Jenifer McCrady's husband was a Highway Patrol officer, who - after Jenifer's 'decomposing body' was found a short distance from my home - was arrested, tried and convicted of her murder. He now wears 'prison clothes' and probably will spend the rest of his life in the Ross County Correctional Institute in Ohio.

And well he should [IF] he's actually guilty ..... but even after all these years, I still wonder .....

I still wonder how Wild Bill always seems to know when to do things that make him appear guilty, when in reality he's as innocent as a new born babe. I still wonder why Little Hocking was chosen as Jenifer's dump site, when it was me who told Detective John Winstanley [nine days before her disappearance] that "I feel the killer's presence John. He's coming into Little Hocking. He's coming right at me this time John. For God's sake get me some back-up out here because he will kill again soon - probably this month [September 1996] if you don't stop him. PS: Warn Belpre [PD] they got another strike coming - another Belpre woman - connected to a cop."

I still wonder why my warning fell upon deaf ears, and why even after each and every piece of my warning panned-out to perfection, no one ever called ..... no one ever cared.

And I continue to wonder just how many "real dummies' we actually have in this area ..... but I know for certain that I can name the one man who is NOT the real dummy -- although I hear he runs around with one now days!!!


2006 News & Information


In the past few months I have managed to gather several pieces of information that probably should have been gathered ten years ago -- by the cops, instead of me! However, since the McCrady case is over as far as all authorities are concerned, I guess it's up to me to tell the world. Maybe someday someone will listen, and maybe they will be able to do that which I cannot do.

In July of 2006, one of the boys that was living at Wild Bill's house back when Jenifer McCrady was murdered, came to visit me. I have remained close to the other Bonnie and her son's, and even though they are no longer living in this area, every once in a while, one of the family will come to visit me.

And so it was in early July. Of course I was glad to see the kid, and we visited for quite awhile before I began turning the subject toward the 1996 time period.

I reminded the boy [who's now a young man] about that goofy looking contraption that Wild Bill built in his yard -- the one with the dummy in it. He laughed and said that he remembered it well, but that none of them could figure out exactly what it was supposed to be either!

He said his mother - [the other Bonnie -- the one that really did live with Wild Bill, while I got accused of it!!] - asked Wild Bill what it was and why he wanted to put it out in the front yard. He reportedly told her that it was 'for Halloween.' Apparently Bonnie questioned this too since there was no other decorations out for Halloween and it was mid September, and way too early to decorate for Halloween.

Hum, I thought ..... that's the same thing that Sindee and I thought when we saw the sight for sore eyes!

I asked how long Wild Bill worked on building the cage and if he had any help, which I already knew the boys had helped him build it, and was told that he'd worked on it 2 or 3 evenings after work before finishing it. "He seemed to be in a real hurry to get it built and out of the garage," the boy said. [Yes, I imagine he was, I thought.]

My questioning continued, and I learned the following:

No one was allowed inside the garage without Wild Bill during the time that the 'cage' was being constructed. If he received a phone call, or needed to run to the bathroom, or whatever -- even for just a moment -- everyone had to leave the garage and a pad lock was placed on the door until he could return!

No one was allowed upstairs in the garage while the cage was being built [ and this is the part that I was real interested in - and had been all along];

Bonnie came out at one point to see how the work was progressing. After watching the work for a few minutes she told Wild Bill that she was going 'upstairs' [the garage did not have 'steps' to the upstairs room, but simply had a wooden ladder] to get something. The boy said she started up the ladder and made it to the second step before Wild Bill threw the tool he was working with, ran across the garage, grabbed her by the hair of the head and jerked her off the ladder! He then reminded her that he had told all of them that 'no one goes upstairs in the garage for any reason until I say you can!' He then pushed her out the door and barred her from coming back into the garage until the project was finished!!!

The boy said he was real glad they got the cage finished when they did because by the third evening [September 21st, 1996] --QUOTE: - "the garage stunk real bad .... real bad Bonnie, ..... like something dead."

After the cage was completed, Wild Bill and the three boys carried it from the garage, and he went back and locked the door so no one could go back inside the garage until he said they could.

[I remember that the cage was in the front yard by 6 o'clock that evening, because Sindee called me and told me to come to Belpre and see if I could figure out what he was 'saying now!' I also remember the look on the Belpre cop's face that I met right at the city limit sign. The poor guy actually did a u-turn in the middle of Washington Boulevard and came right back with me to pass Wild Bill's house again!! The story is told elsewhere on this web site so I'll get back to the evening of September 21st, 1996]

The boy could not remember if it was that same night or the next night - but 'after' the cage was outside and the dummy was sitting in it, Wild Bill put the Toyota truck into the garage and spent a 'long time' locked in there by himself [stink and all]! And when he came back out, he had the topper on the Toyota, and he left Belpre for awhile. [The boy didn't know exactly how long he was gone, but did remember that he headed toward 'my house' (Little Hocking) when he left. And came from that same direction when he returned.] {Note: ** The boy may not have remembered, but Sindee and I did. It was the same night the cage showed up in his yard.}

He said that while Wild Bill was gone, he, his brothers and their mother all tried to get into the garage, tried to peek inside by shining a flashlight through cracks, but it was of no use. The garage was locked up tight, and Wild Bill had sealed off every crack that might have been seen through!

