Pure Coincidence Book # 18-D

The Trials And Tribulations Of A Trooper

The Tribulations Of A Trooper

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

In-Laws, Out-Laws, And Ex-Laws

Searches But No Seizures

In Their Own Words

New Suits, No Suits & Law Suits

Gossip In A Small Town

Facing The Facts

Some Dreams Don't Come True

The Truth, The Whole Truth

And Nothing But The Truth

The Dream Seeker

"The Terrycloth Blanket Dream"

"Rudolph - The Re-incarnated Dear"

The Candlelight Vigil

Another Anniversary; Another Coincidence

Jack & Jill

The following links are the stories from The Trials And Tribulations Of A Trooper that I now have posted on this web site: Some are 'book' stories, while others are web site stories. All relate in one way or another to the McCrady case, so I have posted them here as well as on the September page, and the Pure Coincidence index page.

"The Terrycloth Blanket Dream"

"Rudolph - The Re-incarnated Dear"

Midnight Messages

The Bobby Paper

The Comforter

The Clues

The Clues Versus The Case

The Dream Seeker, page 1

The Dream Seeker, page 2

The Dream Seeker, page 3

The Dream Seeker, page 4

The Access Road

Access Road Photos page #1

Access Road Photos page #2

Little Hocking

Nothing Matched

The Purse Packin', Shovel Totin' Trooper

Gloria / part one

Gloria / part two

Gloria / part three

Gloria / part four

Gloria / part 5, page 1

Gloria / part 5, page 2

Gloria / part 5, page 3

Gloria / part 5, page 4

Gloria / part 5, page 5

Gloria / part 5, page 6

And What A 'Book' It Is!


A Badge Of Betrayal

The Real Dummy / with 2006 update

Vibrational Patterns

Rudolph - The Reincarnated Dear!

Massachusett's Graves

What Did They Say?

Bodies In Blankets

The Candlelight Vigil

Response Page For Book #18

See You In Court

9-19-06 Another Anniversary; Another Coincidence

Jack & Jill

Psychic Witness // two pages

Dave Garvey's Complete Testimony In The McCrady Trial // Four Pages

Dave Garvey's Interview With Jackie McCrady // Two Pages

Dr. Joshua Perper's Testimony / Direct Examination

Dr. Perper / Cross Examination

Dr. William Bass Testimony & Cross Examination

Closing Arguments; McCrady Case

Response Page For Book #18

Bonnie M. Wells

18-C "The Trial Of A Trooper"

18-B "After The Arrest Of A Trooper"

18-A "The Early Warnings"

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