Pure Coincidence Book # 5

The Cop Connections

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

Table Of Contents

* Anna Marie

* A Ray Of Hope And A Badge Of Courage

* Maria Blough

* Kentucky Woman

* Russell's Viper

The Fair

The Deputy's Wife

* The Lion Roars & A Wild Cat Takes His Mate

* This Belle's Gonna Tell

Guilt By Association

42 Days & Holding

*The Dusty Horn {poem}

Bonnie M. Wells

Anna Marie

Deputy Ray Clark

Marie Blough

Kentucky Woman

Russell's Viper

This Belle's Gonna Tell

The Lion Roars & A Wild Cat Takes His Mate

42 Days & Holding

The Dusty Horn - poem

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Book Number Five of Pure Coincidence is dedicated to the memory of

Washington County Deputy Sheriff Ray Clark

And it is dedicated to Sheriff Vern Castle,

Athens County (Ohio):

"Where are her shoes" ... he wanted to know

And I wanted to help ... so, offered to go ...

Walk a mile..or two..or ten, whatever it took

To find the shoes of the woman in the brook.

They say ... in love and war ... all is fair

I've fought my way to hell and back, Vern...

Her shoes aren't there.

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