By the next night, the boy said Wild Bill made everyone go into the garage and help him clean it out real good. I asked about the terrible smell at this point - and was told it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been, but when they went to sweep the garage, they did find a dead rat over in the corner.... QUOTE: - "Funny thing was though Bonnie, it didn't seem to have any smell to it. I guess it had all went away by that time," he mused. [And inwardly I moaned, because I knew exactly what he'd done, how he'd done it, and that he'd gotten by with it..... again.]

There was no sense in beating a dead horse so I moved my line of questioning elsewhere:

"Did Wild Bill have any sleeping bags when you lived there?" I asked.

The boy replied that yes, he'd owned four sleeping bags when he lived there; had kept them stored in the attic of the house [up there where the insulation is Garvey, just like everyone else's attic!] I asked what they looked like.

Two were dark colored and had some orange or red design on them. One was lighter colored with brown and black, and one was --- QUOTE: "Real pretty with ducks inside it."

"Was it teal colored," I asked ..... but he didn't know what teal was ..... "a bluish-green" color I replied. He still wasn't sure ....

"Were the ducks Mallard ducks," I asked. "Yes," came his reply.


The Motive


Like I said, there's nothing that I can do about any of this. I've already done more than any common citizen could ever be expected to do, and it's made no difference.

But I want to say one thing here and now. I sat through that trial, and probably to this day could tell you the testimony from almost every witness, and I will NEVER forget Dr. Joshua Perper [forensic scientist from Florida] saying that in his opinion Jenifer McCrady had not been buried for the entire 12 days that she was missing. I will never forget this if I live to be a hundred ..... then again, I may drop dead tonight, so I'm posting as much as I can on this web site, and it shall stand even if I fall, because the truth absolutely must be told.

This all goes back to 1992 and 1993. I know the reason Wild Bill tried to outrun the state trooper at 5:00 in the morning on December 28th, 1993. I know [who] he thought that cop was, and why he thought he was chasing him. He was wrong, it was another trooper from Belpre, but it was also the partner of who he thought it was.

And I believe that I know who the witness saw down at Civitan Park, riding a bicycle alongside a woman whom she believed to be Jenifer McCrady -- the man that was discussed and described by the prosecution as "a bearded man, wearing a trench coat and riding a bicycle," in the judges chambers, and the witness wasn't 'allowed' to testify!!!! A woman is murdered, her husband's life is on the line, and someone has information that might lead to the real killer, and she is forbidden to tell the jury! Had I known about this woman during the trial, I may damned well have ended up in jail myself because I would have raised so much hell that they would have had to shoot my ass or lock me up somewhere! [either is a possibility around here .... just depends on what mood they are in!] But I didn't learn of her until after Jackie McCrady had been sitting in prison for nearly five years, and by that time no one cared about old information ... well, almost no one cared.

See "The Lion Roars & The Wildcat Takes His Mate" for more info on the December 28th, 1993 event:



Comments 2007


I've just completed posting of my September page and decided to come back to this page and make a few comments. As I've gone through the pages that I have posted concerning the McCrady case, I have re-read each of them, and sometimes changed the backgrounds on some of them. This has reminded me of a few things that I believe I have neglected to mention. I'll do that now.

I want to make certain that everyone understands what I'm saying about Mary Dye's dream....

I originally met Mary Dye [back in the early 1990's] because of a dream that she said she had about a murdered girl named Terri Roach.

Georgia Rudolph was with Mary the evening my friend Judy and I met with them at Shoney's restaurant. When Mary began describing the house where the killer of Terri lived, Judy and I both recognized it! It was Wild Bill's home!

I took Mary Dye to Belpre that night, and showed her the house -- but more importantly I showed her the garage in her dream. She had seen an old garage with an eagle and a light on it. I pointed out the light that Wild Bill had mounted on the front of the garage ..... it had an eagle base on it!

Mary Dye refused to consider that this was the house and the garage [old building] in question. She just kept saying it wasn't the right house because it wasn't green in color. It had been green. I helped scrape the old green paint off of it so we could paint it white.

Mary Dye talked about a dark haired man living there, and how he'd struck Terri. I knew Wild Bill had dark hair [especially when Terri was murdered in 1990] and I knew that the basement in the house looked exactly like the one in Mary Dye's dream ... but, it didn't matter what I knew, even back in those days because it seems if Georgia Rudolph couldn't get all the credit, then nothing was going to be done.

