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Pure Coincidence Book # 4

The Guardian Angel

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

Look At Your Card Book

The Parade

Happy New Year

Your Wagon's On Fire

I'm Chi

517 And The Pond

517 And The Old Sundowner

517 And The Drivers License

517 And A Day In Court

517 And The First License Plate

517, The Original Martin & God


{Janet Miller}

Tracks Of A Wolf

{Terri Roach & Elizabeth Falco}

From Pennsylvania To Ohio - But Not "With Love"

{Sarah Rae Boehm}

From Ohio To Pennsylvania - But Not "With Love"

{Barbara Barnes}

Bonnie M. Wells

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Book # Three

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Table Of Contents, Book No. 5, The Cop Connection

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Unit Four of Pure Coincidence is dedicated to my brother

Richard Michael Martin.

And to murder victim Janet Sue Miller.

Although you knew one another not in life ....

(or did you??)

you will forever be united in my heart."

Unit Four is also dedicated to my friends...

Judy, Diane and Pat.....who lived it with me,

And to one very "special" cop.....Special Agent

Charley Seymour...Federal Beurea Of Investigation.


Sweet Angel

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