The Symbolic Murder Of

My Daughter

Christina Gordon-Anderson


Bonnie M. Wells


The story on this page is story number 3 in the "Duplication Series"; Is part of the "Lookin' For A Killer" Series; and appears in Pure Coincidence Book Series in book number 19: Suggestion: Before reading this story, read....The Duplication of {Me} Bonnie May (Martin) Wells

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Looking Back ...

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It appears the "symbolic murder" of my daughter, Christina" began even as Wild Bill finished his "duplication of me.

Exactly who ..... or how many killers it took to "symbolically murder" my daughter, remains as much a mystery today as it did in 1998, since none of the cases have been solved.

When I began talking about certain people known to me being "duplicated, or symbolically murdered," the only response was incredulous ridicule. Perhaps no one had ever heard of such a thing. Perhaps they didn't want to think of such a possibility.

Well, neither did I but I didn't have any choice. It appeared that I had been selected "Calender Girl" for at least one killer, and maybe a dozen! If I was right, everyone around me was in danger, but even more frightening to me, was the possibility that if I was right, the actual murders would involve people who had the same names, birthdays, anniversaries, etc, of those around me, but who were, in fact, people that I did not know, had never known, and therefore could not 'warn' of the approaching danger.


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Shortly before I walked away from Wild Bill in 1994, I met a young woman whom I call *Mysde in my stories. She was distantly related to two of our murder victims....Terri Roach and Patsy Sparks. I understood her fear that someone else in her "family" might be a target. It sounded reasonable to me, all things considered.

Mysde and I spent the next three years watching Wild Bill's game unfold. It was a frustrating and anxiety packed time. We sometimes laughed at his behavior, and sometimes cried, but there was nowhere to turn, no one that cared what he did or who he did it to.

Thanks to some very unfortunate circumstances, Mysde and I parted ways in late 1997 and for the next three years or so, I worked primarily alone on "my" cases. How I identified them as "mine" was based upon the "duplication theory" that Mysde and I had already seen put into action by *Wild Bill.

Who the killer was remained an unanswered question. But an even more puzzling question was how many killers knew me and thought exactly like Wild Bill thought?

2007 note: 'Mysde's' real name is Cynthia Davis {Evans}: As the 'symbolic' cases progressed it became increasingly more difficult to use fake names for people, especially after Wild Bill picked up with a woman named Cynthia! My friend will hereafter be referred to as 'Sindee,' while Wild Bill's girlfriend [previously called Mysde #2, or Neon Woman] will be referred to as 'Cindy.'

2013 Note: Although Wild Bill and I have not seen one another or spoken to each other for many years now, I continue to be amazed at how our lives continue on parallel lines.

Wild Bill is no longer seeing/dating/living with Cindy B. and I am no longer communicating with Sindee D.

June 4th, 1998

Emily "Christine" Ullman was a Parkersburg, West Virginia resident who had gone to New Orleans, Louisiana to spend the summer of 1998 with family and friends. She was murdered in New Orleans on the night of June 3rd, 1998 and her body was found on "Mike and my wedding anniversary" June 4th.

SPECIAL NOTE: Wild Bill's 'Cindy' has a set of twins. Their birthday is 6-03: Also, 603 used to be the license number on a vehicle that Wild Bill owned.

Everything in me screamed ...."your case," but how could a New Orleans murder possibly be connected to me? Only her middle name stirred a memory...

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How many times had I told Sindee and anyone else who would listen about Wild Bill calling my daughter Christine. How many times had I corrected the man?

"Her name is has an A on the end of it." And yet he always called her Christine.

[[2007 Note: As recently as December of 2006, Wild Bill still called my daughter, Christina - 'Christine.' The man never changes!]]

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The Other Bonnie

Although my husband and I were preparing for a trip to Cherokee, North Carolina in a few days, I decided to take the time to go talk to the other "Bonnie".

Bonnie H. had spent about three years trying to live with Wild Bill, and had seen many of his tantrums and bizarre behavior. They remained on speaking terms even though she was dating someone else now and Wild Bill was dating at least three local women that I knew of. Still, I knew if anyone had any information about him, it would be her.

