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The Teenage Trio

Book Number Two In

The Pure Coincidence Series

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

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Introduction And Dedication

Me, Thee & Mr. D.

The Little Old Man

The Teenage Trio

**The Swimming Pool Basement

The Vision

The Zombies Dream

**The Zappa Dream

**The No Arms Dream

**He's In Jail Dream

Who Cares About Dead Roaches

Where There Was A Spark, There Is A Fire

R-honda Man Lays Down

Dudley Do Right, Send Red Roses

Initials Tell A Story

Warlock John

Indian Medicine Card Readings:

**What About Warlock John?

**Warlock John & The Killer

A Page From A Diary

Unit Two of Pure Coincidence is dedicated to the memories of three Washington County Ohio teenage girls:

Terri Roach, Patsy Sparks and Ronda Manley.

Terri Lee Roach *Washington County Ohio 1990

Dreams Of Terri

Ray Knows / Dream & Interpretation

Twelve Years / Dream & Interpretation

Patsy Dawn Sparks *Washington County Ohio 1992

Before And Until Ronda {Ronda Manley}

Ronda Ellen Manley

A Suspect Is Named In The Manley Case

The Manley Case Is Solved

Questions Remain About The Manley Case

*Innocent Despite Pleading Guilty?

Warlock John & The Card Readings

Tracks Of A Wolf

More Wolf Tracks

The Zappa Dream

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Bonnie M. Wells

Omens Of Doom

"Pure Coincidence Series - Book # Three"

The Early Years

"Pure Coincidence Book # One."

Pure Coincidence Series

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