"Book Number 22 in the Pure Coincidence series"

Catch Twenty-Two

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

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* The Cat 22

Psychic experience involving Nascar number 22

* Harkback Series

* The Winner

Reprint from Unit One of Pure Coincidence transcends ten years of time to come into play during a national election.

* Dead Man Elected / Part One

An old dream reveals the outcome of a political election.

* Rick Walker Dream from mid 1990's.

Reprint from Unit Nine. Dream transcends time, men and situations to reveal astounding facts about the 2000 presidential election.

* Dead Man Elected / Part Two

Dream interpreted and shown how it "panned-out" in election. Predictions revealed that are NOT common knowledge even at this time!

* Mama's Brown Eyed Boy

Reprint from Unit One: Poem from 1990 becomes symbolic in 2000.

Original Poetry:

* America

* Company C

* Silver Wings

* The Killer Squad

* Lebanon, Oh Lebanon, What Hast Thou Done

Unit Twenty-Two of Pure Coincidence is hereby dedicated to ....

The memories of Governor Melvin Carnahan

and my brother Richard Michael Martin

"Though you are gone ...

Your ability continues on."

It is also dedicated to former President of the United States

Ronald Reagan

"Though it's been awhile ...

I remember the grace, the character, the style."

Click here to see photo of President & Mrs. Reagan

And, it is dedicated to Texas Governor George Bush

and running mate Dick Cheney.

"Though it befuddled an entire nation ...

I looked on with anticipation."

Unit Twenty-Two of Pure Coincidence was sent to George Bush in bits and pieces. From election night until just before the U.S. Supreme Court reviewed the election situation, I worked day and night to prepare the spiritual information and send it out of my house and hands prior to ALL decisions. Catch Twenty-Two is one of the most phenomenal books within the Pure Coincidence series, and I continue to be astounded that it was a "bulls eye," as far as predictions go, and comes in with a 100% strike rate!

On January 18th, 2001, I received a thank you card from President Bush.

Click here to see "President's Photo Page"

Attention: President Reagan passed away on June 5th, 2004: The President's Photo Page now contains articles, pictures, etc. that have been posted since that time.

October 11th, 2001:

President Bush has released the names of the terrorists that he wants to "CATCH" and bring to justice for their crimes against humanity in general and freedom in particular. There are "TWENTY-TWO" of them! And I am absolutely IMPRESSED!

May God continue to bless America and protect and guide President Bush and all our world leaders in these troubled times.



Following are web site specials which do not appear in Pure Coincidence:

Heart touching letter from a U.S. soldier in Iraq: Not my own work, but worthy of presenting on anyone's web site.

Words Of A Soldier

Life Under The Bush!

Stranger Than Fiction

Very strange facts concerning presidents elected in years ending with zero

Jessica Lynch

Bonnie M. Wells



The Man In The Gray Suit

Interpretation / Harkback & The Man In The Gray Suit

The Harkback Drama Continues

Harkback Series involves President & Mrs. Bush and dreams fulfilled:

The Winner

The Cat 22

Company C

Silver Wings

The Killer Squad

Dead Man Elected (Melvin Carnahan)

Presidents - Photo Page

The Rick Walker Dream (Bush/Cheney)

Rick Walker - Action Report (election of 2000- Bush/Cheney)

The Rick Walker Dream & Action Comparison/Fulfillment

Mama's Brown Eyed Boy

Lebanon, Oh Lebanon, What Hast Thou Done

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Starlight Inner-Prizes - Homepage

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President Reagan's 92nd birthday:

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Midi = Born In The U.S.A.