Bonnie assured me that Wild Bill had been to see her only a short time earlier and was talking about a trip that he was going to take. He was always talking about taking a trip.... always promising one woman or another a trip somewhere. Funny, the women never seemed to go .... I wondered if he did! Bonnie said he was still threatening to take one of his girlfriends to Florida .....

Florida wasn't really that far from New Orleans....I shook my head and concentrated on what Bonnie was saying.

He was talking about going "to the big mountains," Bonnie said....

Was he following me? Bonnie didn't know which "big" mountains. I asked about the Smokies, and she thought maybe that was the ones.

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The Dark Haired Girl

I spoke with Bonnie for quite some time that day, and during the conversation she told me about an eighteen or nineteen year old, dark haired girl that she and Wild Bill had met at a Parkersburg bar one night a year or so earlier.

At some point in the evening ... and for reasons I will not list here today ... Bonnie insisted that Wild Bill take the girl home and so he had.

Bonnie explained the route they took in order to drop this girl off at one of her relatives homes. The directions set my nerves on edge. More than two years earlier I'd sent Detective Winstanley two dreams. "Let's Pretend" was mine and "You're Not Leaving" belonged to my friend *Mysde [Sindee.] We'd had the dreams at the same time and they went hand in hand with one another. I'd issued the warning of an approaching murder involving a girl in the very area that Bonnie was directing me to!

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Seeking A Name

Although I'd already heard of Ms. Ullman's murder by the time I spoke to Bonnie H., I was reasonably certain she had not. She didn't read the papers and paid no attention to what was going on with other people.

"What was that dark haired girl's name?" I interrupted her chatter about Wild Bill's trip and how he promised to take her on a trip instead of that other woman....

She tried to recall the girl's name .... "It started with an E and was a nut," she finally said.

"E and was a nut?" What kind of a name was that?

I rattled off a few E names.....Edna, Ester, Evelyn, Ericka, Emily, Evonne, Eva....

Bonnie interrupted my name list... "Emily, her name is Emily. ... Emily Almond!

Do you know her? Is she a friend of yours? You know her don't you Bonnie? Is Wild Bill seeing her again?"

She rattled on so fast that I could not answer her for several seconds.

"Emily Ullman? Are you telling me the girl you and Wild Bill picked up in Parkersburg was Emily Ullman?" I finally stammered.

"Yeah, Emily Almond." She continued to pronounce the name as Almond (a nut). I recalled the young girl that Christina and I had seen him with at an outdoor festival the year before. I'd expected to see him there with Bonnie, but that was not Bonnie! This girl was little more than a teenager. She had short dark hair and was small of build. I'd wondered at the time who she was. Now, I wonderd.... was it Emily Ullman? And even if it was, did it matter a year and several hundred miles later?

I went back home that day and got out the phone book and began searching for the names of Emily Ullman's relatives as they had been listed in the news paper. She had an uncle that lived exactly where the other Bonnie had told me that she and Wild Bill had taken the dark haired girl!

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A Little Hocking Woman

By July of 1998, Wild Bill had pretty much settled for two of the three women he'd been "dating." One lived in Coolville, Ohio and the other lived in Little Hocking.....just about a mile from me! I was taking bets on which one he stuck with!

I was right....again. He decided the "Little Hocking blond who drove the white car was the woman for him,".....and her daughter wasn't bad either! Besides, his duplication of me was complete. It was time to move on to the next phase, and this woman just happened to have the right name ... *Mysde [Cindy]!!

He could manipulate people, places and things to fit his plans better than anyone I'd ever seen or heard of, and his "duplications" were almost unbelievable! How could he find women with the same names as me and my friends and actually con these women into believing him when he said he loved them? I was in absolute amazement at how successful he was at this game.

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Attention Virginia police: Read sections in red:

June 25th, 1998

Three weeks to the day of Emily Ullman's murder in New Orleans, Carol Gordon was shot to death in her home in Front Royal, Virginia.

Oh, I know, murders occur all over the country every day. They can't all be killed by the same person. I agree. In fact, I've never been convinced that the killer of the cases that I work is the same man. It could be a couple of dozen guys who all think alike.....have the same vendetta against me.....leave the same calling cards........and know every little detail of my entire life. It could who the hell made the other eleven invisible? !!

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Together Again

Although Sindee and I were not communicating when Ullman and Gordon were murdered, once we were back together and working homicide over the phone and on our computers it didn't take us very long to catch up.