Some four years later I would once again run head first into Mary Dye and Georgia Rudolph. This time though things were to be different. This time the two had Belpre police officer Dave Garvey in their corner and willing to do whatever was needed to keep me entirely out of the picture. And so it was .... and Jackie McCrady is still sitting in prison for a crime that I am absolutely convinced he did not commit.

But, for today, that's all beside the point. What I want to say today is this .....

Mary Dye's dream about the 'old building' and the dump were right on the money. Had she called me instead of her longtime friend Rudolph, perhaps there would have been an entirely different outcome to the McCrady case, because I knew he was going to kill again ....... unless Jackie McCrady had killed someone before, I would not have told Detective Winstanley -- 'he is going to kill again, probably this month if you don't stop him.' I was not talking about Jackie McCrady. I was talking about a serial killer that I'd been tracking for several years at that point -- and continue to track to this day.

I believe that the old wooden garage, -- was the old building that Mary Dye seen in her dream.

In court Mary testified that [in the dream] the woman [whom she believed to be Jenifer McCrady] was tied up [spread eagle style] -- once again, we see reference to [eagle.] By this time, Wild Bill had added another eagle plaque to the front of his garage -- along with one of my German Shepherd plaques.

I think the 'dump' portion of Mary's dream pertained to the trash cans that Wild Bill kept behind his garage - as well as stacked up lumber, concrete blocks, the topper for the Toyota truck, and other junk that he wanted to keep, but didn't want inside the garage - or didn't have room for inside the one stall garage.


10 Years Later


As Springstein says .... 10 years burin' down the road - got no where to run, no where to go ..... I suppose that could be Jackie McCrady's song today.

I still wonder who the woman was that called Jenifer McCrady from Pittsburgh just a few days before she disappeared -- and I wonder why she called.

It was revealed in court that Jenifer and her twin brother had been adopted by the Barrett's when they were very young. It was also revealed that Jenifer had been searching for her biological parents, and I continue to wonder if the call could have been related to that issue. Jackie said she took the call on the bedroom phone and he didn't question her about it, so I guess we'll never know who it was, or the reason for the call.... still, it nags at my mind, for some odd reason. {It was revealed in one or other interview with Georgia Rudolph that she too had been adopted, and in the interview she bragged that she had been 'helping other people find their natural parents.' Just a coincidence, I suppose .... }

But, for today, I want to tell everyone what I think happened in the McCrady case.

I honestly believe that Jenifer McCrady was actually tied up for awhile before she was killed, as the prosecution insisted -- however, Mary Dye said that in the dream she was tied 'spread eagle style' -- and no one ever explained why or how Jackie would have done this to Jenifer. They accused him of using flexi-cuffs on her, but I know for a fact that Wild Bill always had a supply of those plastic zip-bands [same things as the flexi-cuffs] that he used around the house for numerous things, as does numerous other people right here in this area.

I believe Jenifer was tied up in the upstairs portion of an old garage, and was kept alive for several hours before she was either smothered to death or choked to death. In my [not so humble] opinion, Jenifer McCrady did NOT die of gunshot. There was virtually no blood anywhere, and this is unheard of in head wounds.... and there was black finger prints around her throat, so someone had choked her. [I just happen to know of a man who tried to choke his ex-wife and tried to smother one of his girlfriends -- and no, it's not Jackie McCrady!]

And by the way, for those who watched the tv version [although I've temporarily forgotten which version it was] there was NOT a lot of empty bleach bottles found at Jackie McCrady's house. That's another lie that was cooked up well after the fact. However, whoever cooked it up might want to ask themselves how much responsibility they should shoulder in the recent murder of Jessie Davis by her cop boyfriend - Bobby Cutts in Canton, Ohio - who did use lots of bleach to try to cover up and destroy evidence. Might want to think about some of this crap before putting it on tv for psychopaths in uniform to watch.

I believe the clothing that Jenifer was found in came from the same yard sale that the comforter she was wrapped in came from -- a year earlier. Whoever bought the items knew who had owned them, and that's why he bought them. Only problem was, the pink silk pajama bottoms had no matching top -- or if they did, he couldn't find it at the yard sale and didn't want to draw too much attention to himself by asking someone to help him find it.

Jackie reported that he thought Jenifer was wearing a dress the day she disappeared because she had a meeting to go to before going on to work. The dress he mentioned was never found .... nor was the purse he reported missing -- or the luggage -- or the money. Too many missing things for him to have gotten rid of, while failing to get rid of her red purse and tennis shoes. Doesn't make sense ..... never did.

