Pure Coincidence Book #18a

The Trials And Tribulations Of A Trooper

The Early Warnings

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

The Packer

The Vampire Killer

Ask For Jenifer

Sey Von Sharee

Looking For Triple Play

Early Warning To A Sheriff

Consider The Clues

On The Lee Side

To Bobby, With Love

The 506 Warning

Reminders From The Past

Tracking A Triple Play:

Twenty Three Days And Counting

The Gray Snake On A Raft

Gloria (Part One)

Ten Days And Counting

The Tanning Salon

The Bobby Paper

Midnight Messages

Midnight Messages consists of several dreams, from different people, all involving the same date....September 29th.....but different years!

Each dream reveals another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that turned out to be the murder of Jenifer McCrady in 1996. The dreams date back to 1993 and move forward to 1996 and a matter of hours before Jenifer's body was found.


This book is dedicated to the "Highway Patrol Officers" of our nation and one in particular, .....

Ohio Trooper Paul Pride.....

And a cold, December (1993) ride...

Once, long ago, I heard it said

That pride rideth before a fall

I kept the little saying.....safe.....in my head

Until the day it was proven....to one and all


Bonnie M. Wells

After The Arrest Of A Trooper

September Story Page


The Clues


Bobby Paper

Midnight Messages

Pure Coincidence

Starlight Inner-Prizes

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