Sindee's birthday was June 25th, and that was the date of Carol Gordon's murder.

It appeared my daughter "Christina Gordon had been "symbolically murdered," and I wondered if the name Gordon overlapping Sindee's birthday was intentional, or if it was simply another coincidence. Lord knew we had hundreds, if not thousands of them! Then again, perhaps Sindee's birthday had nothing at all to do with it. Maybe the killer didn't even know when her birthday was. Perhaps June 25th was a date that was important to him. For example, it was an "anniversary" date for Wild Bill, since June 25th was when he got out of jail in 1994.

Of course, there were endless possibilities, and I had no way of knowing if any of them were actually correct.

If indeed the Ullman and Gordon murders were premeditated, calculated acts that fit into the symbolic destruction of my only daughter, and not just two more bizarre coincidences, there was no way of knowing "who" engineered them. But whoever he was, I considered him one dangerous individual because unlike my own duplication which I'd watched Wild Bill conduct, Christina's had cost two innocent people their lives. Of course (if) Sindee was also added to that list, we hadn't seen the end yet. There would have to be more victims. It seemed the victims piled ever higher, but no one noticed the "connections," .... except me, and for some unknown reason, I didn't count.

I'd been raising hell about the "symbolic murder of my sister - Patty Fulton, for several years now, and no one paid any attention.

No one seemed to believe that the murders of Patsy Sparks and Kimberly Fulton could possibly be the "duplication or symbolic murder of my sister. To be honest, I was having a little trouble with the idea myself ... right up until I saw Wild Bill "symbolically duplicate me, my vehicle and even the date we'd met!" That was a real eyeopener, and almost unbelievable.

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The Second Piece Of The Duplication

Carol Gordon's case was profiled on the front page of the February 2001 issue of Citizens Against Homicide, and I damned near had a heart attack when I saw her picture! She looked like my former sister-in-law Joyce Martin!

I retrieved the picture of my brother Mike and his wife Joyce that I had not looked at in several years, and laid the picture beside the one of Carol. I was shocked at the resemblance.

Terri Roach had looked remarkably like my daughter and had worked in the same restaurant that Christina worked in when she was Terri's age: Patsy Sparks had looked so much like me that she could easily have been my daughter, and she had the same first name as my sister.

Kimberly Fulton hadn't resembled any of my family that much, but she had Patty's last name. Was it coincidence?

Maybe so, but it certainly wasn't any coincidence as far as I was concerned. Everyone I knew had talked about what Wild Bill done .... how he'd picked up a woman named Bonnie and moved her into his house on the anniversary of when he'd met me. And then how he'd ran her off when he'd finally located a woman whose last name was Wells ... was seen with her just long enough for me to "get the picture," and then headed straight for a woman named Cindy!

There was no coincidence about any of that. That was premeditated and exceptionally well planned. So why did everyone have so much trouble believing that "someone" could plan and carry out the exact duplication process using dead bodies? I didn't have any trouble imagining it ..... maybe because I wasn't "imagining" it! I was reading "it" in the damned news papers. The same ones everyone else read. The only difference was, I wasn't just interested in my own back yard and my own family. I cared enough to get involved and try to piece the puzzle together even as it was being designed by a madman. Problem was, I was only one person.

I got out a map and started researching. It was only a five and a half hour drive from this area to Front Royal, Virginia. The town lay nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and in the heart of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

2007 Note: In 2005 I learned from Bill's 'Cindy' that his only granddaughter lives in South Carolina. She told me that she had gone with him to visit the child a few times and they turned the trip into a mini-vacation. She said they visited Virginia, Washington DC and other places.]]

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Gordon, His Name Is Gordon

Naturally, the murder of E. Christine Ullman on my wedding anniversary had reminded me of "marriage," which in turn reminded me of how many times Wild Bill had asked me if I had been married to Christina's father. I'd always told him "yes, we were married for a little over five years." Each time, he had asked me what her father's name was, and each time I had told him .... "Gary Gordon.

Christina's father's name is Gary Gordon."

I continued to compare the photo's of Joyce and Carol for a long time, and I continued to recall the conversations that Wild Bill and I had concerning my daughter and many other things.