I believe that Jenifer's killer watched her house after he had taken her hostage, and he waited for Jackie to leave the house and take the kids to their daily destinations. I believe he went right back into that house [remember he had the garage door opener on Jenifer's keys] and I believe he took Jackie's gun out and bored the barrel out so ballistics could not be ran on the gun ..... either that or ...... well, the gun was out of everyone's sight for four hours, so who knows who or why ......

I believe that Jenifer's vehicle was hidden in a storage building until around midnight on September 19th - at which time it was taken to Civitan Park and left. Officer Ben Cross found the vehicle around 1:00 am on September 20th.

I do not believe that Jenifer's vehicle [or any of Jackie's] were EVER anywhere on the oil access road. I believe she was hauled there around midnight on the night of September 21st, 1996, in the back of a white Toyota truck with a topper on it, and was buried -- very possibly in a pre-dug grave.

I believe that Jenifer was shot while down at the makeshift grave site, and I believe there was two shots fired. I don't know if one missed, or just what, but I have reason to believe that she was shot there, and not while in Belpre [at any location - home or otherwise.] See my new 2010 McCrady Case Review Series:

The Shots Were Heard

Mary Dye testified [and you can see her complete testimony on another page] that in the dream, Jenifer was tied up, spread eagle style and was still alive and struggling to get free. The state threw away the 'spread eagle' portion but kept the 'struggling to get free,' and incorporated it into their case. My question is this -- if Jackie McCrady had attacked his wife with the amount of anger and rage that the state contended, and if she struggled so hard to get free, why -- oh why didn't the woman scream? Why didn't she fight? Why was there virtually no evidence of any kind of a struggle or fight in that house? Why didn't either child hear anything -- and yes, I most assuredly have read ALL interviews conducted with both children. There was NOTHING heard or seen by either child, and at the time of the interviews there was absolutely no indication that either child had been traumatized or severely frightened. Neither gave any indication that they were afraid of their father or that they thought he 'made mommy go away.' Both boys were older than Jessie Davis' little boy, who told his grandmother -- "Mommy was crying; mommy broke the table; mommy's in the rug."

There are far too many unanswered questions that remain about Jenifer McCrady's murder.

Jenifer and Jackie had just returned from a trip to California to visit an old school friend of Jenifer's. That person wrote to me several times [and yes, I still have the emails, so don't even go there Garvey] and she said she actually envied the way Jackie treated Jenifer.

No one, and I do mean NO ONE testified to having ever heard Jackie say a cruel thing to Jenifer. Even when they split up [at Jenifer's request] Jackie didn't fuss and fight with her. The first time, he stayed with another trooper and his wife, and the second time his parents got him an apartment.

And when Jenifer disappeared in September, Jackie told some of his friends that he was afraid she would come back, change the locks and throw him out again. I suppose the man had a right to be concerned since it had happened twice before.

However, he could not understand why she would have done such a thing at that time. He'd just returned to work after being off since July [he had a stroke on July 4th, while working in the heat, planting trees for Jenifer!] and he thought they were getting along quite well. The couple had just gone a week earlier to look at a new house. The real estate agent testified that they both wanted to move into the Marietta area since that would be closer to both of their jobs.

Over The Years .....


While Mary Dye, Georgia Rudolph, Dave Garvey and a slew of others have told and retold this story -- always differently -- my 'story' has not changed with the exception of new information that I have gathered. I continue to work Jenifer's case, because it just doesn't feel right to me, and because I told a news reporter that I just wanted the truth. Perhaps he never cared about the truth, but I always did.

In the past ten years I have broken the McCrady case down into dozens of sections and pages for this web site. There's far too much for any single page - [I'm surprised I haven't ran out of space on this page yet!]

Many, many sections of the McCrady case go hand in hand with other sections of my web site [and my books]. I've tried to put connecting links on most of the pages so that, if anyone really wants to study this case and seek the truth, then they can actually see what led up to the case and what has transpired after it was over and done for almost everyone.

I continue to hope that the Ohio Innocence Project will come along and select Jackie's case, and try to re-enact it as it was told in that court room. So far no one seems interested. Well, maybe the day will come when they will be.

Meanwhile, Jackie's father passed away with cancer. His mother is not in good health. Jenifer's mother is not in good health, and I'm not sure about her father.

Her children were adopted by the Barrett's; their name changed; and have been raised without ever seeing their father, or his parents again. They are the real losers in this nightmare - especially if Jackie didn't kill their mother. Either way, the children lost both parents and one set of grandparents, and my heart breaks for all concerned. Perhaps that's why I just keep going ....

There is no such thing as a perfect crime --- or so they say. It seems to me that I've seen several that were perfect enough to get innocent men locked up while the real culprit goes on to commit even more murders.

All I can do is what I've been doing for several years now - gathering information and posting it so that whoever is interested can read it.




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