Eventually, I had to ask myself .... Was I crazy? Was I imagining this stuff? Was it all "coincidence," as so many seemed to want to believe?

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I Might Be Crazy

I pondered the situation for many hours that day, and finally reached at least one conclusion. I might be "crazy," I'm not sure about that part, but I wasn't imagining anything. I was reading it from news reports! I had absolutely nothing to do with was all being done by the same man who obviously had a grudge against me.....or my dead brother. That's when it started. As soon as we buried Mike Martin.

The copy of CAH lay on my table for days after that, and clipped to it was the picture of Mike and Joyce. I showed it to anyone and everyone who came into my home. Everyone agreed the two women bore a striking resemblance to one another. In the name of fairness, I scanned the two items and posted them on this web site so anyone and everyone viewing it could also see and compare the two pictures.

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A Traveling man

Wild Bill does a lot of traveling in his new job with the "Martin" Company. He used to brag to people I knew about working in Stubenville, Ohio.....course, that was back at the time that Barbara Barns was murdered. I guess that was in December of 1995. Barbara was thirteen years old and on her way to school in Stubenville. Her murdered body was found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in February of 1996. It wasn't long until Wild Bill was telling a friend of mine (whom he knew would come and tell me) that he'd been driving from his house to the Stubenville area and back every day to work, and that he'd worked with that guy that got killed in that crane accident in Pittsburgh.....had operated the crane he was operating when he got killed.

2012 Note: Wild Bill is no longer employed by the "Martin" company. He is back at the same local company he worked for when I met him in 1990. He does travel some even with this company but not nearly as much as he did with the Martin company.

Warning is hereby issued for eastern states: Pennsylvania; Wheeling, West Virginia area; Bridgeport, Stuebenville, Ohio, etc. etc. // BMW

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Memories Remain

I remember the other Bonnie saying that Wild Bill was talking about a trip to "the big mountains," in June of 1998. The Blue Ridge Mountains are "big" mountains. Could he have been bragging? Could he possibly be.... even now, I had trouble forming the thought. I remembered the old motor cycle that Wild Bill had when we first met him. It had a couple of bumper stickers on it. One was from Indiana and the other was from Virginia. The one from Virginia said.....Virginia Is For Lovers. I picked up the phone and called his second ex-wife, Renay. I needed for her to tell me the story she had told me once before. I had to make sure of my facts.

She had met Wild Bill under another of his false identities, and had dated him for several weeks before she learned his correct name! 1984: She went to the Sterling, Virginia area to visit her brother, while she was dating Wild Bill (and while he was yet married to wife number one which she didn't know about!) and Wild Bill had followed her. The woman said he actually hunted her up and came riding in on the motor cycle. He told her that he just loved her so much he couldn't bear to be away from her.....but, he then left her sitting there while he prowled the streets of the Virginia town alone -- and never came back! She said that had never made any sense to her.

I remembered the two motor cycle vacations he'd gone on with Mike and me. At the end of the second one I'd told Mike....."never again."

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To the best of my knowledge, the

Ullman; Gordon; Barns; Roach; Sparks and Fulton

cases remain unsolved as of the last update of this page:

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October 5th, 2002:

Information has just reached me that Emily Ullman worked in a "steak house" in Parkersburg, West Virginia in 1996.

Other information has been received that indicates that Emily was rumored to have been traveling with her father when she went to New Orleans. I have been informed that this is absolutely not correct. She was NOT traveling with her father.

Emily reportedly had a drug problem and was into prostitution.

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Recently I received an e-mail from a person who had been roaming around my web site for a considerable period of time. The message said ....

"Three coincidences equals one conspiracy!"

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Targets Of Obsessional Neurosis:

Christina Gordon

Sindee's Birthday & Bill's 'freedom day' - 6/25

Symbolic Representatives

Emily 'Christine' Ullman

Carol Faye 'Gordon'

June 25th


Another Virginia case: Jennifer (Renee) Short

"June 1998 - The First 'Evans' Clue"

By Coincidence ... Or Design?

The Symbolic Murder Of Mysde

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Bonnie M. Wells

The Symbolic Duplication Of Me - Bonnie Wells

The Symbolic Murder Of My Sister - Patty Fulton



The Method And Madness Of Monsters - by Peter Vronsky


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